James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Life on Earth

On the off-chance that this post might be unearthed years in the future as a clue to what this past civilization was like, I don't want to leave this earthly realm without expressing the joy that has attended me in this life on earth.

Almighty God, our Creator, has smiled down on me during my journey here.

It occurred to me in perhaps a moment of spiritual immaturity - as dust - to mourn the soon-to-come loss of all of the earthly things that I love. Realizing that I am about to graduate from this school of life into eternal glories so amazing that I cannot grasp them, I will allow myself the indulgence of sentimental reflections on the blessed life that I live in the flesh - for the record.

In God's infinite grace He assigned my birth into a home of generational followers of Jesus Christ. It is impossible that a child has ever been born to two parents who were more loving and who better lived the life they recommended to others - the Christian life. They walked the walk.

As far back as memory takes me my parents were in the ministry, and they got there the hard way. I never recall my parents raising their voices to each other in anger. I was taught about the Lord and accepted Him as my savior at a very young age - around six years old. My younger brother did the same. We had an idyllic childhood. Our home was filled with love, friends and food. It was a perpetual open house. And we had a dog named Twinkle.

It was years later that my best friend, my mother, shared some of the difficulties with me - at a time when I was going through my own challenges.  How wise she was to reveal to me that they weren't "super people," that they had challenges at least as difficult as mine. When I learned that they were imperfect people, they became even more perfect in my eyes. A little like our relationship with the Lord ... the more we take our imperfections to him, the more perfectly he molds us, and the more we love and understand Him. The closer our relationship becomes.

Oh, how I have loved my family. What a blessing my only son is to us. Even though he is approaching the half-century mark (unbelievable!) hardly a day goes by that we are out of touch by email. I am so proud of him. He has made the hard choices and done the right thing numerous times. I understand him so well - he's so much like me. I'm sure he has no idea how much I understand him - and his challenges. Oh, but I do. A mother/son relationship can't be exactly the same as the mother/daughter relationship I had with my mother. There is a lot less spoken with a son. I guess no other person can make a mother cry as easily or smile as spontaneously as her son. And he probably doesn't even know it. My son and I share the most important thing in the world - our obsession with the Bible, the Christian walk and prophecy. What a blessing that the Lord gave me a boy who has such depth of mind, soul and spirit. It's a very rare thing. I thank the Lord so often for such a son.

My husband = myself. We are truly a unit. In the Lord.  We have total trust in each other. We worry about each other. We want happiness for each other. We look out for each other. We love each other more than life itself. In my foolish earthly frame I agonize over how much of 'us' will carry over to our eternal. Foolish? Of course, if you want to look at it intellectually, philosophically. Well, I don't want to. We have 32 years of history together. Jam packed.  We have raised cats, dogs, kids, step-kids, grandchildren, parents. It has been a busy life. We've cried together, laughed together, shared everything in life together. We've been through a lot together. And now, we are finally retired, and busier than ever, each of us living out our simple dream, and loving it. We laugh more than ever together. We have the same priorities, beliefs, goals, interests. We would like for it to go on for as long as possible. And yet, it appears that we will be spared that most terrible thing - the illness or death of a spouse. The Lord is so good! We will leave here together for eternity with the Lord. Oh, and how I've prayed that we might have an even higher relationship and love in the next realm, that our unity will be transformed and enhanced. I believe it will.

There is so much more. All of our beloved family members. So many dear friends. Hundreds of close friend from the several church families we have had. We have been so blessed with friendships. And wonderful long-time friends at our work places. So many people we care about, and who care about us. The Lord is so good.

There is so much more. The unparalleled beauty of where we live in the country. Our family room area is full of windows. Each morning I see the glorious sun rise in peace and quiet. It's so easy to be in the Presence of the Lord in our home because He lives here, too. I spend hours and hours with Him, praising Him for the tiniest of things. He is my life. As Paul said, "To live is Christ..." It's true.

My life has not been free of mistakes - all of my own making. I often wonder why the Lord is so good to me. He has been so patient in teaching me about life and about Himself. Christ prayed for us, that we would be one with the Father as He is one with the Father, and it's true. I love the Lord with all my being and my cup overflows with thanks and praise to our Father.

I had to get all of that out, to deal with it, to express it, to experience it, to give thanks for it. My training ground ... my school.  My life.

Okay. I'm ready. We're ready. Come, Lord Jesus.

A Child of the King

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nibiru/Planet-X INBOUND

As regular readers of my blog know, I firmly believe that a geological event such as Nibiru/PX will be the time of the Rapture. It turns out that leaks are coming out of government and military intel confirming the soon passing of PX. This is coming from ONI, DHS, NSA and foreign intelligence services, received independently by John Moore (one of my top sources of credibility) and Mike Harris. Part 1 is about 30+ minutes, and Part 2 is 40 minutes or so.

This blurb was on a non-Christian blog about these videos:
"NIBIRU INCOMING, and it's BIG, and it's going 'real fast' -- it's due to crash through the asteroid belt and pass within the moon's orbit on or around August 2012. "Get building your ARKs, Noahs," that's the 'very strange' message this revelation's suggesting." 

I got a kick out of that. He had no idea how the ark and Noah fit into this scenario. I would say that Part I is the most important of the two.  (Also, see more important information below the videos.)

FIRST, though, I just found this very important 2-minute video of TWO SUNS taken at the Mawson Station in Antarctica. This is a classic sign of Planet-X approaching - and of our system changing into a binary sun system. I have extensive information taken from the ancient Kolbrin records and pre-Egyptian, explaining all of this in great detail. 

7/25/12 John Moore/Mike Harris Interview - Part 1

7/25/12 John Moore/Mike Harris Interview - Part 2

David Lowe, author of Earthquake Resurrection presents a compelling case for the geological electromagnetic effect within the resurrection context.
Earthquake Resurrection explores the possibility that the disappearance of a large group of believers worldwide will be masked by global catastrophe. This possibility is based on a pattern found in scripture that the power unleashed when a human being is resurrected into an immortal body causes a shaking of the surrounding earth.
I ran into the above 'by accident,' and discovered that his book is available in PDF online for $6.95, so I will be reading that ASAP.

With this new information, I found myself almost paralyzed this morning - unable to decide what my priorities for the day would be. I am firm in my belief that all of these things will be brought about by earth and weather events. That is always the way the Lord works in these situations. Events to come will be no different.

It is so important to make use of every possible opportunity to spread the Gospel and redeem the time so that we might - when we stand in the Presence of the Lord - hear these words, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." 


Saturday, July 28, 2012

That Horse Is Already Dead

By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.July 27, 2012Original at

Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never Is, but always To be blest:
The soul, uneasy and confin'd from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.
--Alexander Pope,


This country is sinking at a divinely controlled rate and will continue such a decline to the point of desperation, everything that is done by men to level the state of affairs will fail miserably; this to let arrogant men know that they are not in charge, and never have been. God can bless the works of their hands, but He can also bring their exploits to miserable failure. It is not without reason that scripture points out that the wisdom of men is as foolishness in the sight of Almighty God. 

The entire nation wallows in an egregiously deep and socially penetrating economic trough of government making; the jobs picture is depicted as desperate when in reality millions of technical jobs go unfilled for a lack of those with the practical skills to fill them. Yet there is no dearth of sloppily educated and poorly job-equipped mental midgets with liberal arts degrees, these are of no practical value and in totality comprise a drag on productive tax-paying citizens by their indolent and clumsy rolling about in search of cushy jobs, welfare, and government handouts. The government accommodates these hindrances on society by mandating extended unemployment benefits and that insurance companies keep them on their parent's health insurance program unto age 26. Everything the ignorant and mentally deficient politicians do is double-dipped in dung and guaranteed to make all that they touch infinitely worse, as we shall certainly see if this government health fiasco known as Obamacare prevails. 


This nation is suffering through a continuous string of weather related and heaven sent anomalies that are rapidly destroying what is left of the tattered and unraveling economy. Grievous storms, unprecedented floods, devouring wildfires, and now a knockout drought encompassing sixty-five percent of the nation are unwaveringly destroying the underpinnings of society and pounding the nation into the dust.

Recently a person informed me that in view of the drought she and her congregation had prayed during Sunday morning services for rain. I politely inquired if throughout the many years of prosperity that had been previously enjoyed if she and her congregation had offered continuing prayers of thanks and appreciation for the blessings that God had bestowed upon them. She seemed somewhat confused and maybe a bit offended by my remark and conveniently avoided a response to my query by migrating to other topics. 

I would bet that not more than a handful – if that - ever utter a prayer of thanks following a blessing of a life-giving rain upon parched fields and dry forests. And they wonder why their crops blister and their forests burn, what an ungrateful and unthankful bunch we are.

It has occurred to me that token believers in the Lord attempt to keep Him on retainer as an expedient utilitarian servant. They put Him into a closet of darkness and wheel Him out occasionally to pray in desperation that He deliver them from the dire consequences of their own making. Personally I think that God ought to direct their pleas for help through the same foreign channels that are used by the electronic industry to provide technical assistance to their customers. 


In my particular area the corporate farmers have been riding high; many have been made greatly wealthy, largely with the assistance of farm subsidies, price supports, government crop insurance, and other political government assists. Taxpayers have, these past sixty years or so, made the agricultural industry a nearly failsafe institution. Agricultural endeavors cannot be titled as free market enterprises; they depend to the extreme on government regulation and financial support via tax revenue monies

The one thing that the government cannot control, in any way, is the weather; thus far meddling genetic plant engineers have been able - to a degree - to render capable continuing production during troublesome weather patterns. This by their manipulation of the genetic base of the various species, but the nutritional value of the product produced has been drastically altered to an extreme downside. When a drought intensifies to a near totality even these altered species will not survive, and we are rapidly approaching that dimension of time as I write this message. 

The population of this nation is greedy beyond belief, and most believe within themselves that it is entirely they who have brought about their economic well-being. Aside from a little Sunday morning lip service the vast majority fail to render unto the Creator any acknowledgment of His blessings or gratitude for His provisions. 


The only action that God will recognize or reward in any meaningful way is a great spiritual awakening and a national repentance. If a Josiah does not come onto the national scene and totally obliterate the societal idols that are worshipped in lieu of Almighty God our days are numbered, and that number of days dear reader is distressingly few. Make no mistake about it there will be great agony and great suffering, but the Bible relates that even in the final days men will look heavenward and curse Him.


I continue to hear the interminable and irksome braying that the nation will be saved by men from a rapidly approaching collapse and that the Constitution will be restored to the state of being created by the founding fathers. I am pounded with this wearisome babble every minute of every day and it grates on the nerves like a screech of nails across a blackboard. 

People that horse is already dead and has been for a century and a half; the Constitution was spiked through the heart by the uncompromising Hamiltonian enemies of federalism, interred by Abraham Lincoln amid the killing grounds of the civil war, and settled in the grave by the dirt poured upon it by a long succession of dimwitted political centralists. You are now, and always have been, subject to totalitarian control.

If you do not know James Madison as the father of the U.S. Constitution you the birth of the nation it was his conceptions in regard to an ascendency of personal liberties and a sovereignty of the people that prevailed against all arguments for a monarchy or a totalitarian central government. No one had a greater role in shaping American Constitutional theory and in framing the particulars of representative government than James Madison.

I note that today Madison is greatly ignored. And Thomas Jefferson, Madison's most erudite ally in the quest for a true and representative Republic, is currently the victim of the historical revisionists - of both the liberal progressive and American neo conservative stripe - who deify despotic tyrants such as Abraham Lincoln and objurgate genuine patriots such as Thomas Jefferson and others. 

The greatest enemy of a true constitutional government among the fledgling colonialists was Alexander Hamilton. It was his ideas in regard to an all powerful and encompassing centralized government that were later seized upon by Abraham Lincoln in his never-ending quest for totalitarianism. And this to be able to better serve the industrialists that feathered his nest. 

The characterization of this ignoble despot as a poor rail splitter who educated himself by scribbling notes upon a slate is fictional rubbish. He was in fact a slick and wealthy corporate lawyer of considerable guile, which he readily employed in behalf of his equally guileful industrial clients. 

The federation and the constitution upon which it rested stood in the way of his questionable legal maneuvers in behalf of his corporate and industrial buddies. The act of constituting a political unity out of a number of separate states so that each member retained the management of its internal affairs had to be nullified, and Lincoln was the man to accomplish that job. 

Lincoln's centralist hero Alexander Hamilton was a brash and bold foe of state's rights and of the people's sovereignty. He plunged ahead to undo the Constitution in hardihood until Aaron Burr turned out his lights for good. And a fledgling nation grieved, especially the monarchists of the original colonies.

Abraham Lincoln had the derring-do and complete lack of integrity to seize upon the ruse of slavery, and with bloody intensity and a complete lack of remorse brought to fruition Hamilton's dream of absolutism. This unpitying and ruthless clod murdered six hundred twenty-five thousand hapless souls in the process. And then John Wilkes Booth turned out his lights, but alas for the republic and those six hundred twenty-five thousand souls it was five years too late. And the nation grieved.

So it was that less than a hundred years from its birth that the Republic died, murdered by a despot no less ruthless than a Joseph Stalin or an Adolph Hitler, and no one grieved. The death of this Republic must be laid at the feet of greedy and grasping predatory industrialists and the immoral and corrupt politicians who served their inimical interests. 

This is the truth as you know it, as I know it, and as the revisionist historians know it. Their belligerency in response to those who expose their prevarications of fact simply emanates from an exposure of the lies that they promulgate and the fiction that they employ...


This nation will soon perish and the world will crumble beneath demonic rule, but the Lord lives forever and will rule over the wonderful world of tomorrow. Grieve not over a loss of the old, celebrate the New.

© 2012 - Jim R. Schwiesow - All Rights Reserved

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Jim Schwiesow is a retired sheriff with 46 years of law enforcement service. He served with the Unites States Army with the occupation forces in post war Berlin, Germany, and has a total of nine years of military service, which includes six years in the U.S. Army Reserve.
His law enforcement service includes: three years in the military police, fifteen years as an Iowa municipal police officer, and twenty-eight years as the duly elected sheriff of Sioux County, Iowa.
Jim has written a number of articles, which have been published in various professional law enforcement journals.

I agree with every word & concept. It's thrilling to read someone who has it so perfectly correct. The Lord will do His will and if we pray against it, we are aiding and abetting the enemy (Satan). This is only the very beginning of what is coming. Give the Lord thanks constantly throughout the day for the many blessings he rains down on you. If you are a friend of the Lord you will recognize His will when it is being done, and thank Him for it. He is using the evil ones to punish the evil ones. That's the way He has always done it. He is most decidedly not politically correct.

I could expound further, but Jim Schwiesow has said it perfectly. Our prayer now should be that we are in the center of the Lord's Will, that we are doing His work spreading the Gospel, and that we may be counted worthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (if we can actually be happy in a place which pronounces judgment on the wicked).


Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics and Av 9, Tisha B’ Av

This came from mbostrom's blog ... for original click HERE.

The XXX Summer Olympics will be held in London and will begin on Friday night, July 27. I saw some startling coincidences that I am using for prayer points.
  • 2012 is the 40th anniversary of the Munich Massacre. This was the XX Summer Olympics held in Munich, Germany. A Palestinian group called Black September kidnapped Israeli athletes and murdered 11 of them.
  • July 27 at sundown begins Tisha B’Av, the most dreaded day on the Hebrew calendar (see timeline history below). At the same time of the opening ceremony of XXX Summer Olympics, Tisha B’Av begins as Shabbat begins over Israel
  • The Logo for the XXX Summer Olympics resembles ZION. In fact, Iran has threatened to boycot the Olympics because they say it ‘does‘ spell ZION.
  • The month of Av is the most dreaded month on the Hebrew calendar with history repeatedly showing that if anything tragic is going to happen to Israel it will happen in the month of Av. Israel is already on high alert with all the surrounding countries in turmoil. In 2005 Iranian President made a statement that Israel ‘must be moved off the page of time’, a phrase than came to mean that Israel ‘must be moved off the map’. Today’s headlines read Iran Threatens Israel as EU Sanctions Kick In ( 7/1/12)
NOTE: Intercessors appreciate prayer points, but I am going to leave that open so they can be led by the Holy Spirit as how to pray. My intention is to inform intercessors so they can pray focused.
The 3 week period between Tammuz 17 and Av 9 (Tisha B’Av) are called ‘bein haMetzarim’, aka Between the Straits, Dire Straits. Lamentations 1:3, “Judah has gone into captivity, under affliction and hard servitude; she dwells among the nations, she finds no rest; all her persecutors overtake her in dire straits.” Fear is strong during these 21 days because of the historical events connected with these two dates.
  • Tammuz 17 this year will be July 7 (7/7/12), begins at sundown July 6
  • Av 9 this year will be July 28 (7/28/12), begins at sundown July 27
The three months of Tammuz, Av & Elul are the most challenging months for Israel. History repeatedly has shown that if anything tragic is going to happen to Israel it will happen in the months of Tammuz & Av. These three summer months heat up both naturally and spiritually. The kingdom of this world is fighting against God’s plans and promises for Israel. The beginning 9 days of Av will continue prayerful struggle through Dire Straits, ending with the fast of Tisha B’Av, leading to the Love Dance of Tu B’Av on the 15th.
Av is the month that the 12 spies returned from the Promised Land, 10 with an evil report and Joshua and Caleb believing God was bigger than the giants of the land. Av is a month to hear, believe and proclaim the greatness of our God. Everyday the news will be speaking fear, but it is the time for the Church to speak faith and overcome all fear. It is high time to believe the report of the Lord!
Here are some historical events connected with the 9th day of Av
  • Av 9, 1312 BC; 10 of the 12 spies brought back an evil report and Joshua and Caleb brought back a good report. Because the nation of Israel chose to believe the evil report they were not allowed into the Promised land for 40 years. (Nu 13)
  • Av 9, 586 BC; Solomon’s Temple was destroyed (Jer 39)
  • Av 9, 70 AD; Herod’s Temple was destroyed
  • Av 9, 132 AD; Bar Kochba revolt crushed. Betar destroyed over 100,000 Jews (3rd Jewish-Roman War)
  • Av 9, 133 AD; Turnus Rufus ploughs site of Temple. Romand build pagan city of Aelia Capitolina on site of Jerusalem
  • Av 9, 1095 AD; First Crusade against the Jews declared by Pope Urban II. 10,000 Jews killed in the first month of the crusade
  • Av 9, 1290 AD; Expulsion of Jews from England, accompanied by pogroms and confiscation of books and property
  • Av 9, 1492 AD; King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella expelled all Jews from Spain and Portugal. The last boat of Jews was beside Columbus’s ship waiting for the tide to set sail. I believe at this time the mandate to bring the gospel to the world changed hands from Sapin to the new America.
  • Av 9, 1914; First World War begins- Britain and Russia declare war on Germany.
  • Av 9, 1942; Deportation from Warsaw Ghetto to Treblinka Concentration camp and killings begin
  • Av 9, 1989; Iraq walks out of talks with Kuwait setting stage for the Gulf Wars
  • Av 9, 1994; The deadly bombing of the building of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, Argentina killed 86 people and wounded some 300 others
  • Av 9, 1994- Shoemaker Levi Comet broke into 21 pieces and began to bombard the planet Jupiter, which represents King David and Israel
  • Av 9, 1994- Metting were taking place in Oslo, Norway regarding ‘land for peace’, Oslo Accords
Av 9 is a fasting day listed in Zechariah 8:19.Thus saith the LORD of hosts; The fast of the fourth [month], and the fast of the fifth, and the fast of the seventh, and the fast of the tenth, shall be to the house of Judah joy and gladness, and cheerful feasts; therefore love the truth and peace.” Feast Days were appointed by God, but these Fast Days are appointed by man. These fasts centered on themselves, not sorrow for sin, but sorrow for thier loss. God is promising them that these days of fasting in fear and mourning will become days of gladness and joy.

Each Hebrew month has a Tribe, Constellation and Hebrew letter associated with it. For intercessors I have listed Av information below.

TRIBE- Simeon, (Shimon) Simeon’s name is the same root word as the word ‘hearing’, but means to ‘hear and obey’. His symbol is a pitcher with sword through it. His weaknesses were he was cruel and a fighter. His redeeming strengths were when he was teamed with Judah (praise) he was able to hear and receive spiritually revelation knowledge.

Historically 10 of the 12 spies came out of the Promised Land on Av 9 with an evil report and the nation of Israel heard and believed the evil report. Av is the month to correct mistakes in regard to hearing- listening to gossip, slander and lies. Remember, Simeon means ‘to hear & to obey’.

Simeon is the 2nd son of Jacob and Leah. Jacob’s parting word to Simeon are found in Genesis 49:5, “Simeon and Levi [are] brothers; instruments of cruelty [are in] their dwelling place. (6) Let not my soul enter their council; let not my honor be united to their assembly; for in their anger they slew a man, and in their self-will they hamstrung an ox. (7) Cursed [be] their anger, for [it is] fierce; and their wrath, for it is cruel! I will divide them in Jacob and scatter them in Israel.”

Dividing Simeon and Levi was action a redemptive gifting. Together they were cruel and got the Israelites into trouble, as recorded in Genesis 34 when these two brothers sought revenge for Diana’s being violated and disgraced by Shechem. Together the devised a plan that resulted in the killing of all the males in the city.

Simeon and Levi were divided by Simeon’s land being in the midst of Judah’s land and Levi not owning land, but being divided into all the territory of the Promised Land. Simeon became mighty in the army of God by being in the midst of praise, Judah. Left to himself he was a fighter, cruel, self willed, cursed with a demonic anger. But when he was teamed with Judah, he was strong in revelation, hearing and discernment.

CONSTELLATION/MAZAL- LEO “The Lion”- The lion symbolizes our encounter with raw force. The Lion is the king of the jungle and demands to rule alone. He represents pride- the collective noun for a group of lions is a ‘pride’ of lions.

As the lion roars- this is the month for God’s people to roar! When God’s people roar it creates a protective covering and unlocks what is above you. The roar brings a vibration that brings a change into the atmosphere. My prayer, “May God give PM Benjamin Netanyahu the courage and strength of a lion as he takes Israel through to God’s perfect will, peace for the city of Jerusalem.” (photo by Natalia Rubin, used by permission)

The Hebrew letter TET is the letter for the month of AV.
LETTER- TET- (ryhymes with ‘mate’) is the 9th letter in the Hebrew with the value of 9. It means ‘to surround or to twist’. The ancient meaning is of a snake and the pictograph of Tet is a snake coiled inside a basket. The classical Hebrew script below resembles a snake.

The letter Tet also resembles a womb, which represents 9 months of pregnancy and the Hebrew word womb or belly is be-ten (Bet- house, inside & Tet- surround), meaning ‘a house that surrounds life’. 

The Hebrew word for adversary or satan is sa-tan (Sheen- teeth, devour & Tet- snake), and tells us that an adversary is like Satan and is like the snake that devours life.

Tet is the least used letter of the scriptures. The first time it is used is in Genesis 1:4, “And God saw the light, that [it was] good (tov): and God divided the light from the darkness.” To me this reminds me that we are to take what the devil means for bad, and turn it around for the good by speaking, roaring and decreeing the Truth and the will of God.

Psalm 122:6, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
 they shall prosper that love thee.”

I can't think of a greater tragedy for Israel right now 
than the disappearance of every Christian on earth.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympics Revokes Jerusalem as Israel's Capital ...

   .... and more. Another outrage by the world against Israel. (I highlighted certain text.) This will end only when Jesus Christ comes with the TITLE DEED to the entire earth, which appears to be just over 7 years from now. CMR

From THE JEWISH PRESS ... For pictures click on link:
Published: July 22nd, 2012
Latest update: July 25th, 2012

Shahar Zubari is part of the Israeli Olympic team in London. But London has been unable to tell the difference between a real country (Israel) and an imagined one (Palestine).

At this year’s Olympics in London, there will be some unusual competitors. For one thing, for the first time there will be an Olympic competitor without a country. For another, there will be an Olympic team with a country, but no capital.

Guor Marial is a sleek runner from the newly-formed country of South Sudan. His country seceded from Sudan in a bloody civil war and is so new it has not yet had time to create a national Olympic committee.

The International Olympic Committee decided to allow Marial to compete as an independent athlete in clothing that does not have any flag or national identification. He will race under the Olympic flag.

Less heartwarming is the decision by the BBC, which won the right to broadcast the Olympic games, to present Israel to the world as a country without a capital.

Jerusalem originally showed up on the official website as the capital of a country, but it was East Jerusalem, and the capital was “Palestine,” not Israel.

Following complaints filed last week by Mark Regev, a spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Olympics site was changed. Now Jerusalem does not appear as the actual capital of any country at all. Israel, shorn of its capital, appears with the cumbersome and questionable listing as having its “seat of government is Jerusalem though most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv.” And as for “Palestine,” its key fact is that its “intended seat of government is East Jerusalem.” For now, however, it at least has an “administrative capital” which is Ramallah.

 "...The opening sequence will evoke a pastoral idyll, the "green and pleasant land" described in William Blake's poem "Jerusalem," which has been set to music and is regarded as England's unofficial national anthem."

"...Boyle hasn't disclosed what comes next [I shudder to think...], but has said the ceremony will depict Britain's past, present and future..."

"...Aerial photographs of the set for the second section of the show depict dark buildings and smokestacks with the River Thames running through it. This is the other side of the country described in "Jerusalem" — a land of "dark satanic mills." (Ed. note: the poem offers a different perspective).

"A third act will tackle the regeneration of east London, where the Olympics are taking place, as parkland and a creative heartland, home to many artists, designers and Internet startups."

It is clear that the English royalty would like to think that Jerusalem belongs to them, and that they are from the House of David, the heirs to the City of Jerusalem. The logo for the 2012 Olympics includes the word "Zion." They'd better enjoy it fast because their ownership of that City will be short and will end badly.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amazing Exodus Out of Public Schools

Exodus Out of Tax-Funded Schools in Major Cities

Parents are pulling their children out of the government schools. This is happening across the USA.
In city after city, enrollment is declining. This is not a recent development. It has been going on for a half a decade. It has taken place in half of the nation’s largest districts.

The trend looks irreversible.

As the Web offers better programs free of charge, the public schools cannot compete. The inner city schools are catastrophic. They are getting worse. As whites ans Asians flee the cities, the inner-city schools get worse.

The tax base shrinks. The teachers union demands more pay and smaller classes. The city governments are trapped. Solution: cut programs, fire teachers, and enlarge classes back to (horror!) 1959′s 33 students.

Nobody is supposed to talk about this. It is time to talk about it. Public education will not recover. The longer the decline takes place, the more parents will conclude that there is only one solution: pull their kids out.

At some point, voters will not pass any more bond issues. They will not consent to higher property taxes. They will let the public schools sink.
The only established church in the USA will find fewer members. The only kids will be those whose parents do not have the money to pull them out.

The New York Times reports: “Urban districts like Philadelphia and Columbus, Ohio, are facing an exodus even as the school-age population has increased.”

The exodus has begun. “Let my people go!”

School financing is on a per-pupil basis. This dooms districts whose student enrollment is falling.
Teachers will be fired. Courses like art, music, dance, and other classes that will not get an inner-city kid a job will be cut.
The rise of charter schools has accelerated some enrollment declines. The number of students fell about 5 percent in traditional public school districts between 2005 and 2010; by comparison, the number of students in all-charter districts soared by close to 60 percent, according to the Department of Education data. Thousands of students have moved into charter schools in districts with both traditional public and charter schools.
Although the total number of students in charter schools is just 5 percent of all public school children, it has had a striking effect in some cities. In Columbus, Ohio, for example, enrollment in city schools declined by more than 10 percent — or about 6,150 students — between 2005 and 2010, even as charter schools gained close to 9,000 students.
Charter schools are not under the thumb of school boards, politicians, and the teachers union.
The old model for schools is dying.
In Los Angeles, the district has dismissed more than 8,500 teachers and other education workers in the last four years as enrollment fell by about 56,000 students. The Mesa Unified District, which lost 7,155 students between 2005 and 2010, has closed four middle schools in the last three years, delayed new textbook purchases, and laid off librarians.

The students left behind in some of these large districts are increasingly children with disabilities, in poverty or learning English as a second language.
Their parents have little political clout. They do not pay taxes. They rent. They are on welfare.
Parents with money will no longer pay for these schools. The districts will have to find ways to get into wallets in the suburbs. That will not be easy. Judges will be the tools of this wealth redistribution.
Such trends alarm those who worry about the increasing inequity in schools. “I see greater stratification and greater segregation,” said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers.
You’ve got it, Randy. And your union is doomed. Your members will not get pay raises, smaller classes, and retirement benefits. Cities will declare bankruptcy and thereby escape these huge obligations.
Educators are concerned that a vicious cycle will set in. Some of the largest public school systems in the country are in danger of becoming “the schools that nobody wants,” said Jeffrey Mirel, an education historian at the University of Michigan.
You’ve got it, Jeff. Nobody wants these schools. They have failed. The era of public education is going the way of all flesh.
Who needs public schools when there is the Khan Academy?
A. Duane Arbogast, acting deputy superintendent for academics in Prince George’s County, said he recognized the challenge of persuading families to send their children to public schools.
“We simply have to get better and provide an education that people of all social classes would be proud of,” said Mr. Arbogast, who cited a new health sciences academy and a planned performing arts high school in his district.
But you can’t provide decent education, Duane. Education is not about new buildings. It’s about vision, self-discipline, future-orientation, and a curriculum that is held together by a deeply religious view. The public schools used to have such a view: the messianic transformation of mankind through public education. No one believes it any more. The money is running out.
Before the Mesa district closed Brimhall Junior High School this year, the school lost teachers in art, music and technology in part because of a declining student head count. That made it harder for the school, which faces competition from many charter schools, to attract students.
“Education has gotten to be almost a sales job,” said Susan Chard, who taught seventh grade math at Brimhall for 18 years. “You want to provide reasons for parents to bring their children to your school.”
You do, indeed. Brimhall Junior High could not come up with enough of them.

Many more Brihalls will follow.

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