President Obama was forced to land on the Galapagos Islands on his way from Hawaii to Sao Paolo. Both Peru and Chile refused to let Air Force One fly over its airspace.
Taking a forced break on the Galapogos, sources confirms Obama spent time surfing.
Taking a forced break on the Galapagos Island, sources confirms Obama spent time surfing.
The Government of Ecuador called for a "No fly zone" over South America last evening. The reason was fear that the aircraft used by President Obamas would let to excessive Co2 being released over the continent. The Government of Ecuador also protested against Obama's frequent use of Air Force One for private purposes.
Obama was scheduled to appear on Brazilian national TV early on Monday, after opening the 100th Mac Donald restaurant in Brazil inside a shopping mall in the city of Sao Paulo.  The Government of Ecuador accused Obama of traveling to Brazil purely for shopping purposes, together with his wife Michelle.
" Obama should have taken the shortest way back from Hawaii to Washington D.D. In stead, he was planning to pollute the air over Ecuador, creating health hazard to our people",  President Emanuel Dos Santos explains.
Not fully knowing if there would be any excessive pollution caused by Air Force One, both Peru and Chile responded to Quitos call by closing their air space. Having less fuel, Air Force One was forced into an hazardous landing, touching down on an deserted airfield on an island full of wild turtles.
The White House has issued a warning to the Government in Quito:
" We strongly regret that there was a need to force Air Force One to land on the Galapagos Island, even though the President do not mind spending a brief holiday there. No doubt that large sectors of The Galapagos reminded Obama about the landscape of Hawaii, but the first lady got furious over the lost chance of spending the weekend in Brazil. We suspect that Edward Snowden has tapped the wrong files, and misinformed Latin America about the true motives behind Obamas visit to Sao Paulo ".  
The US President has called for an emergency meeting in NATO next week. Obama threatens to close down NATO, if the defense alliance do not move its forces from Asia, and rather use them to punish both Peru and Chile for their hostility towards the USA.
Written by Ivar