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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Mark, Praying In The Spirit, REAL Consciousness Awakening ...

Let us learn about prayer: what exactly is meant by 'praying in the Spirit,' how it raises consciousness and awakens a true Christian, how critical it is to comprehend in these times, and - trust me - what it has to do with 'The Mark" and everything else in your life.

This post may be a paradigm changer. If you allow it, your prayer life will be completely energized, understood and infused by the Holy Spirit and you will know that you are fulfilling God's specific plan for you at such a time as this. I dare say some of this information may be new to you, and I believe the Lord is revealing things to us that He knows we need right now but have not been able to see until these end times. I have been studying and praying about prayer itself for several years in an attempt to experientially understand everything about it that the Lord would reveal to me in order to be absolutely the most powerful and effective spiritual warrior that the Lord would have me be. Of course I will never live up to my own expectations in prayer, but I will press on nevertheless. I am, after all, not my own judge - and a good thing, too.

An amazing thing happened. After much prayer and study on the subject I felt that I had come to a fair understanding of some of the deeper aspects of exactly what prayer is about. I have been thinking about writing on the subject when I happened to listen to Paul McGuire interviewed on the Hagmann and Hagmann Show on 7/24/14. To my astonishment (it brought me to tears) I heard Paul articulate the very same conclusions, which has given me confirmation and has made it very easy now to give it to you. It gave me confirmation in my recent decision to help Paul's ministry in any way possible and it gave me confirmation of what I believe the Spirit has been teaching me about prayer. It is powerful and dynamic, yet simple enough for a child :-) Whew. Good thing.

First, let me say that 'praying in the Spirit' has nothing whatever to do with speaking in unknown tongues, a perversion of the scripture which continues to this day and is a practice of the apostate church and of those who seek signs and wonders (the sign of an evil generation) rather than faith. The Day of Pentecost, though, did include the speaking in known languages, in order that the Gospel might be spread throughout the world. It was a missionary event.  (Acts 1 and 2). We, too, should consider the end times a missionary opportunity.

To briefly put this into context let's recall that we are now entering the 4th Reich, a mere continuance of the policies and goals of Hitler's 3rd Reich. This is why the EU, IMF, NATO and other organizations were all birthed with Nazi money. The head of this 4th Reich may very well be the Antichrist of which Daniel speaks, an age of super technology, nanochips, the Mark, trans humanism, etc. It is now possible for the Beast System to monitor your words, your thoughts and your brain activity. At the very least we are at the highest escalation point of fulfillment of Bible prophecy in the history of mankind. From this point on, I will be primarily using the notes I took from Paul McGuire's interview mentioned above, with a few of my own thoughts interspersed. 

Some pastors (including John MacArthur) are telling people that it’s okay to take the Mark. This is very reckless and unwise and is also an indication that these people have no depth of understanding of what the Mark is all about. There’s no way you will be able to take the Mark without knowing exactly what you’re doing. There will be no accidents. God won’t separate you for all eternity by accident.  Everyone will be presented with a clear cut volitional choice to actively renounce Jesus Christ as Lord and to pledge total allegiance to the Antichrist. This decision will be made strictly according to a person's own will.  

Unfortunately, most churches do not teach Bible prophecy at all and are therefore not preparing their people for the coming great deception, which is causing the greatest shift in consciousness in all of history, great apostasy and a falling away, all of which we are already seeing in a huge percent of 'the organized church,' as it combines all of the churches and pagan religions into one 'unified' church which will be the new Antichrist religion headed by the False Prophet and will be an economic/spiritual system yoked into the Beast System. The financial system is a spiritual system and always has been (“In God We Trust”). The level of ignorance, i.e., unwillingness to see – is truly unbelievable. This refusal to see is simply willful spiritual blindness.  

When the Bible speaks of the counterfeit death and resurrection of the Antichrist and the worship of the image of the beast, this will probably be accomplished through technology, which has so bewitched Americans. After the Antichrist is killed, probably either through cloning or DNA he will be downloaded into a new body (a practice that is already being done).  Alternatively, they may worship a holographic projection whereby he is in a hybrid man/machine body - an android or cyborg.  Then the False Prophet will perform lying signs and wonders to convince people that this hybrid is God. This could all be accomplished through any number of avenues which currently exist and continue to be perfected and enhanced. 

Snowden just released information about technology. It could be like Operation Blue Beam, or they do have the ability to read brain waves, thought patterns, etc., and they can also predict future behavior. They also have the ability to project voices inside human brains, and to project visual images which can produce lifelike hallucinations, such as God or Mary (which I have suspected for a long time).  There is now tech so advanced that it can erase a person's memory, or even implant false memories, so they could use advanced computer/brain interface technology. Combine this with psychotropic drugs and you can have an entire planet seeing a reality that does not exist. This isn't that astonishing when you consider that most Americans already live in a reality that does not exist - and without psychotropic drugs or any of the rest of it - just tv and sports.

Ephesians 4:23 tell us to "be renewed in the spirit of your mind..." and Romans 12:2 tell us " ye transformed by the renewing of your mind..." The spirit of man is the breath of life which God breathed into him, the vital principle of life, consciousness, infusion of the divine nature. Man has a physical dimension of the senses, but he also has a spiritual dimension. We are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional reality. Thought and consciousness can exist outside of the physical body.

This is what the Russians were delving into in their studies of telepathy and remote viewing. They were studying brain waves, and found that brain waves could travel only a certain distance if you are measuring their frequencies. However, Tesla tapped into a higher level - scalar - which cannot be measured by electromagnetic frequency (EMF) wave technology. This is the area of human consciousness, and it seems to be able to exist and communicate across space/time boundaries. The Bible certainly speaks of it, and neurological science and quantum physics seem to agree with the Bible authority in this area.

Secular psychology (a false 'science') and Satan's occult system came up with the idea of the collective consciousness….we’re all one consciousness. But this is not true because we are multidimensional beings, and as such there are multidimensional realities - it's not a one size fits all system. Both good and evil occupy these dimensions, and good and evil cannot be 'one.'

Those who are Christians become supernaturally the body of Christ. When we are "in Christ" we become part of the body of Christ here on earth through the Holy Spirit. When that occurs we are “one in the Spirit”…."renewed in the spirit of your mind”. While we can't be certain, it is possible that Adam and Eve did not need to speak in order to communicate (although we know from the Bible that they did speak), that they could communicate mind to mind, but due to the fall, God sealed it up so that two sinful minds could not communicate, thereby limiting Satan's access to humanity. We know He sealed off the Garden along with direct physical access to Eden and to Himself. While we don't know the details we know that sin brought separation of access to God, and death.

What, then, is  “Renewed in the spirit?” The human spirit is fallen, but when we receive Jesus Christ by faith, and are BORN AGAIN, the Spirit of God regenerates our human spirit and it becomes alive in Christ. I believe our DNA is changed, sealed and restores certain aspects of the access to the heavenlies.  Every believer in Christ is on one level living in the physical reality, but our regenerated spirit is living in heaven right now at this moment, seated in heavenly places ruling and reigning with Christ.

A biblical duality exists, therefore, and as a result of the Cross it was brought to completion in certain aspects. In addition, Christians are one in the Spirit – as the body of Christ, which is a supernatural body - a unified spirit of those who have been transformed. This far beyond what we normally think of as the ‘church’ … the church has nothing to do with buildings.  This supernatural body of Christ can be - to use a modern term -  downloaded from heaven if one is tuned in to this. When a person Is born again God SEALS him with the Holy Spirit.  A special protective supernatural seal of the Holy Spirit is placed on the person's consciousness, here in the physical, and in heaven ruling and reigning in the spiritual realm …the Lord has sealed us.

Now, Lucifer seeks to counter(feit) all this with his 'collective consciousness/world brain/hive mind' idea of masses who will eventually receive a chip/tattoo/mark and be one body of Satan – through the Mark implant, but science already knows that consciousness exists outside the body where other inter dimensional beings exist. This Mark could work like a virus, changing or redirecting that communication.

However, if you CHOOSE to serve the Antichrist and take the Mark, you are taking on and entering a technological system far beyond a simple chip or tattoo. You are entering a computer brain interface where your human personality is controlled by Lucifer/Antichrist -  where your human brain is connected to something like a cloud system.  Once…once you receive the Mark,  your humanity and consciousness is FOREVER CHANGED. You are a slave plugged into a totally controlled world brain grid, a holographic satanic reality. Your personality dies and you become a total and complete holographic slave of Satan, with no hope of ever getting out, with no free thought whatsoever.  Your personality dies and you become a hybrid slave at a very inferior level - technological imprisonment into a dimensional portal of Satan and his demons. You will be plugged into a demonic matrix virtual reality system; and that tech matrix is also a portal into the dimension where the fallen angels and demons exist. It is the first step of your descent into hell itself. 


When these fallen angels were expelled from heaven they mated with human women because they could not exist on earth without a physical host body, either a human being or an animal. They had a problem - they had no physical bodies. They were attempting to create a hybrid so they could inhabit the physical realm. Remember, these are inter dimensional beings, so when you receive the MARK of the Beast, you will effectively be PLUGGED IN to the satanic matrix SYSTEM, which also places you IN THE DIMENSION where the fallen angels and the demons exist. And there is no return. It is forever. Eternity.

Each person has a different vibration/harmonic. The Illuminati Luciferians who have rejected Jesus Christ and have sworn loyalty oaths to Satan believe they are different by having a third strand of DNA, when in fact they have actually entered the satanic matrix. This is just incredible that people who reject Jesus Christ believe it has no consequences, when in fact it is decisive as to their state of consciousness and their irreversible path into one domain or the other, for eternity. They think if they just dismiss the whole conversation about Jesus they can go on their merry way. The fact is that NOT believing in Jesus Christ does not exempt you from this scenario. The soul is immortal; it’s going some place for eternity. The truth is that Jesus Christ is the Creator, and nothing anyone decides to believe trumps Truth.

Adam was not really alive until God breathed the spirit into him; that is the driver of man, and He sent His spirit into this lump of clay to make it come alive. God knew you before the foundation of the world because His spirit and yours were always linked outside of time/space. God preplanned ‘you.’ He chose a particular vehicle for you, preplanned prior to your birth, and he has a plan and a purpose for you ‘for such a time as this’. Read John’s account of the throne room of God with millions of saints worshipping, in the Book of Revelation; this is a vibrational scenario, and every person has his own vibration. If your DNA is tinkered with (Satan's plan) you cease to be human and you go over to the abyss side for eternity.  

Any place where two believers are gathered together, anyplace at all, Jesus is in our midst, and we are agreeing supernaturally, in harmony (vibration/harmonics) as the body of Christ. Our spirit person is already seated in heaven if we have the Holy Spirit. We are already ruling and reigning with Christ spiritually. Why do you think - or did you know - that the satanic and demonic forces here on earth are terrified of true Christians? They have no power whatsoever over us. None. 

When the Holy Spirit agrees among such a gathering, if they are united in spirit, there is a quantum multiplication of supernatural spiritual power in the Holy Spirit, as ‘being clothed with power from on high’ (dunamis) just as was the case in the early church on the Day of Pentecost. It is the renewal of our minds. We are actually ruling and reigning with Christ in the spiritual realm, receiving instructions (downloads) for spiritual warfare according to His plan and purpose for each of us. A result of this unity between the body of Christ and the Holy Spirit is a powerful detonation - an explosion in another dimension. Adam/Eve lost this by activating the law of sin and death; but we have been re clothed with this dunamis, which is an explosive force, because we are temporarily living in a world which Lucifer controls, i.e., the world system. 

But when the Church is clothed with power from on high this explosive spiritual force is released in each individual believer because the kingdom of heaven and its power and glory is downloaded by the Holy Spirit into the Christian. When the Christian is obedient and goes forward in the Lord's will this spiritual activity violently overthrows and drives back the authority of the kingdom of darkness, moving back the actual perimeter of the power of Lucifer! This can only occur when the Christian repents and is a clear channel for the Holy Spirit. If we have undealt-with sin it will block this power. We must seek His face. We must stay in a close, clear relationship with Jesus Christ; then there is a free flowing of the Holy Spirit, and this positive download of the Kingdom of Heaven is released into the believers and onto the earth, and into you - and drives back the powers of darkness with incredible force.

Do we begin to comprehend the POWER OF PRAYER? The meaning of 'praying in the Spirit'?  Are we spiritually plugged into the Kingdom? Are we making our spirits accessible to receive the Heavenly Apps?

Before the return of Jesus Christ - no matter how near that may be - there is personal dunamis which Christ expects each of us to access and use to accomplish His plan. Many people can still be awakened if certain conditions are met, and the power is released from that dimension into the earth. Why has it taken most of us 2,000 years to figure this out? An impotent church is simply devoid of the Spirit….devoid of power, the very Power which topples satanic principalities and powers, the hierarchy of Satan which rules illegally in the US and across the world. All of his strongholds are driven back by this redemptive force based on love from the heavenly dimensions, and a dead church is resurrected to fulfill its destiny. THE GREAT AWAKENING occurred because a few people refused to give up on discovering how to contact heaven, and THE FIRES OF REVIVAL changed a person, a town, a country, the world! 

When these forces enter a dead church, it is reawakened - and the Church occupies as instructed. If we play by God’s rules written in His Word, and if we get into harmony and sync with Heaven, the power of God is released. This is the Day of Pentecost being played out once again as it was meant to do continuously down through the ages. Do you ever wonder how God puts up with us? The fact that He does is certain evidence of His tremendous mercy and grace. Praise His Holy Name.

Let us take the Bible literally. Let us pick it up, read it and take it seriously. Let us ask the Lord to use us while there is still time.  The Holy Spirit Himself, along with 'a great cloud of witnesses, is willing and eager to join us at the Throne of Grace. We've got to get beyond the physical dimensional mindset and get into the spiritual realm so that we can OCCUPY until He returns. It is high time we access the Throne Room in the heavenlies so that we can get our jobs accomplished. Time is of the essence.

Hebrews 12:
22 But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, 23 To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect...

Please spread this post around if you know people who might benefit from it. I will leave it up through Sunday - since it took me an entire day to put it together. 

You will find Paul McGuire's interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Show at the following link. If time is an issue, and we know it is, go to about 124:00 to hear the part most pertinent to the above material. Even having read the above summary, nothing can match hearing the dialogue::

I'll meet you in the Spirit - 
in the heavenlies - every day - 
kneeling at the Savior's feet