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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Demonic New Age Children

Those who have eyes to see are witnessing an evil phenomenon arise in the New Age religion community: demonic children. The New Agers, who have nothing original to offer, but rather are reduced to imitating Christianity, are now touting "spiritually advanced children," who they insist are more advanced than most adults. (They could actually be correct on this point, since most adults are so spiritually deadened that they can discern nothing.)

These unfortunate children with no hope for a future are said to be psychic and living in a state of 'advanced consciousness.' The demon spirits, which only these children can see, are said to be their helpers. The help they give results in a fast track to hell. These young 'knowers' know nothing except demonic activity or even outright demon possession.

These young trailblazers into the new world of the Antichrist are reminiscent of the hippies in some ways. They talk to trees and other flora and fauna; they look at you with the deadest of dead eyes; their spirits guides have them convinced that they are superior to adults (thus the insolence and lack of respect); they hate school and church and are, of course, rabid 'greenies' and vegetarians.

These children are also influenced by our Western public school system and its (lack of) values. Their bewildered parents are often convinced by New Agers in the schools and elsewhere that these are 'special' children who have been endowed with a special wisdom. They are encouraged to look up to these insolent and arrogant children who are disobedient, rude and rebellious, and to indulge their strange behaviour, which often includes eating disabilities and many physical problems (derived from their sodden spirits).

How did they become demonic, you may ask. There are several avenues: 1) DNA manipulation prior to birth through abduction experimentations 2) spirit possession of the child immediately preceding/at/after birth (a favored time) 3) generational spirits passed down 4) demonic entities approach and enter the very young child. These are the most common methods. Often, these children's DNA has an extra strand, suggesting that many are the result of DNA manipulation.

In truth, these children are here to assist Hell in the demise of what remains of America's Christian values. The children are without morality. They are a glimpse of the immediate future of hopelessness which this world is about to experience. As a group, they are the first victims - and tools - of Satan in the modern era.

They are literally the children of Lucifer.

Royal Heir