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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DECEPTIONS: #6 - U.S. Elections System


The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has been the training ground for America's leaders since the early 1920's, for the purpose of enabling successive generations of leaders to keep the U.S. on track with the goals of the New World Order. You will be shocked to learn of the pervasive hold the CFR has on the leadership of this country.

As the United States entered the 20th Century, global leaders of the New World Order knew the time had come for the United States to begin to fulfill the role which the occult Guiding Spirits of British and European leaders in the 1700's had revealed to them. America was quickly rising to a position of dominance within the global community. With strong leadership, America could be so dominant that she could dictate to the rest of the world and lead the occult vision of the New World Order to usher in the occult 'christ' (Antichrist).

Occult leaders at the beginning of the 20th Century greatly believed in the demonic vision of Albert Pike, the great leader of the Freemasons. It had been revealed to Pike in the vision that three global wars would be necessary, even though there had never yet been a war embracing the entire world. The vision had revealed it to be a daunting task to usher the world into the Luciferian Kingdom, requiring financial shock waves, a unified religion, and the transformation of the culture, all of which would be unpopular.

Particularly troubling was the U.S. form of government. With a constant change in the presidency and the Congress, how could they keep a plan intact? It would be difficult to keep continuity toward the goal. How could they control this? Through their stock in trade: deception - that feature which the Bible tells us would be the hallmark of the last days.

Those who were planning the NWO needed a way to overcome the election system in the U.S. They developed a training organization for up and coming young leaders in government, a prestigious organization which every bright young person going into government would naturally want on his or her resume. That organization was the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), where they were wooed and learned that the road to the world's future ... and theirs ... was through one world governance. If they wanted to be a player, this was the place to be.

Among the many clever maneuvers needed to 'convince' the people, was deception, one deception of which was that aspiring young leaders needed to learn the importance of the system of assuming a political label. Whereas they would all have the same goal, some would claim to be liberal, some conservative, some Democrat, some Republican - and even those terms were further defined. They were free to choose the label that best naturally fit their personal views, but understood that they had a unified goal, and would be expected to do what was necessary to achieve that goal, if they wanted to 'get ahead' in their chosen field and become a member of the Club. While they would agree to strongly fight each other on many issues, they would cooperate whenever the issue was critical to the success of the New World Order Plan.

As a matter of fact there were several clubs with several names, so that it wouldn't be patently obvious to the populace.

Surely, conservatives were greatly puzzled when their leadership in Congress in the form of the Republican Party voted for NAFTA, which combined the U.S., Canada and Mexico, economically. How could any conservative vote for such a thing, they wondered, when everything it called for was absolutely the opposite of conservative values, right up to the surrender of our national sovereignty. Many were shocked by this. The New World Order leaders wanted it.

And yet, when this huge clue revealed that there were certain issues on which both parties always abandoned their traditional positions, the populace remained clueless, defending their particular party at all costs rather than discern that something was going on here.

It was at this time that Rush Limbaugh was rolled out to national prominence to defend NAFTA. He was brought to New York from little KFBK radio in Sacramento and became an instant rock star on talk radio. This does not happen by accident. He had help. He took on all conservatives on this issue and harped away FOR NAFTA until he began to make a dent in the national Republican position. (Big clue here, folks, about Rush.) High profile conservatives left their traditional views to support it... Newt Gingrich ... John McCain, and others. And all carefully made fun of the CFR at the same time, speaking out of both sides of their mouths, saying what they knew conservatives wanted to hear.

Having studied some of these issues at the time, I was immediately suspicious. I still remember. And I can tell you several of today's highest profile media jocks who claim to be rabidly conservative, except on certain key issues, and they make fun of people who bring up these key issues. They refuse to discuss them. That, my friends, is the dead giveaway. But you don't dare question anything about these people or the party faithful will rise up in anger, at the expense of the truth. Itching ears. In fact, the party loyalty has now surpassed all common sense. We are just now beginning to see 'died-in-the-wool' party members bail out and register as Independents.

It was the same with the Viet Nam war. Liberals abandoned their traditional positions to support the war. And yet, Democrats supported the party even more vociferously, and the war went on for a decade. The New World Order leaders wanted it.

These "graduates" from the CFR training school were familiar enough with the overall NWO plan that they would be able to determine what actions they needed to take in their respective professions to enable the goal to move forward. Further, these people formed a very tight "club" that constantly communicated with each other on various issues. Over time, by around the 1940-50s, the CFR were able to assure that both candidates - Democrat or Republican - were CFR trainees.

The border control issue is such blatant evidence of this phenomenon that it amazes me that people will adhere firmly to their party and continue to vote for these legislators who are continually betraying the people. Blind as bats. Eyes that will not see. They love their media stars and political party stars ... at the cost of the truth, and at the cost of their freedom. Had people only opened their eyes at the first sign of such betrayals our nation could have been saved.

The treachery and deceit is so clever - and fits what we desire to believe so perfectly - that we are easily sucked in. When you agree with 90%, but there's that troubling 10% you just can't figure out, that's the big clue. Fox News - loved by all conservatives - fits this profile. Remember it next time you watch a story about Lady Gaga, etal, rather than that little 10% of truth that you aren't hearing. Rupert Murdock (NWO) makes it well worth their while. (I watch Fox News, too. I'm just saying, "Don't be gullible.")

As the years rolled on, the CFR succeeded in having only their people being elected. You must have noticed that we have been moving in a certain direction regardless of who was president or who controlled Congress; we have been steadily progressing in the direction of the one world government. You may have noticed that our politicians have lied, failed to keep their promises, spoken with forked tongue, and become masters of spin. We now have the most corrupt government in the history of mankind, and all of the participants are firmly in the clutches of the men who control the world - and their leader, Lucifer, whom they worship (literally.) They are all owned, lock, stock and barrel; and many are beginning to pay the price. This includes the 'stars' of the main stream media, of course.

The Cutting Edge website has an amazing chart showing these people and organizations in graphic detail: See I have seen many such charts. Here is an excerpt:

Examples of the pervasive influence of the CFR on our nation:
Of the 18 Secretaries of the Treasury from 1921-1985 have been CFR members
Another 12 of the 16 Secretaries of State have been CFR in the same time period
Department of Defense, from 1947-1985, has had 9 of 15 being CFR members
The CIA has had 7 Directors who were CFR; with Anthony Lake as the current CIA Director, you can add another
Six of the seven Superintendents of West Point were CFR
Every single Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and every U.S. Ambassador to NATO have been members of the CFR
The following key leadership posts in any Presidential Administration have usually been filled by CFR men, both in Democrat and Republican Administrations.
National Security Advisor
Secretary of State
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of the Treasury

Jesus' words, "... for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light." Luke 16:8.

Do you begin to see the deceptions?

Royal Heir