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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Something Celestial is Coming Our Way ....

... from the solar system.

If you are a long-time reader you will remember back in 2010 when an employee of a Boeing contractor, frightened out of his wits, posted online some information he felt he could get away with, without revealing himself or space secrets. However, before you can reveal a secret you have to know the secret. He didn't. And neither did anyone else at NASA or Boeing. They just knew something - 'a cloud of fluff ... and it's spiritual' was enveloping our solar system. He was so frightened that he quit his job that very week and moved to parts unknown to the readers. Some of us have been following his clues ever since. 

Here is the latest. No one has heard from him since then, and no one else has talked directly about it, but researchers have followed this phenomena. Of course, I believed it involves the Rapture and/or the Second Coming of Christ. I still believe that. So, here is an update, as much as I have gleaned. You may want to read these next two paragraphs several times in order to comprehend the magnitude of what is happening. 

This interstellar 'cloud'  is slowing the sun's conveyor and causing increased CME activity.  This activity is initiating sustained exchanges of ions flowing to/from  Earth in what is called a Flux Transfer Event (FTE). Rather than producing a normal plasma discharge (from sun to earth) they believe this is a two-way exchange between sun and earth, a sustained and continuous stream of magnetized (conductive) plasma, and this is very different than a one-way CME discharge.

Instead of a discharge, what is occurring is a sustained two-way exchange of magnetized plasma – between this ‘cloud’ and earth. And it’s spirituala magnetic pathway/portal through which spiritual ions/electrons are being exchanged between the cloud and earth. 

Think about that astounding concept. Humans, too, are magnetic and electric and made up of ions. With just the right Person at the wheel, WE may be exchanged along that pathway. This is what I had reference to some time ago when I said I wanted to deal with the subject of the science behind the Rapture. I never wrote the article because I couldn't get the concept from my head to pen ... but this may be the closest I can get to putting those thoughts on paper. Imagine how NASA feels. They had no clue what this was back in 2010, and they have no clue now. How could they? This is way outside the box. That's why they are saying nothing, not so much to hide anything as being at a loss for words. According to the anonymous poster in  2010, no one in the space industry thought this was possible. 

And yet, a celestial entity is incoming through a 2-way portal, is affecting our entire solar system and no one knows what it will do next. And ... it's spiritual. 

I'm not going to even try to 'go there.' But we all comprehend that this is tied in to the Planet-X system, the lunar and solar eclipses, the strange weather and geophysical events right across the planet. This is all about the Second Coming of Christ and the descriptions of the signs in the sky of which the Book of Revelation speaks. We are watching God's end time Plan at work here. Here is an excerpt from a long article for which I will include the link at the end of my blog:

"Another recent discovery concerning the earth’s magnetosphere is almost impossible to believe.  It is like something out of science fiction, as many of these new findings seem to be.  There is a cord that connects the earth to the sun!  A gigantic cord made from magnetics connects the sun directly to the interior of the magnetosphere.  They are magnetic ‘portals’ that are called “magnetic flux tubes”.  Impossible to believe?"  [These portals open every 8 minutes. CMR]


In closing, some of the articles I have read actually make a direct connection between the intensity of weather and geological earth changes, and the spiritual development of those earth regions.  Need I even mention, though, that they inevitably come to the exact opposite conclusions reached in Holy Scripture? And without exception they deny any judgment inherent in any present or future geo-activity, despite the admitted connections. Why are scientists even addressing a religious concept such as judgment? Even so, as the Bible says, they will remain incorrigible right up to the time they are destroyed by fire, all the while denying the Truth. They refuse to repent. So be it.

One interesting and more detailed paper on the subject can be found at: (...but beware of the New Age views)

Just today I found only one result on the search engine for 'flux transfer event,' and it led to this link, a half-hearted article which tried to write it off to 'science fiction' for a few moments. This is their take on this subject on which they have no clue (nice little video, though):