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Thursday, July 31, 2014

OOPS! Dinosaurs Only 4000 Yrs Old ... Plus Ebola Hoax? + More News Links

Is it Ebola or is it psychological warfare?

Ebola 2: here come the “global pandemic” promoters

Exposed! George Soros Is Funding The Bioweapons Lab At The Focus of Ebola Outbreak!

George Soros, his Ebola bioweapons lab 

Hamas Co-Founder's Son: Israel 'Fighting on Behalf of the Free World'

Mega-Terror Attack Predicted in American Shopping Malls (Possibly Oct/Nov - Per ex=CIA agent fired by Obama

Christian Man Sends This Message To The Western World: “Please be our voice, we beg you — make them do something to save us from being slaughtered.”

Pirro: Why Isn’t the Pope Helping Christians in Middle East?

UNREAL: Obama Wants to FLY Illegals Straight to US… So They Don’t Have to Cross Border

A Special Gift For You Bible Readers!
This is a great map with a Bible reference insert. It will identify every town, city, or area mentioned in the Bible, so that you can see exactly where it is located. Great little tool at  

EBOLA & Other Unthinkable Diseases

We are certainly not without hope in this area that makes one shudder to think about. 

While I believe modern medicine has certain uses, I believe it is highly overused to the public detriment, and anyone who has done even minor research understands that it is completely driven by big money, big drugs and big profits, and a large percentage of it is dangerous, if not deadly. Most surgeries are completely unnecessary, many do more harm than good, and a hospital is one of the most certain ways to pick up disease. It is chemotherapy and radiation which kill, 97% of oncologists would never indulge in them nor would they allow their families to be treated with them, and their 'cure' rate is in the single digit percentiles, while many alternative and natural treatments have cure rates well into the 90% range. I can support all of these statements by actual facts, case studies and statistical data.

I am completely sold on alternative therapies and antidotes for disease whenever possible - which is most of the time. Remember, back in the olden days people lived up to 900 years of age with what God provided by nature. This has all now been contaminated to the point where almost nothing grown has any food value at all, and in fact much of it is now deadly, thanks once again to the notorious profit motivation of the Elite who rule the earth. Fortunately, their time will be over in a very few years.

In the meantime, there are certainly potential benefits that might well keep a person healthy even during the coming plagues. Rather than copy someone else's information, I will give you a couple of links to websites which I know have information which is helpful in this area.

There are numerous sites with good information, but time is of the essence, and I am making no attempt to be comprehensive here; just want to give you a place with good information so that you can do at least a few things that have been proven to work to one degree or another on the things we are facing. Click on the article below:

Alternatives and Antidotes to Infectious Diseases 

I want to address the Ebola separately. It is my understanding that a certain colloidal silver formula which is around 75 years old has been proven to fight every known virus and bacteria it has ever been tested against (well over 600). While the above article discusses making colloidal silver at home (among many other topics), I have a lot of doubts about the effectiveness of such; there is no way to test homemade, and I personally would choose another route. We use silver regularly, and in my research the one listed below is my own personal preference.  Of course we can make no guarantees about any product or pill. I provide it for you to read and make your own decision.

One thing I will add is that if you choose to take colloidal silver you need to get started ASAP. It is my understanding that it needs to build to a reasonable level in the bloodstream in order to have maximum effect, particularly against such a foe as the likes of Ebola. Below is a brief description of the one we use; just go to Dr. Johnson's link below for comprehensive information.

EBOLA: (See: Marburg Virus disease)
        Invive 5000ppm Mild Silver Protein - ++When combating an advancing Presentation of Ebola within the subject individual, it is “MANDATORY” to maintain a “STEADY STATE” of Silver in your bloodstream via 15 cc (or 3 tsp.) of 5,000 every 4 hours= 6 times per day for adults of 120 lbs and up, (but reduced for children via percentage of their bodyweight in relation to 120 lbs.).Go to:

Interesting article HERE.

In the final analysis, Christians are in touch with the Great Physican. I place my life and destiny in His hands, combined with whatever common sense He gives us. In the service of the King, we live eternally regardless of the disposition of the physical container. For those looking to live forever, there is only one answer - faith in Jesus Christ. With faith, there is no need for its opposite: fear. 

Remember, our instructions are to OCCUPY. We need to be about the Father's business at this time, in this age - at such a time as this. That should always be our primary concern. If we are occupied with spiritual warfare, and with God's specific plan for each of us at this time in history, He will take good care of us according to His purpose.  You don't really think our God is unable to take care of a little old virus, do you? Don't let Satan whisper that little lie in your ear...

We are sealed by the Holy Spirit! Therefore, be of good courage! Go forth, and spread the Good News of The Gospel of Jesus Christ! The Creator of the universe is certainly able to oversee His creation, of which we are a part. 

A Child of the Creator

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Prayer Changes Things

From Richard Sandlin’s blog, THE JOURNAL   
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
This is an article by my oldest son, Andrew. Hope you enjoy it as much as his father did.
More about his son, P. Andrew Sandlin, may be found HERE

I would be derelict in not adding that Salle Sandlin, Richard's wife and Andrew's mother, has a blog, FOR THE GIRLS. This is a family of gifted wordsmiths. 

Prayer Changes Things
Read: 1 Kings 17:17–24

If you’ve ever visited Christian bookstores, you likely have seen bracelets or plaques or bumper stickers with the statement, “Prayer Changes Things.” For years I thought that statement was trite. After all, lots of these bookstore statements are trite: “God is my copilot,” “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven,” “Honk if you love Jesus.” But over the years, the more I pondered “Prayer changes things” the more I’ve come to believe that it is true, and not only true, but precisely and powerfully true in a sense we do not often consider. The culprit is that we misunderstand prayer.

Prayer is more than communion

We are called to commune with God. We worship him. We think about him, we ponder who he is and what he is done in the world. We stand in awe of the sovereign, triune God.

 But this is not the same thing as prayer. Almost all prayer in the Bible is petitionary. By that I mean, in prayer, we ask God to do things in the earth. More importantly, we ask God to change things. Prayer really is asking God to change the status quo. Things are a certain way — our hearts are cold, or someone has cancer, or we don’t have enough money for the bills, or our children are drifting from the Lord, or we need direction for the a decision, whatever — and we ask God to change the way things are. In other words, we’re not satisfied with the way things are. And, by the way, there’s a godly dissatisfaction. Ungodly dissatisfaction is when God does good things for us, and we don’t accept what he’s done. But godly dissatisfaction is when things are out of kilter, and we ask God to change them. There’s nothing ungodly about that kind of dissatisfaction.

Some people seem to have the idea that if we ask God for things, if we petition God, that’s somehow self-centered or unspiritual. Only if we’re worshiping God or telling him how great he is are we truly glorifying him. This is a very mistaken, and possibly even a spiritually fatal, idea.

In addressing the Lord’s Prayer, the commentator Matthew Henry notes that the devout Jews of Jesus time would often pray by telling God how great he is. This is a wonderful and entirely appropriate way of approaching him. But Henry writes that when Jesus taught his disciples to pray, he told him to pray petitions. In other words,he told them to ask his Father for things. When we ask for things we are not somehow less spiritual than when we tell God how great he is.

Answered prayer glorifies God

For one thing, when we pray, and when God answers prayer, he increases our faith, and he shows the world his great might and power. Let’s take one petition in the Lord’s Prayer: thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. When God answers that prayer, when people turn to Jesus Christ for salvation, when they start living godly lives, when artists and businessmen and politicians start doing God’s will, God glorifies himself. Both believers and unbelievers look around and say, “This God must be some kind of God to do all this when his followers ask him. Nobody I ask has ever been able to do something so massive!” In other words, God gets the glory when we pray and when he answers our prayers. And know this: God loves to get the glory. He deserves to get the glory.

Prayer changes things. When we pray, we’re asking God to change things. And when he answers our prayer, he changes things. This brings us to a most telling fact that we don’t often consider: if we are perfectly willing to accept the way things are, we will never be people of prayer. Great prayer warriors are people who want things to change. Prayer changes circumstances. Prayer changes people. And prayer changes God.

I want to show you this most graphically in this passage from the life of Elijah. I could’ve selected hundreds of passages in the Bible (yes, literally hundreds), but this one I read recently, and it’s especially powerful.

Prayer Changes Circumstances

Note, first, that prayer changes circumstances. God had sent a great drought on Israel because Elijah had prayed for it. Ahab was the king, and he and his wife Jezebel were apostates and idolaters. And Elijah was God’s prophet, and he’d read God’s law which says that if God’s people apostatize, he will shut up the heavens so that they will not send rain (Dt. 28:23–24). In other words, Elijah prayed, and he declared God’s actions according to God’s revealed will.

Think about this. Elijah didn’t need to ponder what the will of God was. He knew what the will of God was. If God’s people turn away from him, he promised to punish them. Elijah prayed that God would do just that. Elijah prayed that God would act according to his word. That’s always a safe prayer to pray.

Well, as result of the drought, there was little food and water. God led Elijah to the home of the widow and her son, and God miraculously provided for her so that she could provide for Elijah. After awhile, this precious woman’s son got sick and died, and you can imagine how grieved she was and, in fact, how resentful she was of Elijah, whom God had sent to invade her home (see v. 18). Elijah, too, as you might imagine, was deeply shaken. Why would God allow this tragedy?

Now, I draw your attention to a most striking fact. In observing this child’s death, and in seeing the mother’s grief, Elijah did not pray a “predestinarian prayer.” He didn’t pray, “Lord, you’ve allowed this precious child to die, and obviously that’s is your will, so we accept your will.” And then he didn’t encourage the mother simply to accept her son’s death as God’s will. No. Elijah apparently did not believe that it would be pious, that it would be God-honoring, to allow the child to remain dead.

No, Elijah didn’t accept the status quo. Elijah knew that prayer changes things. This leads us to what some Protestant quarters, but, I believe, no one who reads the Bible without prejudice on this issue, would deem a controversial view: if you constantly accept the status quo as God’s decretive will, you cannot be a mighty man or woman of prayer.

Too often we are so worried about violating the secret decrees of God that we turn our backs on the revealed word of God. God is a powerful, prayer-hearing God, and he longs as a heavenly Father to do good things for his people. The Bible teaches this very plainly (Mt. 7:11). Yes, sometimes God allows “bad things to happen to good people” (Job), but that’s not the way he operates most of the time. He is a loving, heavenly Father to his children, and just as you want to do good things for your children, so he wants to do good things for his children. Unless you believe that you are a better parent than God is? I don’t think so.

So let’s be very careful about using God’s secret councils as an excuse not to pray. They are called God’s secretcouncils for a reason. We can’t know them. Let’s pray according to what we do know, and not according to what we do not know. And we do know that God is a loving, kind, Father who wishes to delight his children.

Prayer changes circumstances, and it changed this widow’s circumstances.

Prayer Changes People

Second, prayer changes people. This child was dead. Elijah prayed, and God raised him from the dead. This is not an example of a modern “healing ministry.” Some of you know about a large charismatic church in Redding that specializes in alleged public resurrections. There’s a huge amount of weirdness and goofiness and theological error surrounding this ministry, but one thing I want to point out is that when Elijah raised this child from the dead, there wasn’t a bunch of public fanfare. There wasn’t any fanfare at all. In other words, this wasn’t an example of an “answered prayer party.” These “healing ministries” that bring in hundreds or thousands of spectators and bring glory to man and bring money into the coffers are a prostitution of the biblical teaching a prayer. When God used Elijah to raise this boy, three people knew. Only three people needed to know. And they did.

Prayer changes people. God gives us volition and choice, and he doesn’t turn us into robots or machines, but God can work in our and in other people’s lives in such a way as to change us. This means that we can pray that God changes people. And we should.

This is why Paul tells Timothy (1 Tim. 2:2) to teach his flock that they should pray for their political leaders, so that the people of God can live a quiet and peaceful life. In other words, we should pray that God changes the hearts of political leaders so that they leave the church and God’s people alone to do God’s work.

Job was a godly man of prayer (1:1–6). Every day he would pray that God would forgive his adult children if they had sinned.

And then there are several times in the Bible (see, for example, Jer. 14:11) where God tells his prophets not to pray for his people. In other words, they have turned their back on God so much, but he didn’t want his prophets trying to persuade him not to send judgment. This means that God recognizes that prayer for people can be very effective.

Prayer changes people. I don’t mean by that that if we pray, the act of prayer will change us. Of course that’s true. When we pour out our hearts to God, we get much closer to him. Our minds and hearts are riveted to spiritual things. We gradually lose our worldliness. God changes the people who pray.

But I meant something else. I meant that we should pray for God to change people, and he will change them. Just as God raised this child in answer to Elijah’s prayer, so he can and will raise sinners to eternal life because of our prayer. The question for us is: do we pray for God to save sinners? And if not, why not?

If we answer, “Well, we don’t know if they are one of the elect,” we give the wrong answer. All of God’s chosen will be in the fold in final day, but he uses prayer to get them there. Are God doesn’t only elect the men; he elects the means. And one of those big means is prayer.

If our spouse or children or friends are walking away from the Lord, let’s pray that God unleashes his bloodhounds to find them and bring them back. They have the mark of baptism on them. That’s the mark of discipleship. That means they’ve been given to the Lord. Well, they have been given to him, so let’s pray that he goes and gets them. This isn’t rocket science. This is godly prayer.

If our brothers and sisters are sick, we need to pray that God heals them. This isn’t just a good idea. This is what the Bible demands (Jas. 5:13–16). Think of that fact. God didn’t say that prayer for healing is a wonderful privilege if only we choose to exercise it. He says that if someone is sick, we need to pray that God heals them, and, in fact, they should call for the elders to anoint them and pray over them.

Yes, there are certain specific illnesses that are in God’s will (2 Tim. 4:20). But in many, many cases, God sends illnesses so the we will pray and exercise faith and be healed and bring glory to God (Jn. 11:4).

In other words, like Elijah, when someone is sick, even to the point of death, we shouldn’t merely accept the status quo.

Why? Because prayer changes people.

Prayer Changes God

Finally, prayer changes God. This statement may not ring true in our ears. The Bible says plainly that God does not change (Mal. 3:6). Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8). Obviously, there is some sense in which God does not change. But we know that in another sense, he does change. Again and again the Bible says that God repents, or relents, or changes his mind (Gen. 6:6; Ex. 32:14; Dt. 32:36; Jer. 42:10). This isn’t a contradiction, and it’s not hard to understand.

God’s character doesn’t change. He’s always loving, just, holy, kind, long-suffering. God isn’t capricious. God isn’t flighty. God cannot be evil. He cannot be unrighteous. He cannot be unloving. His nature cannot change.

But his stated purposes can change, and they do change. One of the most powerful proofs of this is Genesis 6, where we read the God looked on the earth in Noah’s time, and he was sorry that he had created humanity. He was excited to have created man, and it grieved him that man had raced into depravity. He was sad that he had even created man.

In the book of Jonah we read that God says that within a few weeks, he’ll completely destroy Nineveh. He didn’t put any qualifications on that warning. He didn’t say, “If you repent, I won’t judge you.” But they did repent, and God didn’t judge them.

God says he’s going to do something, and then people pour out their hearts before God, and then he changes his mind. This happens again and again in the Bible, so many times, in fact, that we might want to say that it’s in God’s nature to change his mind when his people pour out their souls to him.

A great example is in our text. We read that twice Elijah “cried” to the Lord (vv. 20, 21). This means that he spoke emotionally, in a very loud voice. This is just the opposite of a “quiet-time” prayer. And we read in verse 22 that the Lord listened to or heard his prayer.

This verse implies something very important. God was set on the path to take the widow’s son in death. That was his implied purpose. But Elijah’s great emotional plea turned God around. God changed what he had planned to do. Elijah prayed, and his prayer changed God.

The Bible is quite clear that prayer changes God. If this is true, then we should be much more audacious in prayer than we are. We read in Exodus 32 about how Israel turned to idolatry and fornication when Moses was on Sinai receiving from God his law. Got told Moses that he was going to destroy the entire nation and then he said something very interesting. He said to Moses, “Leave me alone” (v. 10). God knew that Moses was in the habit of “disturbing” him in prayer. God would say, “I’m going to do this,” and Moses would say, “I beg you, God, don’t do that,” and God would change his mind.

In other words, God’s stated purposes can be changed if we pour out our hearts in prayer. This is another way of saying that God has made himself vulnerable and susceptible to man’s pleading. This isn’t the God of the ancient pagan Greek philosophers. The Greeks believed that emotion and changeableness were inferior qualities. Therefore, the highest deity they could think of was a god who had no emotions and who never changed his mind.The problem is that this isn’t a person. A person has emotions and changes his mind. Emotion is not sin. Changing your mind is not sin. You’re not somehow inferior because you have emotions or change your mind. And since God is the greatest possible person, he has emotions, and he changes his mind.

Therefore, when something bad has happened, or when someone has committed some terrible sin, don’t just sit and wait for God’s judgment. Get on your knees and beg God to avert his judgment and to lead them to repentance. God will never break his promises to us, but God certainly will change his declared purposes if we pour out our hearts before him.

Do not think that your prayer cannot affect God. Do not think that God is not emotional about his people. He gets furious at them when they turn their back on him, and he delights in them when they love and trust him and repent and obey. Therefore, appeal to God’s mercy and honor and even his reputation (Ex. 32:11–14) when you pray.

Prayer changes circumstances. Prayer changes people. And prayer changes God.

If this is true, and it is, we should pray more, and we should pray more often, and we should pray more fervently, and we should pray more confidently, and we should never settle for the status quo, because the whole point of prayer is for God to change the status quo.

NOTE:  You may want to print this out and put it in your Bible as a reminder of these powerful comments on a subject of interest to so many Christians. CMR

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stand In The Gap, Christians!

If you have read my July 26, 2014 blog, The Mark, Praying In The Spirit, REAL Consciousness Awakening ... you may have encountered a paradigm changer in the area of PRAYER. I encourage you to read it. For those who would like to make your prayer life ALIVE 'in the Spirit' you will want to follow Paul McGuire, who I believe is one of the Lord's specially designated believers for such a time as this - as each of us is - and I am following him carefully for his cutting edge insights and to stand in the gap for him by holding him up in prayer for his speaking engagements, one of which is on July 31st in Studio City, CA. 

Even though I cannot attend due to the distance - there is NO DISTANCE BARRIER IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM (as my above post explains). I invite you to learn about how we are all joined together in the spirit and in the Holy Spirit, IN the Throne Room of Almighty God - and unified in this powerful way we can all be present together and create a dynamic movement of the Holy Spirit in the spiritual dimension. The Lord will move on our behalf. Join me in prayer for this July 31st event, to pray for Paul and those attending. Let's unite in prayer and watch the Lord work.

Standing in the Gap Paul McGuire

The websites named in this video are old ones - please visit Paul McGuire's NEW website at 
or click HERE... Lots of things of interest on the site

Join Paul Thursday July 31st at 6:30 PM 
 (In person or in prayer...)
at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City
 for a Prophecy and the Future of America Meeting sponsored by Paradise Mountain Church.  Seating is limited so you should pre-register by simply sending Paul and Email to (cut and paste to E Mail Paul), or E Mail Paul with how many will be attending and your names through Paul's website
 * * * * *
"And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none."
                                                      Ezekiel 22:30
                                                      King James Version (KJV)

 I want to distribute this message and other materials like it to as many people as I can for free.  Will you join with me in prayer and help me do this?  There are a lot of people hurting and we can reach them!  This message is and other messages are free on our website and other ministries.  People need the Lord and they need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and experience His love and power in their lives.  Together we can reach them!    Paul McGuire

  I appreciate your support of this ministry and covet your prayers.  We are on the "front lines" spiritually and without your constant prayers for me, my family and this ministry we could not do what we are doing!  More than anything, I need people to E Mail me and write me to let me know that they are praying and interceding for me on a daily basis!
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Monday, July 28, 2014

There Are MANY Cancer Cures ...

... and many are very fast.  NEVER, EVER subject your body to radiation or chemotherapy; they are the true killers. Millions of people realize this (including the elite). Do you? Here is one method among many.  Oh, and by the way - did you know that 97% of all cancer doctors would never have radiation or chemotherapy, nor would they let a family member have it. They use methods such as the one below. And yet they keep 'practicing' it. CMR

Excerpt from Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s Books:
“The Only Answer to Cancer”(revised) & 
How I cured my mother from liver cancer.
Also formally published in the World Wellness Report 2008 
and other publications and speeches:

“I’m sorry youre struck with this problem. In my experience there is always hope as long as you don't give up, stay active and keep on fighting, and as long as the government stays out of our way to optimum health!

In my experience the mandatory treatment of slaughter called surgery, burning called radiation, or poisoning called chemotherapy, leads to unbelievable horror, loss of quality of life, the massive spreading of the disease and most of all inhumane suffering and early death.

Its my opinion that the “chemical doctors” do not have a cure and in my opinion most people would be better off without treatment than with all of the cutting, poisoning or burning.

The promotion of early detection, saying it will save your life or breast is, in my experience, a blatant lie. What I’ve witnessed is that early detection simply means the instant start of suffering due to mandatory treatments and the loss of quality of life, pain and suffering and an inhumane death.

How do I know this? I cured my mother of liver cancer which was in a terminal state over 30 years ago without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Her healing regimen was completely natural and cost less than $3,000.

The law does not allow me to practice my techniques that have led me to cure patients within weeks and often days. The total costs were usually below $5,000 dollars and the main part of my plan revolves around healthy food, herbs and supplements.

I retired from working with patients for 2 reasons: One was the constant restrictions and attacks from the government, pharmaceutical companies, and the medical industry. Even in spite of having the opinion of leading experts and the highest cancer cure rate in the world! The second reason I retired was to be able to teach, research and educate, and to rid the world of cancer.

I made a promise to God when I was a child. I prayed to him when my mother had another pain attack and seemed to die, that if he helped me to cure my mother, I will spend the rest of my life to help other mothers and fathers and their children. I would help them so they wouldnt have to go to the same kind of pain that I and my mom had to go through. He answered my prayers and that is why Im on this mission today.

Since all 7 siblings of my mom had cancer, as well as my grandmother dying of cancer, and even my father and stepfather dying of cancer I can tell you that Im sure no one else has the amount of experience with cancer that I have. I have seen it as family member, son and grandson from the start until it killed my relatives.

In my time I have seen over 35,000 patients and have had over 2.2 million seminar attendees that have written to me, sending in their comments and life stories. I have over 7 million readers of my newsletters and reports. I am the doctor that has, in the opinion of leading experts, the highest cancer cure rate in the world. In fact, I am convinced I could cure at least 90% of all cancer patients if I had the legal platform to work with these people the “Dr Coldwell Way.” As long as the patient is willing and still able to do whatever it takes and has no surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, there is no reason Cancer cannot be cured in most people.

I am sure I could cure them within weeks or a few months. But since the law and the ones that make money on your suffering and even death, don't allow me to treat you the way I know would produce results, I legally cannot even tell you what to do or not to do. That’s how the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry protects their Trillion Dollar Cancer Industry. They “make politicians install laws that kill citizens or at least make them sick, and laws that make sure they cannot be cured. They can only be treated to more illness and eventually death by the medical profession with toxic, dangerous and murderous treatments.

Can you tell me why, when it is proven that Essiac herbs, vitamin B17, D and other supplements and herbs are curing cancer, why it is illegal to advertise that fact or sell these products for this cause? 

There is only one answer: power-hungry bribed politicians, the greedy medical profession, and the pharmaceutical companies don't really want you to be healthy or cured with some organic herbs, foods or supplements for a couple of hundred dollars. There's no other reason! I'm willing to debate and argue this in every LIVE media setting so they cannot cut and change the content before they broadcast it!

For 20 years now the Dr. Leonard Coldwell Foundation has a standing offer to the first medical doctor that can prove that he or she has a higher cancer cure rate than I have one million dollars. To this day, not a single doctor has tried to earn the million dollars.

I could fix the health care crisis in America within 4 years! But, sadly, no one is interested. The bodyguards of the Medical and Pharmaceutical profession, and the FTC and FDA will make sure you will never get the natural assistance and treatment that could help or even cure you in a very short amount of time. Therefore, the best chance you have it to educate yourself. Make educated decisions and take charge of your own health, life and future!

Since freedom of speech is at least partially still my right before they find a way to steal this from us too I can at least tell you what I would do if I were you:

1. I would do a 21 day full body and colon cleansing system from
2. Do the Cancer Protocol from
2a. Medical Fact is that cancer cannot grow in and oxygen rich alkaline environment therefore I would always make sure that my body is slightly alkaline with a pH of 7.36.  I would achieve this easily with the Acid-Alkaline Protocol from that was created after my historical use for my patients.
2b. Very often a correlation between cancer and fungus / Candida overgrowth is mentioned in the medical world. To make sure I don't suffer from this Candida overgrowth I would do the Candida Remediation Protocol from which was also created after the producer researched my historical use of protocols with my patients in the past.
3. I also would take Hydrosol silver from (and do their metal cleanse too!)
4. I would take vitamin B17
4.a I would use Baking Soda with real Maple Syrup and warm up one tea spoon of Baking Soda with 5 spoons full of Maple syrup.
5. I would take Essiac Capsules from
6. I would eat, if I could afford it, only organic whole foods from and eat fresh organic salads, vegetables and fruit.
7. I would have as much sun as my skin can handle without getting burned. Sun does not cause cancer!
8. I would buy a cheap juicer such as the Jack Lalanne model and have a lot of fresh juice with a lot of greens added.
9. I would walk or exercise just a little every day. Or at least 2 minutes 3 times a week
10. I would eat a vegetarian all organic life food diet
11. I would take Flora-Zymes, Quint-Essence, vitamin E and cal-mag from every day of my life.
**In severe cases I would add oxygen therapy and or 35% hydrogen peroxide therapy. I would take (but I dont encourage anyone else to do it!) 8 drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide in 8 ounces of Aloe juice for at least 35 days.

After doing all of this I would know I had done everything to address the physical causes of bad health. Getting rid of the root cause of all disease! Lack of Energy which is usually caused by stress.

But I also know that the main cause of Cancer is mental and emotional stress. Its scientifically proven that all illnesses are 84% based on stress and only 16% based on physical elements. Therefore, I would know that I would have to uncover and eliminate the root cause of my personal health challenges to be able to get rid of the symptoms and physical malfunctions. I would have to actively apply the information in Instinct Based Medicine How to survive your illness and your doctor (see )

Just a reminder: Nearly everybody in my family had cancer! And I don’t have or ever will get cancer!

So the question is: Do you believe the ones that lose or kill about 97% of their cancer patients or the ones that cure cancer on a daily basis. I can provide you with names and hospitals around the world where cancer cures are a daily reality. You will find it in my next newsletters. 

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NOTE: This is not just some random website I 'ran across.' I have been studying health issues for nearly forty years (and am a non-practicing medical transcriptionist). I know many people who have been cured of even the worse types of cancer. I can't tell many people, though, if they are Americans, because they believe every lie told to them by Big Pharma and Corporate Medicine. They are blind, and will not see. Will you?  CMR

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Mark, Praying In The Spirit, REAL Consciousness Awakening ...

Let us learn about prayer: what exactly is meant by 'praying in the Spirit,' how it raises consciousness and awakens a true Christian, how critical it is to comprehend in these times, and - trust me - what it has to do with 'The Mark" and everything else in your life.

This post may be a paradigm changer. If you allow it, your prayer life will be completely energized, understood and infused by the Holy Spirit and you will know that you are fulfilling God's specific plan for you at such a time as this. I dare say some of this information may be new to you, and I believe the Lord is revealing things to us that He knows we need right now but have not been able to see until these end times. I have been studying and praying about prayer itself for several years in an attempt to experientially understand everything about it that the Lord would reveal to me in order to be absolutely the most powerful and effective spiritual warrior that the Lord would have me be. Of course I will never live up to my own expectations in prayer, but I will press on nevertheless. I am, after all, not my own judge - and a good thing, too.

An amazing thing happened. After much prayer and study on the subject I felt that I had come to a fair understanding of some of the deeper aspects of exactly what prayer is about. I have been thinking about writing on the subject when I happened to listen to Paul McGuire interviewed on the Hagmann and Hagmann Show on 7/24/14. To my astonishment (it brought me to tears) I heard Paul articulate the very same conclusions, which has given me confirmation and has made it very easy now to give it to you. It gave me confirmation in my recent decision to help Paul's ministry in any way possible and it gave me confirmation of what I believe the Spirit has been teaching me about prayer. It is powerful and dynamic, yet simple enough for a child :-) Whew. Good thing.

First, let me say that 'praying in the Spirit' has nothing whatever to do with speaking in unknown tongues, a perversion of the scripture which continues to this day and is a practice of the apostate church and of those who seek signs and wonders (the sign of an evil generation) rather than faith. The Day of Pentecost, though, did include the speaking in known languages, in order that the Gospel might be spread throughout the world. It was a missionary event.  (Acts 1 and 2). We, too, should consider the end times a missionary opportunity.

To briefly put this into context let's recall that we are now entering the 4th Reich, a mere continuance of the policies and goals of Hitler's 3rd Reich. This is why the EU, IMF, NATO and other organizations were all birthed with Nazi money. The head of this 4th Reich may very well be the Antichrist of which Daniel speaks, an age of super technology, nanochips, the Mark, trans humanism, etc. It is now possible for the Beast System to monitor your words, your thoughts and your brain activity. At the very least we are at the highest escalation point of fulfillment of Bible prophecy in the history of mankind. From this point on, I will be primarily using the notes I took from Paul McGuire's interview mentioned above, with a few of my own thoughts interspersed. 

Some pastors (including John MacArthur) are telling people that it’s okay to take the Mark. This is very reckless and unwise and is also an indication that these people have no depth of understanding of what the Mark is all about. There’s no way you will be able to take the Mark without knowing exactly what you’re doing. There will be no accidents. God won’t separate you for all eternity by accident.  Everyone will be presented with a clear cut volitional choice to actively renounce Jesus Christ as Lord and to pledge total allegiance to the Antichrist. This decision will be made strictly according to a person's own will.  

Unfortunately, most churches do not teach Bible prophecy at all and are therefore not preparing their people for the coming great deception, which is causing the greatest shift in consciousness in all of history, great apostasy and a falling away, all of which we are already seeing in a huge percent of 'the organized church,' as it combines all of the churches and pagan religions into one 'unified' church which will be the new Antichrist religion headed by the False Prophet and will be an economic/spiritual system yoked into the Beast System. The financial system is a spiritual system and always has been (“In God We Trust”). The level of ignorance, i.e., unwillingness to see – is truly unbelievable. This refusal to see is simply willful spiritual blindness.  

When the Bible speaks of the counterfeit death and resurrection of the Antichrist and the worship of the image of the beast, this will probably be accomplished through technology, which has so bewitched Americans. After the Antichrist is killed, probably either through cloning or DNA he will be downloaded into a new body (a practice that is already being done).  Alternatively, they may worship a holographic projection whereby he is in a hybrid man/machine body - an android or cyborg.  Then the False Prophet will perform lying signs and wonders to convince people that this hybrid is God. This could all be accomplished through any number of avenues which currently exist and continue to be perfected and enhanced. 

Snowden just released information about technology. It could be like Operation Blue Beam, or they do have the ability to read brain waves, thought patterns, etc., and they can also predict future behavior. They also have the ability to project voices inside human brains, and to project visual images which can produce lifelike hallucinations, such as God or Mary (which I have suspected for a long time).  There is now tech so advanced that it can erase a person's memory, or even implant false memories, so they could use advanced computer/brain interface technology. Combine this with psychotropic drugs and you can have an entire planet seeing a reality that does not exist. This isn't that astonishing when you consider that most Americans already live in a reality that does not exist - and without psychotropic drugs or any of the rest of it - just tv and sports.

Ephesians 4:23 tell us to "be renewed in the spirit of your mind..." and Romans 12:2 tell us " ye transformed by the renewing of your mind..." The spirit of man is the breath of life which God breathed into him, the vital principle of life, consciousness, infusion of the divine nature. Man has a physical dimension of the senses, but he also has a spiritual dimension. We are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional reality. Thought and consciousness can exist outside of the physical body.

This is what the Russians were delving into in their studies of telepathy and remote viewing. They were studying brain waves, and found that brain waves could travel only a certain distance if you are measuring their frequencies. However, Tesla tapped into a higher level - scalar - which cannot be measured by electromagnetic frequency (EMF) wave technology. This is the area of human consciousness, and it seems to be able to exist and communicate across space/time boundaries. The Bible certainly speaks of it, and neurological science and quantum physics seem to agree with the Bible authority in this area.

Secular psychology (a false 'science') and Satan's occult system came up with the idea of the collective consciousness….we’re all one consciousness. But this is not true because we are multidimensional beings, and as such there are multidimensional realities - it's not a one size fits all system. Both good and evil occupy these dimensions, and good and evil cannot be 'one.'

Those who are Christians become supernaturally the body of Christ. When we are "in Christ" we become part of the body of Christ here on earth through the Holy Spirit. When that occurs we are “one in the Spirit”…."renewed in the spirit of your mind”. While we can't be certain, it is possible that Adam and Eve did not need to speak in order to communicate (although we know from the Bible that they did speak), that they could communicate mind to mind, but due to the fall, God sealed it up so that two sinful minds could not communicate, thereby limiting Satan's access to humanity. We know He sealed off the Garden along with direct physical access to Eden and to Himself. While we don't know the details we know that sin brought separation of access to God, and death.

What, then, is  “Renewed in the spirit?” The human spirit is fallen, but when we receive Jesus Christ by faith, and are BORN AGAIN, the Spirit of God regenerates our human spirit and it becomes alive in Christ. I believe our DNA is changed, sealed and restores certain aspects of the access to the heavenlies.  Every believer in Christ is on one level living in the physical reality, but our regenerated spirit is living in heaven right now at this moment, seated in heavenly places ruling and reigning with Christ.

A biblical duality exists, therefore, and as a result of the Cross it was brought to completion in certain aspects. In addition, Christians are one in the Spirit – as the body of Christ, which is a supernatural body - a unified spirit of those who have been transformed. This far beyond what we normally think of as the ‘church’ … the church has nothing to do with buildings.  This supernatural body of Christ can be - to use a modern term -  downloaded from heaven if one is tuned in to this. When a person Is born again God SEALS him with the Holy Spirit.  A special protective supernatural seal of the Holy Spirit is placed on the person's consciousness, here in the physical, and in heaven ruling and reigning in the spiritual realm …the Lord has sealed us.

Now, Lucifer seeks to counter(feit) all this with his 'collective consciousness/world brain/hive mind' idea of masses who will eventually receive a chip/tattoo/mark and be one body of Satan – through the Mark implant, but science already knows that consciousness exists outside the body where other inter dimensional beings exist. This Mark could work like a virus, changing or redirecting that communication.

However, if you CHOOSE to serve the Antichrist and take the Mark, you are taking on and entering a technological system far beyond a simple chip or tattoo. You are entering a computer brain interface where your human personality is controlled by Lucifer/Antichrist -  where your human brain is connected to something like a cloud system.  Once…once you receive the Mark,  your humanity and consciousness is FOREVER CHANGED. You are a slave plugged into a totally controlled world brain grid, a holographic satanic reality. Your personality dies and you become a total and complete holographic slave of Satan, with no hope of ever getting out, with no free thought whatsoever.  Your personality dies and you become a hybrid slave at a very inferior level - technological imprisonment into a dimensional portal of Satan and his demons. You will be plugged into a demonic matrix virtual reality system; and that tech matrix is also a portal into the dimension where the fallen angels and demons exist. It is the first step of your descent into hell itself. 


When these fallen angels were expelled from heaven they mated with human women because they could not exist on earth without a physical host body, either a human being or an animal. They had a problem - they had no physical bodies. They were attempting to create a hybrid so they could inhabit the physical realm. Remember, these are inter dimensional beings, so when you receive the MARK of the Beast, you will effectively be PLUGGED IN to the satanic matrix SYSTEM, which also places you IN THE DIMENSION where the fallen angels and the demons exist. And there is no return. It is forever. Eternity.

Each person has a different vibration/harmonic. The Illuminati Luciferians who have rejected Jesus Christ and have sworn loyalty oaths to Satan believe they are different by having a third strand of DNA, when in fact they have actually entered the satanic matrix. This is just incredible that people who reject Jesus Christ believe it has no consequences, when in fact it is decisive as to their state of consciousness and their irreversible path into one domain or the other, for eternity. They think if they just dismiss the whole conversation about Jesus they can go on their merry way. The fact is that NOT believing in Jesus Christ does not exempt you from this scenario. The soul is immortal; it’s going some place for eternity. The truth is that Jesus Christ is the Creator, and nothing anyone decides to believe trumps Truth.

Adam was not really alive until God breathed the spirit into him; that is the driver of man, and He sent His spirit into this lump of clay to make it come alive. God knew you before the foundation of the world because His spirit and yours were always linked outside of time/space. God preplanned ‘you.’ He chose a particular vehicle for you, preplanned prior to your birth, and he has a plan and a purpose for you ‘for such a time as this’. Read John’s account of the throne room of God with millions of saints worshipping, in the Book of Revelation; this is a vibrational scenario, and every person has his own vibration. If your DNA is tinkered with (Satan's plan) you cease to be human and you go over to the abyss side for eternity.  

Any place where two believers are gathered together, anyplace at all, Jesus is in our midst, and we are agreeing supernaturally, in harmony (vibration/harmonics) as the body of Christ. Our spirit person is already seated in heaven if we have the Holy Spirit. We are already ruling and reigning with Christ spiritually. Why do you think - or did you know - that the satanic and demonic forces here on earth are terrified of true Christians? They have no power whatsoever over us. None. 

When the Holy Spirit agrees among such a gathering, if they are united in spirit, there is a quantum multiplication of supernatural spiritual power in the Holy Spirit, as ‘being clothed with power from on high’ (dunamis) just as was the case in the early church on the Day of Pentecost. It is the renewal of our minds. We are actually ruling and reigning with Christ in the spiritual realm, receiving instructions (downloads) for spiritual warfare according to His plan and purpose for each of us. A result of this unity between the body of Christ and the Holy Spirit is a powerful detonation - an explosion in another dimension. Adam/Eve lost this by activating the law of sin and death; but we have been re clothed with this dunamis, which is an explosive force, because we are temporarily living in a world which Lucifer controls, i.e., the world system. 

But when the Church is clothed with power from on high this explosive spiritual force is released in each individual believer because the kingdom of heaven and its power and glory is downloaded by the Holy Spirit into the Christian. When the Christian is obedient and goes forward in the Lord's will this spiritual activity violently overthrows and drives back the authority of the kingdom of darkness, moving back the actual perimeter of the power of Lucifer! This can only occur when the Christian repents and is a clear channel for the Holy Spirit. If we have undealt-with sin it will block this power. We must seek His face. We must stay in a close, clear relationship with Jesus Christ; then there is a free flowing of the Holy Spirit, and this positive download of the Kingdom of Heaven is released into the believers and onto the earth, and into you - and drives back the powers of darkness with incredible force.

Do we begin to comprehend the POWER OF PRAYER? The meaning of 'praying in the Spirit'?  Are we spiritually plugged into the Kingdom? Are we making our spirits accessible to receive the Heavenly Apps?

Before the return of Jesus Christ - no matter how near that may be - there is personal dunamis which Christ expects each of us to access and use to accomplish His plan. Many people can still be awakened if certain conditions are met, and the power is released from that dimension into the earth. Why has it taken most of us 2,000 years to figure this out? An impotent church is simply devoid of the Spirit….devoid of power, the very Power which topples satanic principalities and powers, the hierarchy of Satan which rules illegally in the US and across the world. All of his strongholds are driven back by this redemptive force based on love from the heavenly dimensions, and a dead church is resurrected to fulfill its destiny. THE GREAT AWAKENING occurred because a few people refused to give up on discovering how to contact heaven, and THE FIRES OF REVIVAL changed a person, a town, a country, the world! 

When these forces enter a dead church, it is reawakened - and the Church occupies as instructed. If we play by God’s rules written in His Word, and if we get into harmony and sync with Heaven, the power of God is released. This is the Day of Pentecost being played out once again as it was meant to do continuously down through the ages. Do you ever wonder how God puts up with us? The fact that He does is certain evidence of His tremendous mercy and grace. Praise His Holy Name.

Let us take the Bible literally. Let us pick it up, read it and take it seriously. Let us ask the Lord to use us while there is still time.  The Holy Spirit Himself, along with 'a great cloud of witnesses, is willing and eager to join us at the Throne of Grace. We've got to get beyond the physical dimensional mindset and get into the spiritual realm so that we can OCCUPY until He returns. It is high time we access the Throne Room in the heavenlies so that we can get our jobs accomplished. Time is of the essence.

Hebrews 12:
22 But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, 23 To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect...

Please spread this post around if you know people who might benefit from it. I will leave it up through Sunday - since it took me an entire day to put it together. 

You will find Paul McGuire's interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Show at the following link. If time is an issue, and we know it is, go to about 124:00 to hear the part most pertinent to the above material. Even having read the above summary, nothing can match hearing the dialogue::

I'll meet you in the Spirit - 
in the heavenlies - every day - 
kneeling at the Savior's feet