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Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'll Tell You What "Spiritual Formation" is ... IMPORTANT INFO

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     Spiritual formation is the means and method by which "another Jesus" is being introduced to individuals who claim to be Christians. It is a great delusion, a deception which is drawing people away from Jesus Christ while they believe they are drawing nearer to him. It's foundation is charisms.

     It is happening right now at World Youth Day, which is being sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church and is a part of their 'new evangelization'. It has been happening for years in all the Protestant churches, through the charismatic Pentecostals and others like the Illuminati Elite, Rick Warren, and his merry band of false prophets (chosen for this purpose from the foundation of the world - how's that for prior planning?).

     "Spiritual directors" lead individuals to a real spiritual experience whereby the person 'goes into the stillness (silence)' and through this meditation encounters a real spirit who calls itself Jesus. It is in fact a demonic entity. This is accomplished via "another gospel" that sounds like the real thing - same words, same everything ... except that it's "another."

     The primary targets are the spiritually naive: young people, baby Christians, immature Christians, Christians in name only who are not obedient to Jesus Christ. Non-Christians are also heavily targeted by promises of peace, hope, social justice and the false Jesus who demands nothing from them. 

     The 'hook' is a spiritual high through meditation (contemplative prayer), labyrinths, yoga, music and many other feel-good methods. All of this does indeed make one feel good. Throw in a mellow jesus and the fix is in. These are the occult methods which have been used since the beginning of time.

     Another sinister and evil element is beginning to creep into all this - sex. I've thought about writing an article about it but it's so disgusting that I have decided against it because the sexual object is ... jesus .. the false one. You wouldn't believe some of the 'testimonies' I've heard. It's sickening blasphemy in the guise of love for Jesus. This love is personal and it is not agape. The "Christian" rock music advances this theme. Many of the elements of this spiritual formation have a sensual aspect to them. Enough said.

     "The Virgin Mary" has a role to play in this. I have heard numerous Catholic priests and 'experts' suggest that the visitation of the Holy Spirit upon Mary had sexual overtones, including terminology. It is subtle, so most won't see it, but it implants itself into the mind, and as this program proceeds it will edge its way up the scale to 'overt' before this is all finished. This Mary is being suggested into a position of being both the "spouse of God" (I have actually heard that term on EWTN) and the mother of God. This is an exact reproduction of the old pagan goddess worship, which went under the names of Isis, Astarte, Diana, Queen of Heaven, Tammuz and many more. This is what they are creating right now. This is the New World Religion.

     I have never in my entire life seen anything as subtle as all this. Unless a person has knowledge of the occult, knowledge of the Bible and time to think upon these things, one would never catch on to this in a million years. If it were possible even the very elect would be deceived...ring a bell? If I had read one less book, if I hadn't been drilled in the Bible from a tot, if memorizing scripture hadn't been an integral part of my upbringing, and a thousand other things, I'm not at all confident I would have been able to recognize all this.

    These charisms, as the RCC calls them, are nothing more than occult demonic visitations similar to the ones experienced by all of their 'saints,' you know - the ones who had dreams and visions - such as Padre Pio, etc. All of those visitations were nothing but demonic visitations ... and that's what they are today. Nothing has changed. It's the same old pagan entities visiting people in dreams and visions. 

     While the Protestant followers of the charisms express it a little differently, the same demons are visiting these people, who speak in unknown tongues (this is a classic demonic practice), go into mad gales of laughter, fall down on the floor and sometimes get 'stuck' there for an hour or more, get 'healed' and all manner of other unseemly behavior, all in the guise of having the extra blessing. I'll pass; I can recognize a false blessing, too.

     The New Age occult groups all do their own form of these charisms. All of these people are slowing coming together, along with the pagan religions which have been openly worshipping Lucifer for thousands of years. I've said this before - in watching all this a person can't help but admire the beauty and symmetry of the deception. It's the most brilliant thing I've ever witnessed. And the most depressing.

     Once you get far enough into this spiritual seduction it is impossible to get out. Your soul has been subtly stolen from you. And that is the whole point, isn't it?

     One final thing. When this New World Religion really gets going - and it's a heartbeat from finality - guess who they will come to destroy - the true Church. They are deluded into believing they are God's Army. They will seek to kill us, and just as the Bible says, they will believe they are doing God's will. That day is upon us.

    This is a battle to the death, the final action of this age. Your spiritual armor is the most important thing in the world. It is the only thing that will save your eternal soul. Ephesians 6. Read it.

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