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Friday, August 16, 2013

Occult Entrapment By Churches ... It Sounds So Innocent

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Pope Francis: Does Jesus Attract Our Hearts ╩╗Like a Magnet’? 

Article Excerpt (and my comments below the excerpt):

Departing from his written text, Pope Francis asked the audience, “Think and respond in the silence of your heart: Do you have a heart that desires or a heart that is closed, asleep? Do you have a heart that is anesthetized towards the things of life?”
The love of God gives value and beauty to everything else in life, the Pope said. It even gives sense to negative experiences, because it allows us to go beyond, to not remain prisoners of evil, but helps us move forward, opening us always to hope, to the final horizon of our pilgrimage.”
It is at this horizon that we meet Jesus,” he said.

I could not resist commenting on the above excerpt of the words of the Pope because it is an exquisitely subtle example of what goes on in the entrapment of souls into an occult encounter with 'another Jesus.'

The above excerpt is a seemingly innocent statement by Francis, but says volumes to one familiar with the occult... or to one who has innocently had contact with "another Jesus" through a perhaps frightening occult experience which the Pope is, in my opinion, trying to tamp make it 'okay.' 

When he says 'in the silence of your heart,' that is a reference to emptying the mind, which is required in order for the spirits to enter in.

The reference to "gives sense to negative experiences" is made because anyone who is going into meditation or comtemplative prayer - i.e., a meditative alpha state, WILL meet demons and have negative experiences at some point. That's a given.

However, "it is at this horizon that we meet Jesus," is his confirmation that they can take comfort in the fact that they did indeed meet Jesus in the alpha state - but what he doesn't reveal is that the Jesus encountered is not the real Jesus Christ. It is "another Jesus," of which the Bible speaks. 

It doesn't seem fair, does it? How could God allow people with free will to be deceived in this manner? Because they are not really deceived. ALL EXPERTS in the occult (including the demons themselves) agree that there is some point, no matter how subtle, at which the individual must give consent - whether it is verbal or mental. Indeed, the person has no excuse.

This is what went on at World Youth Day and it's going on in charismatic experiences throughout the Roman Catholic and the Protestant Charismatic Churches. Those organizations are 'evangelizing' everyone possible, but especially the young - even children. Out of these groups will come Joel's Army, i.e., the Antichrist's militants.

The entire article from which the above excerpt comes may be read HERE 


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