James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Friday, August 31, 2012

***Make certain that you have read the post below this one ***


Foreign troops have access to our most secure facilities, NORAD, being stationed at bases all over the US.

Pay more attention to Doug Hagmann with NE Intel Network and Steve Quayle. They’ve been doing some shows together and getting the word out. They both have different sources than John and than each other. Numerous. One of Steve’s sources goes into a lot more detail of how they will pull off the financial collapse. TPTB – the Communists – know that Obama cannot win an election in the US; that’s why they are pulling this off. This was planned long ago, and was planned to occur during his 2nd term…

YOU WILL NO LONGER HAVE ACCESS TO THE FUNDS YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD IN THE BANK (including retirement funds). When the crisis is full blown at the banks, Obama will no doubt make a public announcement with the ‘solution’ to fix things – with the help of the "sorely needed" UN (Russian & Chinese) troops – since we have always been such a helpless people. They have graciously come to help us in our time of need. The Russian troops have known about this – and made fun of it – years ago in Bosnia, going door to door collecting guns as they will do here. 

John has been a homicide detective since 1973, BTW. He has the evidence – that they are here now and coming in ever-increasing numbers. The Peoples Liberation Army (Chinese) has a heavy presence in Mexico; continually reporting the activities there is Alexander Bachmann (sp) a journalist who lives in Mexico.  These troops are awaiting the orders from the Communist WH. 

*** And here’s the scarier part: many of the US people will think it’s a good idea to have the foreign troops ‘help’ in restoring peace to the streets of America.  90% will go along with it.  They will see it as the right thing to do … and anyone who opposes these foreign troops will be labeled “a terrorist.” Most of the sheople will believe that. And the media will be complicit, just as they have been for decades in this illusion, this scam. [“Peace, peace…where there is no peace…”...This 90% are the very ones who will take the mark of the beast.]

Six weeks will pass in no time at all. Get your spiritual house in order. Brush up on your skills that might be useful – and for barter.  Primary needs: Cash, water, food, electricity alternative, lights, batteries, heat…Pay attention to details…toilet paper, boot laces, socks, Chapstick, first aid supplies,. [I recommend as you go through each day for a week, and that you think, at every step, what you are using…do you have enough of it? Take a note pad and jot the little things down. Barter items, bicycle parts (chains, tubes, air pump, fix-it kits).]

Get space blankets to use for thermal imaging protection – determining the temp of deer, animals, etc. Conifers, pine trees, are good at diffusing these devices….

Guest Tim Spencer, A site all about self sufficiency. He is also looking for authors who write on these subjects. is his email. You can also sign up for his email list.   END OF UPDATE

My own thoughts:
Store valuables in a safe place (several different places)
Think about the elderly, adult children, etc.
Keep cash in several different places
NEVER keep your valuables in a bank safety box (not in these times)

I will bring these updates daily as I get them.  With things moving as quickly as they are, I will share whatever I know as long as I am able to. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Information ... Updates... You Need This

So much happening so fast. I'll try to post the most critical first, which is the John Moore You Tube Update from yesterday, 8/29. The video is HERE; however if you would rather read my notes, here they are: (Excuse the sloppy editing...I'm in a hurry.)

8/29/12 UPDATE: John's DHS contact met with his DHS insider; they both removed their cell phone batteries before they started their journeys. They met in a remote area, and here’s the information. The trains continue to leave military bases near the Pacific and Atlantic Gulf coast, loaded with basically everything. Trucks, tractors, caterpillars. Moving to the interior high ground. Basically clearing out the military bases. Forklifts will be the last to go. 

The 3rd week of October there will be a contrived financial collapse, along with a bank holiday, along with civil disorder, along with UN troops – Russians and Chinese – to restore civil order.
After he spoke with another person – another one of his intelligence team – he was in touch with an army ranger, active duty, who confirmed the above information. 

At the same time, Doug Hagmann has been in touch with two DHS insiders who are saying very similar things. They don’t know what the events will be to shut down the election, but they both concur that there will be no election and there will be a staged event to keep that from happening.  Doug wrote an article I recommend, at his website The Northeast Intelligence Network; the title of it is “It’s Going Hot.”  (Different website, same article.) John forwarded a note to his daughter in Seattle last night giving her a heads up on this, and will be talking to her one-on-one in the next day or so.

Here’s two homework assignments for you.
1) Read Doug Hagmann’s article (link above).
2) Read the first chapter of James W. Rawles book, Patriots, A Novel of The Coming Collapse
John can’t say that what he wrote in his book is exactly what will happen, but it could be very similar to that. He believes it will start with a stock market collapse. They have these mechanisms built in that will shut down the market once it drops so many hundreds of points …  500, 700 or 1000. It doesn’t matter; any day that it drops by the required amount they shut down trading for that day. It will begin with day after day of maximum stock market reduction of the DJIA.  At some point, after this goes on for a week or more, it will be clear to everyone what’s going on, that it’s something more serious than a temporary drop in the market. By the end of the second day he’ll be calling his daughter to tell her that it’s time to load up the family and get to his place in the Missouri Ozarks where it is thought to be safe.

It would take a very serious collapse in the economy of our country in order to stop the federal election – far worse than anything that has been seen in recent living memory. It will probably be more severe than the crash in 1929. In 1929 we did not call for foreign troops due to civll disorder; there was no civil disorder.  A bank holiday means not only the doors will be locked… in the modern age it means that credit cards won’t work, debit cards won’t work, checks won’t be able to be issued, ATMs, food stamp cards, everything will be shut down. It’s very well known that people do not have a lot of cash; in fact, it is discouraged in the digital age. When that happens, and EBT cards stop working cities will burn to the ground. Once this is set in motion it will take on a life of its own. They may think they can control it, but they may be wrong. 

So we have four different sources all saying essentially the same thing.  In about 7 weeks there will be a crisis so severe that it will prevent the national elections from taking place.
Obama’s advisors – the people who control him – they know he’s not going to get elected. That’s why this is happening. In fact this event has been planned for some time, but it was planned to take place in his second term. That’s what his DHS sources say.

Fasten your seat belts. The next three months are going to be a wild ride.

For a foreign force to occupy this country is a tough job…but if they plan to kill our Congress members and State legislators – especially the ones who aren’t liberals - that makes it a little easier and gives them even more incentive. When a communist force takes over a country one of the first things they do is lock up and/or murder all of the Communist politicians. The logic is: if these American communists would turn on their own country how can we trust them?

8/27/12 Update: 
Update from Rick Wiles (  Wiles told John he thinks he knows why the Fed Gov is buying so many guns and ammunition. 20,000 Russians already here. Wiles talked to Col. Lunev (sp), who said The Spetsnaz has the name and address of every member of Congress and that the plan has always been to assassinate every one of them overnight in order to cut off the head of our federal gov’t. So, in Wiles’ opinion the guns and over 1 billion rounds of ammo are to equip the Communist cadres. He also mentioned that VALERIE JARRETT is really the person running Homeland Security – not Janet Napolitano. Jarrett’s father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, was a close confidante of Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist mentor of Obama.  So this makes perfect sense as to why the ammunition, which was purchased by NOAA, The SSA, IRS and of course DHS.

Mike Harris said the other day that the Spetsnaz doesn’t have 40 calibre weapons.  John says they will be provided with whatever they want. If it’s 40 calibre ammo, then they will have guns to use it. John was in the Special Forces, and he said they trained with every kind of weapon, including weapons of foreign countries. In fact, he is getting information about Spetsnaz at American gun ranges over the past two months, with Glock pistols.

Don’t forget night vision equipment. Entry level runs $250-$500. Any is better than none at all. And an infrared (DON’T FORGET THAT INFRARED GIVES AWAY your location) illuminator. Optics are important, too.  Binoculars, range finder, scopes, etc.

Priorities if you have no money: Spiritual; Skills: first aid classes, medical; Ham radio skills; Food: beans & rice, if necessary; Water (in bottles; not milk cartons).

Free download “Amerika” the 1980s move is at his website ( The book, Amerika," states that the Russians got here through an EMP attack. That's what many fear - and with good reason.
Caller from Minneapolis says they had black helicopters flying over today; announcement on TV “don’t be afraid” and “don’t call 911.” Right.

Tips: is the best place to buy night vision supplies. Poor man’s night vision: get a telescopic sight w/a luminated retical (?). There’s an electronic device that will illumine the red dot in the crosshairs (which disappears in the dark).
Remember that any LED light will be DEAD if there is an EMP attack.

Dr Deagle (Scientist) Show 2012/08/24 ---I took a few brief notes on Planet-X/Nibiru:

MSNBC published 8/15: Scientists have been studying meteorites and satellite dust burning up in the atmosphere, and now there has been a recent US Military policy decision states that “observation by hush-hush government spacecraft of incoming bollides and fireballs are classified ‘Secret” and are not to be released. The other day we had the senior astronomist Ramos in Brazil talked about the red star (PX) that comes from deep below the ecliptic every 3600+ years, that it has a debris field around it [it is actually a mini solar sysem] …it’s a red dwarf, not a brown dwarf, and is likely to produce CMEs and major solar storms. They don’t want you to know that this is really coming in. 

We have reports from Australia from the IRAS telescope and from the radio telescope, which can see this. X-ray can also see it. It’s close enough that from the east side of Australia and New Zealand they can now see this. YouTube has also announced that anything posted that looks real, or solid science from one of these sources, they’re going to remove it within six minutes. He was told by space control (?) that they were expecting a major event and that they were putting this stuff up in the air to shield the earth from the sun activities caused by this red star. He says we know “the Passover Star is coming” [never heard that term before!] and we know that in 2013 we’ll have major CMEs and solar storms from Solar Cycle 24.

 The first thing that will happen is that the GRID will go. GET A STEAM ENGINE. We already had a solar flare that scared the scientists speechless on 7/24/12, an X1.4, which isn’t normally considered that big, but this one not only affected the ionosphere but it dumped a lot of ionized protons into the atmosphere – so much so that we saw auroras as far south as Arkansas. It also pulsed the earth with ultraviolet light; they called it “strobing” and that has never before been reported. All of this was in an after-report; there was no forewarning whatsoever. This strobing can kill crops, can cause cataracts, can cause skin damage, can affect your T-cells, it can throw off your immune system. Very dangerous.


NASA showed pix of the Greenland ice cap on two days in July. Solar came in through the ozone hole over Greenland. If that ice cap were to melt and go into the ocean it would raise the level of the ocean by 100-140 feet.  Something like 25-30% of the world's fresh water is locked up in that ice sheet.  There was a time when Greenland was actually green. The CME that hit also caused India to lose power for two days.  

ANN MORRISON’S (Scientist, Engineer) WEBSITE:
Ash clouds from Iceland and Chile carry glass shards around the world
Ann's Preparedness Top Eleven List [Just in case you have a lot of money and spare time]
1. 2 high quality water filters, such as Pure Water System
2. 1 30 caliper rifle + 30 rounds of ammunition per adult
3. Cast iron cookware and lids
4. Transportation with carrying capacity, a bus, truck or van. Diesel preferred.
5. Four-season tents or canvas tarps
6. 900# dried grains per person per year for 2 years
7. Comprehensive medical kit up to your skill level
8. Heavy leather high top boots such as those for farmers and hunters, suggest Danner, Bates, Redwing
9. Merino wool socks
10. Dare to Prepare book by Stan Deyo
11. Plan B transportation Paratrooper bicycle

I don't plan to be here, so I'll pass on the extensive plans. Besides, I'm too busy researching and writing to let you guys know.....You're welcome.  :-)

That's all for now. I have much more, but we don't want to get overwhelmed.  If you want to keep any of this info better copy it someplace. I may get shut down (along with my blog...) one of these days. Just remember...TOP Priority is spiritual relationship with the Lord. He's actually the One in charge. Don't be afraid, please. Remember: fear is lack of faith!


So sad. Same thing happening to a few of our trees. There are other links and notes below this video:
Chemtrails rain killing trees in Halifax Nova Scotia