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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WARNING: My Previous Post on PX - False Flag?

                         (Read the post online for better viewing & lots of resources)

The previous videos I posted just a few minutes ago may be misleading as far as DATES go.

I notice that they indicate these events will happen in August, this month. However, that may be just enough false or misleading information to qualify as a FALSE FLAG event of some sort in that date range, with the events of the false flag being blamed on Planet-X (perhaps even under another name).  

With unprecedented deceit and lying coming from every quarter everything must be taken with a dose of salts. It is becoming almost impossible to post anything due to this. Even multiple sources which have always been credible are being misled. 90% of an article may be correct, but the wrong 10% can make all the difference. That may be the case with the information I posted.

Just a reminder ... sorry for any inconvenience.