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Saturday, July 27, 2013

God Has No Mother

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Mary is not the "mother" of God.

Think about how preposterous such a claim is. Once again, it is idolatry.

To make such a statement is to detract from the very being and essence of God himself - to make the eternal God, the only source of creation, less than who he is.  

God had no need of a mother. God is spirit, creator, source of all that is. God had no beginning, no necessity of someone to generate life for him. He is life. He is complete and whole in His own being and person.  He is the creator and generator of all life. 

To say such a thing is blasphemy and would have been recognized as such even in the Roman Catholic Church until a few brash followers of Satan began to boldly use this terminology. 

If God had a mother, the God of the Bible is not true. 

There is not a single shred of evidence anywhere in the entire Bible whereby Mary was treated as anything but a normal human woman, with a husband by whom holy scripture tells us she bore a number of other children, both boys and girls. 

God chose her to be the human vessel with the necessary lineage and qualities for the "Son of Man," who was also divine, God's "only begotten Son." Mary was involved only in the human aspect needed to achieve God's particular plan for the Jewish Messiah. (God could have created another Eve for the purpose, but he needed a Jewish virgin from the line of David, etc.) 

Christ's divinity came directly through miraculous spiritual intervention of the triune God in his perfect plan to represent himself to humanity through the manifestation of the god/man Jesus Christ, and thereby fulfill prophecy. 

Jesus' father was God himself, 100% deity. His mother was 100% human in every aspect. Her conception and birth were like every other human; she was not conceived 'immaculately' nor was she sinless. She died a natural human death. This was the point, and Jesus' birth alone was accomplished supernaturally according to God's perfect plan.

Jesus and the apostles treated Mary exactly as they did every other female follower of Jesus. She was afforded no special place or position, no special honors; certainly no worship or prayers were given to her. 

Jesus' deity came from the Godhead alone. No other source could have provided divinity. 

The whole point of this idolatry of Mary is to turn her into a rerun of the pagan goddess worship, and the uneducated masses are falling for it like a ton of bricks. Unfortunately, the eternal consequence of idolatry is eternal hell. 

"Come out of her, my people." 


For the best paper I've ever read on the above subject I highly recommend the excellent article HERE.  If for some reason you cannot access this paper please email a request to me at: and I will be happy to email the PDF to you. The title is "Why Christians Should Never Pray To The Virgin Mary." Your eternal life depends on this information.