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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturn Having IMPOSSIBLE Cloud Pattern This Moment

                    (Read the post online for better viewing & lots of resources)

You won't get what you need out of this unless you go to the site with pictures HERE. It is an article by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Those who read my blog know there are many strange things going on in the Cosmos right now. He points out one more. Don't miss the video (I have posted it below) included in the article. You can see with your own eyes how frequencies affect matter - as in people.

This is a time of great goings-on and signs in the heavens. The royal baby was born under some of them, as the Brits make sure all of their significant events do.

I have been researching frequencies and sound for a long time but have not understood it well enough to write much about it. Sound will play a significant role in the events of these last days. Just as we know the Rapture will be accompanied by 'the sound of a trumpet,' so the dark side keeps telling their people to expect a 'great sound.' I believe these two sounds will be the same event, but with different outcomes for the two groups (Christians and "other'). These sounds are a reflection of frequencies, and frequencies determine dimensional residence (as in 'where you live'), as I understand it. The higher your frequency, the higher dimension you exist in. 

The video below (4 minutes) is a remarkable exhibit of this actually happening. For some reason I am having problems with my blog videos appearing in subscriber emails, but you can always watch them here on the blog. Even if you are an email subscriber, just click through to the blog. I had this problem once before and managed to fix it inadvertently - unfortunately I don't know how I fixed it. I'm definitely not a techie, which is endlessly annoying.