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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Planet-X and Fatima 3rd Secret

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Malachi Martin, a Vatican insider for years, an intimate of several popes and author of several books (I have all of them) knows what the 3rd Secret of Fatima is, and he has read it. Apparently it has everything to do with Planet-X. He is believed to have been murdered by those who did not like what he was revealing in his writings.

What is critical to remember here is that while Martin firmly believes in the Catholic Church and these prophecies, I just as firmly believe that the Fatima appearances of "Mary" were high tech demonic deceptions, and the prophecies were from the demonic realm, too. I believe there will be many more of these "Mary" appearances soon. Many in the Catholic heirarchy believe this, too. 

With that in mind, the prophecies, while they may contain some truths (as all deceptions do), they also contain critical lies. How do we determine what parts are lies? I believe that one of Satan's major deceptions is that we are now at the end of the Tribulation Period, and the reason for this lie is to convince people that his arrival is the 2nd Coming.This is sheer conjecture on my part, but everything I have read in the realm of these 'prophecies' supports that scenario. I can think of no other reason he would be so dead set on people believing we are at the end. I'm beginning to believe that he has the NWO elite of the world convinced of this, too - perhaps even the Catholic bureacracy.  Otherwise, why are they so absolutely petrified of what is coming?

Here is the Martin video, which is somewhat difficult to hear.