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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Illuminati Insider on Satanic Charismatic Movements

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     The man in this short video is John Todd, a major Illuminati insider and high priest of witchcraft, who became a Christian, started revealing secrets, and was subsequently murdered by them. Before taking his life, they tried every possible way to discredit him by framing him for false crimes, spreading lies about him and many other things. This is how dangerous he was to their new world order because of the things he revealed. I can't think of another individual against whom such a prolonged and vicious campaign of lies was targeted, and he survived numerous murder attempts. They desparately wanted to shut him up. Eventually they did.

     Over the past decade many other people have come forward and confirmed everything he said. Of course, the things he reveals about the charismatic movement, rock music and other satanic influences in the church were recognized by many Christians when all of this began to infiltrate the Church; that was back in the days when Christians had discernment of such things through the Holy Spirit. Now almost everyone accepts it. ALMOST everyone .....

   Satan's plan was always to infiltrate the church. That is the way he always operates: Divide and conquer. Holy Scripture says, "Come out of her, my people." Some will heed this warning. Most will not.