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Saturday, November 23, 2013

ISON - Five Suspenseful Days to Perihelion

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Perihelion is the closest position to the sun which ISON will reach. This does not mean five days of calm, necessarily - in my opinion.

First I want to show you a video which NASA (Never A Straight Answer) surprisingly put out yesterday for some unknown reason (thanks, guys), and it is a shot which apparently no other equipment on earth is able to capture. It is a PERFECT picture of the WINGED DISC which has appeared periodically (the Destroyer) throughout history to accomplish things like the Flood, destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and many other things. It is portrayed on thousands of items over thousands of years, and it always means destruction.  So, by whatever name you care to call it (and it has many) this is the PREDICTED object for this era. This is from DAHBOO77.

Wicked Winged Disk Pic of Comet ISON! (2:02)

Again from yesterday, from BPEarthWatch (engineering background), is another excellent descripton of what is going on with ISON. (He is not a journalism major, so I occasionally correct his spelling). 5 minutes.

ISON WARNING / Disintegration Event

This is a 3-min video of ISON today, 11/23.

Inside Isons Inner Coma. Now 37,282 miles Wide