James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Listen To Me

Most Americans have taken the red pill and are being taken down...down...down. Here's the thing. There is no bottom. It is a bottomless pit.  Mentally. Spiritually. In every way. There is just no more time. If you think that voting, signing petitions, etc., make one iota of difference, you are living in a past reality. The world has become a satanic dictatorship. There is no more America as we knew it. There never was. This is a plan that was initiated hundreds - even thousands - of years ago.

All of our political and military leaders have either been fired, retired or have taken the Oath to Lucifer. That is an actual fact. Nothing will ever be the same as you thought it was. This is the great delusion, and there are many. The good news is that if you are truly a Christian, you are SEALED. None of Satan's forces can touch you; they are petrified of true Christians. But a true Christian will be of no use whatsoever if he is in the Matrix believing the lies of a false reality, because he is unable to fight the spiritual war while believing a false delusion. A real Christian must live in the light of TRUTH.

Americans have been deliberately put into psychological trauma - a state of severe shock. This has been accomplished by shattering everything your brain thought it knew. Super trauma shatters human consciousness, forcing it to take on more than it is possible to survive. This is the exact same process used in the elite families from generation to generation; it is called Monarch Mind Control and produces complete mind control, multiple personalities (MPD) and much worse. This is exactly the same process that was used on the German people in WW2. Then, as now, it is most effective on those who are true blue "Christian" Americans. It is a highly scientific and sophisticated process. And it works.

Americans are seeing a complete, ongoing and unstoppable breakdown of everything they counted on (and this has only begun) - morality, faith, education, water, food, safety, financial, you name it. Even the vast majority of the church is being run by demonic charlatans ... false preachers, teachers and 'prophets.'  Hold up the Bible and the flag, and you're good to go. And the people love it so. These false teachers have themselves been mind controlled. They are in a trance, and are expertly trained to take their followers down the same path. All who are mind controlled have handlers. These handlers say a 'trigger' word, sign, etc., and their victims are programmed to respond in various ways, depending on the trigger. Almost all of American, including 90% of the 'church' - has been neutralized. Neutered.

This is all I'm going to say for now because I want you to listen to the first two hours of the riveting interview below with Paul McGuire, a man you need to follow more closely than anyone else right now.  He goes into great detail and explanation of what I wrote above. I know two hours is a huge investment of time, but surely the end of time requires knowledge, information and spiritual insight.

We are very near a point where you will no longer have the opportunity - or be capable - of following anyone's advice ... unless you are already dialed in to truth. This is about eternity.  CMR

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