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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Personal Thoughts and Blessed Thanksgiving & Hanukkah Wishes

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 and Happy Hanukkah

Dear Readers,

    For the past six years I have been writing this blog, and I know I have many faithful readers. I thank the LORD for YOU! This has been my calling, my mission, my priority, and I have always prayed that nothing outside of God's will would enter this space.

     I do believe some writers have a task which is for a particular audience, and that is not always understood by 'regular' Christians. Sometimes the Lord wishes to speak to certain non-Christians in a way that is specific to them. This is how I have felt about this blog. I don't know who it has reached, but I know there has been a divine purpose in writing it. All of us should have a divine purpose behind what we do. Sometimes we know what it is, sometimes not. 

     Some of us have trod quite a lonely path, unable to share what we know, due to the inherent danger of doing harm to weak individuals in either camp (Christian or non). There are simply very, very few people one can discuss many things with or speak openly about. And the few people a person might talk freely with are off on their own particular piece of the puzzle - their own specialized field. So these things must be pondered for the most part with the Holy Spirit (who doesn't email us the answers). It will be such a joy to be in the company of Heaven, where we can talk freely, and no doubt receive explanations for many things. The loneliness is the most difficult part of my path, I believe. 

     The best part of my path has been my blogs written to New Agers, hoping that perhaps some of them have been introduced to the truth - and to the true Light of the world - and have perhaps aided them in escaping eternal death. Also very rewarding has been the insistence on staying absolutely true to God's Word and perhaps bringing over some who have been deceived by the false church, false prophets, etc. The most discouraging part has been not knowing whether we have stirred the truth in anyone at all, or perhaps to only a handful. Nevertheless, I would do it all again, because I believe it was what the Lord wanted me to be doing. Obeying is my part; putting it all together is God's part.

     Interestingly, the tremendous amount of knowledge gained has not necessarily been rewarding. Knowledge without complete understanding is empty and frustrating ... and dangerous. With spiritual issues it isn't wise to build on a less than solid understanding, especially when you are dealing with the most adroit liars in the universe, so conclusions are hard to come by. It's very true that ignorance is bliss, but only for a while.  Eventually the truth must be known and faced. God is the way, the truth and the life. HE is the starting point - or should be - for all knowledge. The Book of Ecclesiastes is one of my favorites. Wisdom is what one wants, and wisdom comes only from God and a knowledge of Him. With wisdom, one will be faithful to God and the goal will always be to glorify His Name. I believe this is why he didn't want mankind to have all this knowledge. Satan gave it to man, however. We see the unwise result of that move. God wants us to learn to handle knowledge before He gives it to us. This human journey is that school of learning and testing.

     I feel my work here is almost complete. I have never mentioned this before, but like many - if not most - of the Christian bloggers and watchman types online, I have developed poor health over the past several years - after being the picture of health my entire life! I am fairly certain that one condition in particular has been a direct result of my refusal to bend on God's Word and the Faith, i.e., a demonic attack that the LORD has allowed for His own reasons. If that is a correct assessment, I accept it with JOY, with thanks and praise to our Heavenly Father who works out His plans without telling us just exactly what is going on. I fully trust Him. Some one who created the universe and died to save me from my sin is someone I place complete faith in. It will be worth it all. My citizenship is in Heaven, a realm I look forward to with unimaginable anticipation.

     Praise and thanksgiving come easily to me. My parents raised me on it! Since I was a tiny tot I have been a happy and joyful person. Regardless of life's circumstances I find that joy, peace, and praise take up more and more of my time before the Lord. And so, on this Thanksgiving Day, I will be giving praise to my Heavenly Father for His many blessings. And they ARE many! 

     Like Paul (if I dare mention his name in the same breath as my own), I feel that I have run the race and just about finished the course, and I have inexpressible anticipation in moving on to the place the Lord has prepared for us. There is one crown I know I wlll receive - along with many of you - and that is the Crown for those who love His appearing. I don't see how anyone could look forward to that more than I do - but I know many others DO equal my own desire for it. I hope my love for that day has not allowed me to go overboard with always believing Christ is just 'outside the door.' He has always been there, just outside the door - It's just that I always think His hand is ready to turn the knob! So I know you will forgive me for my lack of restraint in expectation of that Day! 

     Therefore, as long as I am on this earth I will no doubt continue to write. It is a certainty that there will be more to write, not less. However, it's extremely doubtful that Christians will be allowed to write on the internet for much longer. Once "The Event" commences that will be the end of any tolerance for the Christian point of view. I consider it to be the highest honor to have been allowed to live on earth at this time in history - at such a time as this. Earth is the center of attention right now; the entire cosmos is carefully watching and analyzing each one of us.  You think not? I tell you, it's true. Incredible.

     So I wish you all a Thanksgiving Day of praise and thanks to God - Jesus, who willingly died for our sinful states to procure eternal life for us - and the Holy Spirit who sustains us moment by moment. With the exception of the occasional individual visitation, when we leave, He leaves!  Have a blessed and joyous Day of Thanks Giving.

     I look forward to the day we will personally meet on the other side of the Veil.

A Child of the King

P.S. I'm sure I won't be able to resist updates on ISON tomorrow. Stay tuned.


 NOVEMBER 27, 2013