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Friday, August 9, 2013

Syria Nuked, Gassed

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Armageddon watch over Syria

Thu Aug 8, 2013 3:24AM GMT

By Gordon Duff

Israel, unable to field credible conventional forces, is attempting to destroy the fighting ability of the Syrian Army through attrition, not simply “shock and awe,” but nuclear, chemical and even biological weapons.”
Experts on arms control policy, confirmed by multiple independent sources, indicate that Syria has been hit, in recent days, by at least four tactical nuclear weapons. 

In addition, a Syrian Army brigade suffered massive casualties from a Sarin gas attack.  Not only are these attacks pushing the world to the brink of war but they coincide with a threat against America “from within,” Pentagon, DHS, AIPAC, drug cartels and key leaders of extremist GOP and Tea Party factions.

There is no “Al Qaeda threat,” the whole thing is a deception and cover, which has allowed President Obama to put in place needed defenses against a coup that was only days away.

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