James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Dark Side Is Panic Stricken

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For the past dozen or more years things have been going from bad to worse for these demons and their shills, the New World Order "Elite."  They are clearly in a state of mortal fear, as is appropriate, considering the horrific end they have looming in front of them as they inch closer to the abyss with each passing day, month and year.

Those in the world who are aware of these evil beings have their number ... and it's almost UP. Their everlasting Divide and Conquer game, the only game they know, has been revealed to everyone who keeps an eye on these things. As a result, this tactic by which they live has played itself out in the eyes of everyone but the completely clueless.

Even their own followers, the duped New Agers, are catching on to the fact that the fantastic promises of a new age of peace, joy and love cannot possibly emanate from such evil beings. Such liars. Such spiritual losers.

Unfortunately, there is a new generation of the most ignorant beings on the planet, this most naive but arrogant generation of young people who have no wisdom and therefore historically follow whatever Pied Piper pipes the loudest. (Let me make clear that I recognize there certainly are many exceptions - most of whom seem to be Christians, many home schooled.) This current generation has even less protection than usual due to the fact that they have had no education whatsoever, only a generation of brainwashing and mind control. They will make perfect slaves, and the irony is that they will never have known any other condition but slavery, completely oblivious of their humanity and its eternal potential.

Worse yet for these young ones, they will become even less human than they already are. They will/have become the first generation of human/machine hybrids - robots, trans humanists. and in this machine state will not only not be aware of it, but will think themselves to be 'gods,' without even comprehending the meaning of the word. 

With their Facebook accounts, their iphones, ipads, ipods, imarks, iminds, and oh-so-spiritual ireligion, all of which are pumped full of demonic personalities, thoughts, desires and evil, their worlds will be completely centered around their contrived and egocentric non-selves. Their every thought and move will be designed to deceive them and to please their masters. It is already so. The Lucifer Youth. Joel's Army.

These are those who are descending - in the guise of ascending. But before they descend they are buying the story that they are living in the "now." Zen. Everything will be wonderful. Just 'go within.' Have patience. They believe these lies no matter how many years they spend in the fruitless search for something they never find - and never will.

The cadre of Dark Side losers has only one goal remaining, and that is to rid the earth of the real Christians. To do that efficiently will require some heavenly help from their mortal enemies, the Creator and his hosts of real angels. The Christians are the only partakers in the real Ascension.

The ultimate irony is that those who buy his delusions are less deceived than Lucifer himself. He has bought his own lies. The most beautiful angel ever created is ending up as the most wretched and pathetic of any creature. He just couldn't tear himself away from that mirror, from worshipping his own image rather than the One who created him. What a waste.

Beware! Let us who were made in the very image of God himself not make the same mistake.

 A Royal Heir