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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WHY It Is Virtually Impossible For Catholics To Go To Heaven

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Due to an important project the Lord had us involved in over the past few days I have not had time to read or write, so I am providing links to three very important documents you will enjoy. They are on which costs $9 per month, but I believe they allow you to download several free documents to check out their site, which is a Godsend to researchers - full of free book downloads. (If for any reason you can't download them, email me at: and I'll email them to you.)

Every single Catholic should read these documents. It is the responsibility of all Christians to get this information to them - to warn them. The Bible could not be clearer on these issues.

Why Christians Should Never Pray to the Virgin Mary

Written In Hell: An Explosive Document Which The RomanCatholic Bishops Do Not Want You To See 

The New Age Movement is Designed to Destroy Christianity