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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Planet-X / ISON Has 3 Parts? EXPLOSIVE

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This is astounding. Watch them before they disappear from the internet. First video is 2:43, a brief summary of ISON. Below that is a 3-part video series of more detail, each one more amazing than the one before. They run around 8-9 minutes each, but are a must for followers of Planet-X, ISON, whatever..... See comments at end of the videos. CMR

NASA: Lying Again...
"Comet" ISON Has Three Components?
 Brief Summary (2:43)
(Almost as good as the video are the comments from the Disinformation Agents)


Of course, it's NOT a comet, which I've been saying all along.
More Detail Below - 3 videos, each one more AMAZING 
This is incredible

ISON COVER UP/May not be a Comet. Part 1. 




ISON is now approaching Mars, and NASA's cover-up is becoming obvious for anyone with eyes to see. Researchers have located the real ISON, which appears to be a very strange object - with wings? 

Recently, Pattie Braussard (NASA whistle blower, supposedly) said that Planet X is approaching Mars. Are they now trying to distract us from ISON by confusing the supposedly two objects? Or are they one and the same?

The Sumerian's ENUMA ELISH calls it NIBIRU (same as Planet X). I refer to these Sumerian writings for their historical value, not their pagan religious content. We all recognize that the Sumerian writings were satanic Nephilim versions of Enoch's real information which he was given in heaven itself, regarding how the cosmos worked.

The ENUMA ELISH contained the Sumerian pagan spin on God's real creation. The ENUMA 7th tablet indicates that NIBIRU was built - possibly as a weapon - rather than being one of the planetary heavenly objects. The Sumerian account seems to indicate NIBIRU was for navigating the heavens - galactic travel, and is depicted in the form of a winged disk, which is shown in all of the pagan records right down to the present-day Masonic symbols. This winged disk is everywhere in our modern world, although I haven't previously written about it. The winged disk represents NIBIRU.

The 7th Tablet says: "Let his name be Nibiru, for the stars of heaven he upheld the paths, He shepherded all the gods like sheep!" 

This does seem to support my own personal belief that Planet-X/Nibiru/Ison will be used to bring about the events necessary for God's wrath to occur during the seven years of tribulation. 

At the very least, it's fascinating.