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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Comet ISON is Part of PLANET-X System

       (Read the post online for better viewing & lots of resources)

They really do not want you to know about this. I believe this is why we are seeing all these distractions such as the inexcusable brutality of police, the insanity of Obamacare, the false flags, and everything else. It is to take your attention away from this Planet-X system. I believe this is why the young reporter was killed in a car blaze; I have heard that he was working on the PX story. Maybe this is why my phone is again being tapped.

 Fire in the Sky - Part 3 from The00Skyview
You can see Part 1 and 2 HERE
  The KBO has now reached the ecliptic & will be easier to see
 (KBO = Kuyber Belt Object, PX system; NEO = near-earth objects)

Is Nibiru (Planet X) The Binary Star? 
(Yes ... I believe we are moving to a binary star system, and
that is completely in line with what the Bible tell us.  I also do not
believe now is the time for the "Kill Shot" although we may see some
major damage ... I believe the kill shot will be when Christ returns to Jerusalem)

The Two Suns Are Now Quite Visible
and are all over the internet. Here's one:

I will be posting more PX this week.