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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ISON UPDATES... And a Possible Back Story? I Don't Belong Here ...

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DAHBOO77 now believes what I have believed all along. ISON is what the Hopi historical records - and prophecies - refer to as the Blue Kachina (PX). Following its historical pattern  It is expected to dive into the sun on Thanksgiving Day, 'remove its mask' and then appear as the RED Kachina, which is the serious one...the operator. This same scenario has historical precedent (including a rapture) - discussed in the Sumerian records, Egyptian records, the Kolbrin - and others. Think about that. 

Does the Bible cover only a final cycle among several cycles? Or WHAT?  Are all of the historical records from past generations wrong? Satan's story? If so, how have they accurately described something that is happening NOW - whether or not it happened before? Some theologians, going way back, think earth has had several cycles prior to the Bible. Based on what? All of these historical accounts mentioned above? If they are indeed historical accounts. I know that much false planted 'historical evidence' will soon be unveiled to support the demonic agenda and 'refute God's Word.' What about all of these other historical records? Are they just a tall tale, too, to support a tale to cover what the Destroyer will soon be doing (according to the Bible ... OUR Bible ... God's Word). To what end?

And even worse than consideration of that question is that no one seems to care about what has happened, what is happening, and what is about to happen! What is wrong with this generation that so few people recognize what time it is? I've always known it would be like this, and yet I can still hardly believe so few see it. Sometimes I wonder what in the world I'm doing here on this planet, anyway. I seem to be misplaced.....I don't belong here ... well, moving on...

Lots more in this short video ... NASA (!) has now 'discovered' that the orbit of ISON is 582,666 YEARS. I will be keeping one eye on the turkey and the other on "ISON."  (Fortunately, I'm not cooking :-)  11/25 video.

AMAZING picture of what the astronauts saw on the APOLLO Mission to the moon...WHAT (OR WHO) IS IT?  2 minute video

BPEarthWatch 11/25 - SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) Image of ISON...they will be
covering the perihelion in intricate detail He says you'll need your popcorn and mayhe your  tin hat ..:-) mine is ready.  More comparisons with McNaught (which was not a sundiver) and other comets. Interesting, but nothing dramatic. 7 minutes.

ISON Regains the Ion Tail/Charge - building up that electrical charge again...11/26 (4 min)

It's going to be an exciting week ... what will happen while everyone is thinking about turkey, dressing and dessert? Anything? Or nothing? Keep looking up.

I can't wait to get out of this place - and get some answers. 

A Battle-Worn Warrior With SPIRITUAL PTSD !!