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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Planet-X (Need I Say More?)

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I just ran across these the other day, and while I might differ somewhat on the fine points of some theological statements, I generally agree with this. Generally :-) He or she seems to think this is the very end - new heaven, new earth, 3 days of darkness; I don't think so.  But...these have such redeeming value in their treatment of the biblical application of PX, though, that I want you to have access to them.

There is an interesting suggestion 'out there' that Earth may go two separate ways - that is, into two separate dimensions - with one being the raptured earth, and the other being the earth to be judged. Who could possibly say? It's quite a fascinating thought, though. Another major point is that most people who are expecting PX who discuss a spiritual aspect in any fashion believe this is the arrival of Satan, and PX is his 'ship.' I've never thought so, although it wouldn't matter because God has the last word; His will WILL be accomplished. Still, it's amazing that so few people actually believe Bible prophecy.  Gonna be a lot of surprised faces .... as I always say: Revelation is easy to understand; it's just hard to believe!
Nibiru DECODED: The Return of God's Planet- Part 1

Nibiru DECODED: The Return of God's Planet-Part 2

Now this guy explains what PX will do when it comes through. Unfortunately, he believes in the ET messages (which are in fact from demons), but I agree with much of the scenario, except I don't think it will be this drastic at this time. But ... I could be wrong. I believe this is linked to the Rapture. Of course, I could be wrong about that, too. The one thing I believe with certainty is that PX is coming by - and soon. This video presents more of the actual effects it might have on earth and the population and the physical scientific aspects of it. (No one knows the exact date or month.)

Planet Nibiru to pass Earth by August 2013