James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exodus of CEO's, Others - WHY?

Last year over 1,000 CEOs were replaced; this year already over 1,000 more have been replaced. Why is this? This is happening in America's largest and best-known corporations. They are being replaced by entities from 'another place.' They are a part of the new "caretakers."

Last year there was a mass exodus in police departments. This year we have, for the first time in our history, rampant police brutality - something foreign to Americans. They are indeed foreign.

There have also been mass replacements of government people. If you will notice, the 'incoming' are all new faces. New beings.

This is all being done gradually, unnoticed by most, curious to some, understood by few. This gradual replacement of people not generally recognized by the masses, causes no fear. It makes for a very smooth transition. Control in all areas of life is transferred quietly, without fanfare, without fear. One day it's all finished (and we're just about there). All that is needed is the top brass, so to speak. And what a relief that person will be to the sheeple, to finally rid ourselves of all the pain, to have someone who can solve all of our problems. Or so we think.

One day very soon it will all be a done deal. With no one having noticed or suspected. Slowly, little by little, having our minds diverted to other things, such as the death/funeral/hoopla of Michael Jackson, then this one, then that one. The school shooting today - that should be good for several days. Small indignities to watch on TV when we come home from a day of work -- if we have jobs. Gas prices, the ubiquitious never-to-be war on Iran, Occupy Whatever, the Republican candidate in-fighting, the unions, whatever. All diversions. Mind control.

Before we know it, it's a fait acompli ... now that didn't hurt, did it? There was no one really huge reason to rise up, to be violent in any way.

We are being taken over by alien spiritual beings. And hardly anyone knows it. Certainly a program worthy of The Adversary. I wrote several years ago that I couldn't keep from having a certain admiration for the beauty of the subtlety of the deception.

But, back to the CEOs for a moment. Why CEOs? That had me thinking until I realized that it was the Corporations which will be ruling. Think how much more efficient the private sector is! None of the government waste and stupidity. The Antichrist System is far too smart for that. Yes, the Corporations will replace government. Mark my word. They know better than anyone what a failure socialism and government is. Remember, they've been at this for thousands of years. It is now perfected.

The people can be controlled much more efficiently - and amiably - by their employers. It is a family of sorts. They can even be friends, after a fashion. Eager to please. Lifetime jobs and relationships. Upward mobility (to a point). Company stock. The Company Store. Perfect control. Absolutely brilliant. The perfect government. Also perfect enslavement - from their point of view, of course.

You will probably not even be aware that the CEOs etal are 'enhanced,' partial or even complete robots. It's so well done, down to perfection. That may even be offered to employees.The Singularity. The New Man (or Woman). But, then, the employees will be more concerned about benefits, pay, health packages, the same things people are preoccupied with now. You know, the economy. What's in it for me, a recent members of that Laodicean 'Church?'

You can hardly remember those old fashioned ones with their warnings - and never understanding the new ways. But they really cared about you in a way that almost makes tears come when you dwell on it. What was it that made them so special? They had a quality that seems to be missing now. It's hard to even really remember - eyes that lit up, a radiant smile, a hug! Emotions ... that's what it was. A soul. It seems like another life. What ever happened to them, anyway? It all seems like a dream now. Another world. Another time. Best to forget it before you get called in on a thought crime.

One day very, very soon all humanity - at one single moment - will be literally placed under a spell by these new masters. I think of it as demonic possession. It will be a part of the new religion, and mandatory. You will be quite willing, though, because if you are not born again, redeemed through Jesus' blood on the cross, and His resurrection to life, God will release your mind to Lucifer to do with as he chooses.

This is what is happening right now.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Democracy Is Bringing In The Satanic Forces...

....Right Now. This isn't a political column, but what I need to say is so difficult, but so critical, that I need to ease into it. And there is very little time. At all. The article below by Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses Democracy. Democracy has been Satan's tool all along. It is ushering in the government of the Antichrist as I write. I need another day to gather my thoughts...

What If Democracy Is Bunk?
by Andrew Napolitano

What if you are only allowed to vote because it doesn’t make a difference? What if no matter how you vote, the elites get to have it their way? What if “one person, one vote” is just a fiction created by the government to induce your compliance? What if democracy is dangerous to personal freedom? What if democracy erodes the people’s understanding of natural rights and the foundations of government, and instead turns elections into beauty contests?

What if democracy allows the government to do anything it wants, as long as more people bother to show up at the voting booth to support it than to oppose it? What if the purpose of democracy is to convince people that they could prosper not through the creation of wealth but through theft from others? What if the only moral way to acquire wealth — aside from inheritance — is through voluntary economic activity? What if the government persuaded you that you could acquire wealth through political activity? What if economic activity included all the productive and peaceful things we do? What if political activity included all the parasitical and destructive things the government does?

What if governments were originally established to protect people’s freedom, but always turn into political and imperialist enterprises that seek to expand their power, increase their territory and heighten their control of the population? What if the idea that we need a government to take care of us is actually a fiction? What if our strength as individuals and durability as a culture are contingent not on the strength of the government but on the amount of freedom we have from the government?

What if we’re seeing civil unrest around the world precisely because government is out of control? What if the cocktail of big government and democracy brings dependence and destruction? What if big government destroys people’s motivations and democracy convinces them that the only motivation they need is to vote and go along with whatever the government does?

What if the Republican primaries we’re seeing unfold aren’t actually as democratic as they may appear to be? What if the results you have seen from the states that have voted thus far don’t match the composition of the delegates those states send to the Tampa convention this summer because the polls aren’t what counts, but what counts are the secret meetings that come after the voting? What if Joe Stalin was right when he said the most powerful person in the world is the guy who counts the votes?

What if the greatest tyrant in history lives among us? What if that tyrant always gets its way, no matter what the laws are or what the Constitution says? What if that tyrant is the majority of voters? What if the tyranny of the majority in a democracy recognizes no limits on its power?

What if the government misinforms voters so as to justify anything the government wants to do? What if the government bribes people with the money it prints? What if it gives entitlements to the poor, tax breaks to the middle class and bailouts to the rich just to keep all of us dependent upon it? What if a vibrant republic requires not just the democratic process of voting, but also informed and engaged voters who understand first principles of limited government and free-market economics, and the divine origin of natural rights?

What if we could free ourselves from the yoke of big government through a campaign of education and information and personal courage that leads to a revolutionary return to first principles? What if the establishment doesn’t want this? What if the government remains the same no matter who wins elections?

What if because of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, because he isn’t campaigning just for votes as his competition is, because he is educating the population and winning the hearts and minds of a once free people and inspiring them to fight for their freedom once more, freedom wins? What if we can be free again? What will it take to make that happen?

Satan would never have succeeded with what has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen in the United States if the Church of Jesus Christ had not abdicated. The greedy bankers and government is only a reality because the Church sold its soul to greed and riches first.

Hang on to your hats. We are in for a very fast and rough ride, on all fronts. Everything that will happen over the next few weeks was meticulously planned - going back to the beginnings of our Republic. More tomorrow, Lord willing.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Chip Moves Wirelessly In Bloodstream

By the time Antichrist arises on the world scene, scientific technological breakthroughs are going to provide the Man of Sin with the exact "Mark of the Beast" implant which will fulfill every Scriptural requirement!

NEWS BRIEF: "Chip moves wirelessly in bloodstream - VHF waves could be used to deliver power", The Stanford Daily,

Medical promises of the future, from implanted microchips that help in operations to full nanoscale surgeries with single-cell precision, just got a lot closer to reality. Stanford electrical engineering researchers have developed a microchip that can swim through fluids while powered and controlled wirelessly. At three by four millimeters, the chip is smaller than Lincoln’s head on a penny, giving it the potential for important medical applications."

"With further development, medical engineers could theoretically outfit the chips to transmit data from inside a patient’s blood stream, enabling precise testing, or to dispense medicine to individual cells, enabling precise treatment ... this new research, presented by Electrical Engineering Professor Ada Poon at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference on Tuesday, holds promise for a whole new category of medical devices that don’t rely on batteries for power. Poon’s team specializes in wireless power, something previously thought impossible for transmission through human tissue."

"The next breakthrough came in finding an alternative method for locomotion in a fluid ... Poon’s team developed a system that uses electromagnetic induction to roll the chip in the fluid, generating motion in a similar manner to a kayak or a freestyle swimmer as it gently rolls in the water. "

As this card from the Illuminati Card Game illustrates, the Global Elite recognizes that it needs "sufficiently high technology" on a wide array of fronts if they are to achieve all their goals for the New World Order. In 1968, I heard that total scientific knowledge is doubling every 20 years; but, two decades later, I heard that knowledge is doubling every 10 years. Given the importance of total scientific knowledge is to the development of the New World Order, what is the current statistic on the time it takes currently for science to double its total knowledge?

"In fact, no one seems to know exactly how quickly this body of knowledge is growing. For instance, according to this collection of quotes I found at the Web site Cole's Quotables III ( ~scole/words03.html), Anthony J. D'Angelo, author of the College Blue Book, claims knowledge doubles every 14 months. Yet, according to a Gary Schwartz's miniessay "Kirlian Photography as a Diagnostic Tool" (Gathering Taos: GatheringTaos.html), our bag o' knowledge doubles every five years. The American Enterprise magazine stakes it at every 15 years ("Tradition Works" by Karl Zinsmeister: www.theamericanenterprise. org/taema97k.htm). But Milton T. Wolf, a senior vice president for the Arizona Department of Library, Archives, and Public Records, said in a speech that knowledge currently doubles every year and that by 2020 it will double every 73 days ( conv-keynote.htm). "

Doubling every 73 days?

There is no doubt about it anymore. By the time Antichrist arises, science will give him the technology to accomplish all his goals, from implementing the implantable "Mark of the Beast", to controlling human population tightly in real time through the most incredible surveillance systems imaginable, or to know precisely in real time who owns guns and where they are.

Welcome to the rampaging runaway freight train known as the "New World Order'!

Above article from one of my top 5 favorite websites HERE

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Interesting Twist on Popes Prophecy & 2012

You'll forgive me, I hope, for getting into the weeds of the 2012 phenomena, but I can barely resist the numbers game. (I am, after all, an accountant.) I found this article fascinating. The original is HERE. CMR

As announced live February 22. 2012 for the Omega Man Radio Show listeners, a world exclusive revelation from the upcoming book Petrus Romanus.
The Belgian Jesuit Rene Thibaut’s book, The Mysterious Prophecy of the Popes, has unlocked an entirely different means of investigating the prophecy of the pope’s fulfillment that no one else seems to have imagined possible. His work is deeply mystical and prohibitively complex to explain exhaustively. It is also out of print, exceedingly rare, and written in French which makes it exorbitantly inaccessible to all but the most dedicated. We can only claim to be scratching the surface of what he presents. 

Frankly, we are astounded that the 2012 meme of the last few years did not bring this forgotten volume to light. Please note that we do realize that date-setting has a well-documented 100 percent failure rate but, even so, we must acknowledge, there it is, 2012, brazened all over the pages of this 1951 tome. 

The simplest calculation which derives 2012 for the last pope is based on extrapolating the average papal reign of eleven years. Forty popes times eleven years is four hundred forty years: 40 x 11 = 440 Add that to the year 1572 (the year the genuine portion of the prophecy begins) and you land in 2012: 440 + 1572 = 2012 Although Thibaut wrote in 1951, we continued his thesis forward by adding the additional popes. The average eleven-year reign he predicted held true through John Paul II. It certainly did not have to. This was a risky prediction and it was confirmed. If John Paul I had lived a normal lifespan and held a much longer reign instead of dying mysteriously after thirty-three days, this trend might have ended. We even used papal reigns in days to get 1/365th accuracy and our results not only confirmed Thibaut’s work but revealed a potential we did not expect. 

The following is a chart rendered from a software spread sheet we used to verify Thibaut’s theory:  
Pope (Reign)
Reign in Years
Gregory XIII (May 13, 1572 to April 10, 1585)
72. Medium corpus pilarum “Half body of the balls”
Sixtus V ( April 24, 1585 to August 27, 1596)
73. Axis in medietate signi“Axle in the midst of a sign”
Urban VII (September 15, 1590 to September 27, 1590)
74. De rore caeli “From the dew of the sky”
Gregory XIV (December 5, 1590 to October 15, 1591)
75. Ex antiquitate Urbis “Of the antiquity of the city”
Innocent IX (October 29, 1591 to December 30, 1591)
76. Pia civitas in bello “Pious city in war”
Clement VIII (January 30, 1592 to March 3, 1605)
77. Crux Romulea “Cross of Romulus”
Leo XI (April 1, 1605 to Saturday, April 27, 1605)
78. Undosus vir “Wavy man”
Paul V (May 16, 1605 to Sunday, January 28, 1621)
79. Gens perversa “Corrupted nation”
Gregory XV (February 9, 1621 to July 8, 1623)
80. In tribulatione pads “In the trouble of peace”
Urban VIII (August 6, 1623 to July 29, 1644)
81. Lilium & rosa “Lily and rose”
Innocent X (September 15, 1644 to January 7, 1655)
82. Iucunditas cruds “Delight of the cross”
Alexander VII (April 7, 1655 to May 22, 1667)
83. Montium custos “Guard of the mountains”
Clement IX (June 20, 1667 to December 9, 1669)
84. Sydus olorum “Star of the swans”
Clement X (April 29, 1670 to July 22, 1676)
85. De flumine magno “From a great river”
Innocent XI (September 21, 1676 to August 12, 1689)
86. Bellua insatiabilis “Insatiable beast”
Alexander VIII (October 6, 1689 to February 1, 1691)
87. PÅ“nitentia gloriosa “Glorious penitence”
Innocent XII (July 12, 1691 to September 27, 1700 )
88. Rastrum in porta “Rake in the door”
Clement XI (November 23, 1700 to March 19, 1721)
89. Flores drcundati “Surrounded flowers”
Innocent XIII (May 8, 1721 to May 29, 1724)
90. De bona religione “From good religion”
Benedict XIII (May 29, 1724 – February 21, 1730)
91. Miles in bello“Soldier in War”
Clement XII (July 12, 1730 – February 6, 1740)
92. Columna excelsa “Lofty column”
Benedict XIV (August 17, 1740 to May 3, 1758)
93. Animal rurale“Country animal”
Clement XIII (July 6, 1758 to February 2, 1769)
94. Rosa Umbriae“Rose of Umbria”
Clement XIV (May 18, 1769 to September 22, 1774)
95. Ursus velox“Swift bear”
Pius VI (February 15, 1775 to August 29, 1799)
96. Peregrinus apostolicus “Apostolic pilgrim”
Pius VII (March 14, 1800 to August 20, 1823)
97. Aquila rapax “Rapacious eagle”
Leo XII (September 28, 1823 to February 10, 1829)
98. Cants & coluber“Dog and adder”
Pius VIII (March 31, 1829 to December 1, 1830)
99. Vir religiosus “Religious man”
Gregory XVI (February 2, 1831 to June 1, 1846)
100. De balneis Ethruriae “From the baths of Tuscany”
Pius IX (June 16, 1846 to February 7, 1878)
101. Crux de cruce“Cross from cross”
Leo XIII (February 20, 1878 to July 20, 1903)
102. Lumen in caelo“Light in the sky”
St. Pius X (August 4, 1903 to August 20, 1914)
103. Ignis ardens“Burning fire”
Benedict XV (September 3, 1914 to January 22, 1922)
104. Religio depopulata “Religion depopulated”
Pius XI (February 6, 1922 to February 10, 1939)
105. Fides intrepida“Intrepid faith”
Pius XII (March 2, 1939 to October 9, 1958)
106. Pastor angelicus“Angelic shepherd”
John XXIII (October 28 , 1958 to June 3, 1963)
107. Pastor & nauta “Shepherd and sailor”
Paul VI (June 21, 1963 to August 6, 1978)
108. Flos florum“Flower of flowers”
John Paul I (August 26, 1978 to September 28, 1978)
109. De medietate lunae“From the midst of the moon”
John Paul II (October 16, 1978 to April 2, 2005)
110. De labore solis“From the labor of the sun”
Benedict XVI (April 19, 2005 – April 29, 2012 )
111. Gloria olivae“Glory of the olive”
112. Petrus Romanus“Peter the Roman”

Average Reign

Average reign 1572 to 1951 (@ when Thibaut published)

Average reign 1572 to 2005 (through John Paul II)

Average reign if Benedict XVI is no longer pope by April 29, 2012 =

Days in a year =

Thibaut’s Formula =
40 popes x average 11-year reign = 440 years

Arrival of Petrus Romanus =
1572 + 440 = 2012

  What makes this particularly interesting is that if Pope Benedict were to step down in April, it would yield a near-perfect eleven. Thibaut did not use decimal numbers, so anytime during 2012 would verify he got it right. He simply predicted it would be in the year 2012. Even so, you can imagine our shock as we were translating this from French when we saw this story (click hyperlink below):

If so, then Thibaut was spot on back in 1951. The eleven year average could have been falsified. What if John Paul I had enjoyed a ten year pontificate? Many events could have rendered Thibaut’s work invalid but here we are in 2012 and things are falling neatly in place. We promise the average papal reign calculation is only the beginning. He derives the year 2012 from several other methods of cryptographic analysis form the Latin text of the prophecy of the popes. In Petrus Romanus we painstaking walk you through a few of the calculations. If we weren’t absolutely certain that this was published in 1951, we would accuse the author of going to extravagant lengths to derive 2012. However, we can think of no obvious reason the Jesuit mathematician would want to derive 2012 other than he believed it to be the case. The year 2012 was not even on the radar in 1951, and Thibaut died in 1952. It certainly did not make him famous and his book is now extremely obscure. 2012 is upon us and the buzz from the Vatican only seems to confirm the prophecy.