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Monday, November 11, 2013

Google Barge: The Purpose?

Google secret barge project: a glimpse inside floating studio

Details and sketches of Google's secret barge project have been released in confidential documents sent to US officials. The reports also reveal how the internet giant hopes it will become a tourist attraction.

Artist's impression of the Google barge
Artist's impression of how the Google barge will look when finished 
Google has been intensely secretive about three barges, currently moored in San Francisco and Portland, Maine, linked to the company.

However new documents have emerged that definitively link the internet giant to the barges and give an insight into how the vessels may look.

The documents, released under the US Freedom of Information Act, provide details about the barge in San Francisco, describing it as a 13,726 square-foot 'studios', able to move between different locations.

Email exchanges between port officials also reveal the extraordinary lengths that Google went to to try and hide details of the project.

Google announced earlier this week that it will use the structures as learning spaces for people to find out about new technology.

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