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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ISON Live Links, Updates Apologies

        * Watch online for video viewing if you subscribe by I/E email *

NOTE: Many ISON observatories show UTC time (ZULU) on their screens; UTC is 8 hours ahead of PST (California), so if UTC = 2:00 AM, PST = 6:00 PM (previous day). If you want to follow time zones compared to your own, this is a good place (click): WORLD TIME SERVER. These days it's a good idea to know what time it is - in more ways than one. I keep this type of info open on my computer.

If you want to have continual access to live activity, here's link for the Ison Countdown.
(It's from JPL ... IF we can trust a 'live feed' from them.) There are actually several web pages on that site that have really great live pictures. Fortunately, we have more knowledgeable people keeping track and keeping NASA almost honest during this thing. Frankly, NASA was never set up to be science experts; it was set up strictly for disinformation and mind control. Jack Parsons (for whom JPL was named) was one of the most notorious Luciferian worshippers on the planet, so the entire premise of setting up JPL was for usage by the world elite. Just a little side note there....

So if they would restrict themselves to only showing real live pictures and keep their mouths shut, we might get something worthwhile out of them for a change.

Here's another great link:

I would also like to apologize to about five people from whom I have received interesting and what I consider to be important emails. These go back to August. I have always intended to answer them, but have never been able to take the time I felt they deserved. I ran across them again today and will try my best to reply with a shorter answer than they deserve. Life seems to fly by faster, and I seem to have more and more things to do. Some are top priorities; therefore other things get pushed further down the list. Those who read this blog know that I consider TIME my biggest challenge. With that said, I want to apologize to these people and if you are still reading this blog I want you to know that I will do my best to reply, even if it is much shorter than you deserve. I so appreciate my readers - extremely! This is why my Comments section has always been closed: 1) Demonic entities were my first three commenters, and I have no time for them - ever. 2) I would never have time to comment and do justice to everyone. This is why I chose an email reply for people; it requires them to go the extra mile, for which I am grateful and will try to respond if at all possible in the next few days. GOD BLESS YOU. CMR