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Thursday, July 31, 2014

EBOLA & Other Unthinkable Diseases

We are certainly not without hope in this area that makes one shudder to think about. 

While I believe modern medicine has certain uses, I believe it is highly overused to the public detriment, and anyone who has done even minor research understands that it is completely driven by big money, big drugs and big profits, and a large percentage of it is dangerous, if not deadly. Most surgeries are completely unnecessary, many do more harm than good, and a hospital is one of the most certain ways to pick up disease. It is chemotherapy and radiation which kill, 97% of oncologists would never indulge in them nor would they allow their families to be treated with them, and their 'cure' rate is in the single digit percentiles, while many alternative and natural treatments have cure rates well into the 90% range. I can support all of these statements by actual facts, case studies and statistical data.

I am completely sold on alternative therapies and antidotes for disease whenever possible - which is most of the time. Remember, back in the olden days people lived up to 900 years of age with what God provided by nature. This has all now been contaminated to the point where almost nothing grown has any food value at all, and in fact much of it is now deadly, thanks once again to the notorious profit motivation of the Elite who rule the earth. Fortunately, their time will be over in a very few years.

In the meantime, there are certainly potential benefits that might well keep a person healthy even during the coming plagues. Rather than copy someone else's information, I will give you a couple of links to websites which I know have information which is helpful in this area.

There are numerous sites with good information, but time is of the essence, and I am making no attempt to be comprehensive here; just want to give you a place with good information so that you can do at least a few things that have been proven to work to one degree or another on the things we are facing. Click on the article below:

Alternatives and Antidotes to Infectious Diseases 

I want to address the Ebola separately. It is my understanding that a certain colloidal silver formula which is around 75 years old has been proven to fight every known virus and bacteria it has ever been tested against (well over 600). While the above article discusses making colloidal silver at home (among many other topics), I have a lot of doubts about the effectiveness of such; there is no way to test homemade, and I personally would choose another route. We use silver regularly, and in my research the one listed below is my own personal preference.  Of course we can make no guarantees about any product or pill. I provide it for you to read and make your own decision.

One thing I will add is that if you choose to take colloidal silver you need to get started ASAP. It is my understanding that it needs to build to a reasonable level in the bloodstream in order to have maximum effect, particularly against such a foe as the likes of Ebola. Below is a brief description of the one we use; just go to Dr. Johnson's link below for comprehensive information.

EBOLA: (See: Marburg Virus disease)
        Invive 5000ppm Mild Silver Protein - ++When combating an advancing Presentation of Ebola within the subject individual, it is “MANDATORY” to maintain a “STEADY STATE” of Silver in your bloodstream via 15 cc (or 3 tsp.) of 5,000 every 4 hours= 6 times per day for adults of 120 lbs and up, (but reduced for children via percentage of their bodyweight in relation to 120 lbs.).Go to:

Interesting article HERE.

In the final analysis, Christians are in touch with the Great Physican. I place my life and destiny in His hands, combined with whatever common sense He gives us. In the service of the King, we live eternally regardless of the disposition of the physical container. For those looking to live forever, there is only one answer - faith in Jesus Christ. With faith, there is no need for its opposite: fear. 

Remember, our instructions are to OCCUPY. We need to be about the Father's business at this time, in this age - at such a time as this. That should always be our primary concern. If we are occupied with spiritual warfare, and with God's specific plan for each of us at this time in history, He will take good care of us according to His purpose.  You don't really think our God is unable to take care of a little old virus, do you? Don't let Satan whisper that little lie in your ear...

We are sealed by the Holy Spirit! Therefore, be of good courage! Go forth, and spread the Good News of The Gospel of Jesus Christ! The Creator of the universe is certainly able to oversee His creation, of which we are a part. 

A Child of the Creator