James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ascension Confusion Among "Light Workers"

I posted this a couple of weeks ago, but due to the serious nature of it and due to the extremely limited amount of time left, and because I love all of you light workers, I'm going to post it once more. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16.  CMT

If you light workers would look to sources who tell you the TRUTH, instead of to lying channels, ascended masters, etc., you would know by now that their version of "Ascension" for you is simple. This is it:


This is the goal of your friends from other dimensions - to own your mind and soul. What do you think all that 'clearing' is about? Let me reiterate the facts one final time, because it breaks my heart to watch you all scrambling to buy into the greatest deception of the age.

  • The beings to whom you are listening are demonic. There are no ETs. There are angels, demons, machines - and humans.  Or combinations of them. That's it.
  • They are masters of lies and deception - worker bees, flunkies for the fallen angels and the satanic/luciferian hierarchy which has been at work since the Fall. 
  • They talk incessantly about LOVE. This is ludicrous, coming from them.  They have no idea whatever what love is, since it is not in their nature.
  • They rant on that "we are one." I'm afraid not. There is a perfect and good God, and there is one of his creation turned foe, Satan ... the essence of evil by his own pride and choices.  This situation will end only when God destroys all that is evil, and that will not be for at least another thousand years (during which time these creatures will be in the abyss awaiting their final judgment). That's the truth, so whether you believe it or not, it is fact. There is not your truth and my truth; there is only THE truth. Basing your decisions and your eternal destination on anything less than THE truth is the hardest way to learn this lesson. They are evil deceptive liars. That is the objective truth. Your future depends on your understanding of - and acting upon - that truth.
  • They are minions of the 'god of this world' - Satan. Lucifer. God has allowed them to run this planet for a long period of time, during which they have controlled governments, religious bureaucracies, commerce and economics. The world rulers have always worked for them, as they do today. The "Dark Cabal" is portrayed as their enemy, when these elites are in fact a part of the Game - their everlasting Divide and Conquer game - in which they make you believe they are on one side, and the Cabal is on the other. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are all ON THE SAME SIDE. You are being duped. And, tragically, so is the Cabal; there is no way out for them. They, too, are victims who believed the lies. Going all the way back to Nimrod.
  • This is the demons' most important moment - their final stand against God. They - and you - will lose in the end.
  • Almost all of their messages are foolish nonsense, meaningless ramblings designed to ensnare gullible humanity. If you read the Bible, and then read their ravings, it will be crystal clear that they have no substance whatsoever. It's pure gibberish.
  • Lucifer and his cohorts have wanted to BE God from the beginning. Do you not see how ludicrous it is to think that you (or they) could possibly BE God? Frankly, it's insane. They are selling you a bill of goods ... and you are buying it!
  • Do you not realize that humans were created by God IN HIS OWN IMAGE? You are ABOVE these beings! They are jealous of you, and hate you, and are laughing behind your back, just itching to finally get total control over you. When they invite you to lunch aboard their 'ship' don't you realize you will BE lunch .... You will not be God; you will be LUNCH for them. The Bible speaks about this very thing happening long ago.  Why do you think God destroyed humanity with the flood? Because all but Noah and his family had foolishly bought into this fantasy of the demons, who had contaminated the DNA of all other beings. That's what they aim to do this time - with TECHNOLOGY ... once again. Don't you get it yet? Why do you think Satan is called the "god of forces?"
  • They are spiritual losers. There is no hope for them. They are going down, and they want to take you with them. To eternal punishment.
  • You are being overtaken by the great delusion God tells us about in the Bible. God himself is darkening the minds of all who refuse to see the truth and accept the Creator for who He is - for all who worship the creation rather than the creator. You are being turned over to these dark beings as the first step in your own eternal punishment for having 'eyes that will not see' and 'ears that will not hear'. 
  • There are over 200 million 'sleepers' who have already 'ascended' and who are just waiting for their mind-controlled code word, at which time they will be loosed to destroy you and any good that remains on this planet. These demonic beings aim to make YOU one of their mind-controlled sleepers. THAT is their 'ascension,' my friend - to possess your mind and soul, make you their slave, and then destroy you. (Real ascension occurs for those who accept and believe in Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind.) Choose you this day who you will serve. Don't settle for a counterfeit who is nothing but a fallen creature filled with jealousy and hatred for God and his entire creation.
  • They have one or two more cards up their sleeves, such as a new government (back to the Constitution!) run by themselves, with peace and plenty for all, one more lie to lure you to your demise.
     This is the end game. It's almost over. If you hear the tiniest hint of the still, small voice of God - of Jesus Christ, who died to save you from your sinful state and all of its consequences - it may still be possible to respond to Him and accept Him as your Lord and Savior. If you cry out to him to send someone to help you, he will. I am praying for you. The only God, your Creator, is waiting, willing and eager to save you. So eager that he died for you. It is NOT too late, but it will be very, VERY soon.

     Don't get this wrong. This is your very last chance to CHOOSE. The stakes are eternal. I am praying for you.