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Sunday, July 25, 2010

DECEPTIONS: #5 Fascist Financial Coup

While the people argue whether or not we are headed into socialism, a fascist financial coup has now been achieved in the United States of America through legislation. Fascism is the economy of Hitler's Nazi Germany and it is the economy of the New World Order. The US fascism's jump start was with the bailout legislation after the 2008 NYSE financial meltdown.


One of the final nails in the coffin was the signing of the Financial "Reform" bill on July 23rd, 2010, which Obama signed with 11 pens, the number 11 signifying an important occult milestone achieved. The event occurred in the Ronald Reagan building, an audacious and impertinent reminder to those who cherish freedom that they are no longer in charge.

Behind all the back-slapping and blah blahs of how this, yet another bill, would wondrously solve our problems, there was panic behind the scenes, touched on by Ben Bernanke as he referred to our financial situation as "unusually uncertain." I think it would have been more apt to say that our financial situation is "unusually certain" (as in disastrous).

The Federal Reserve - which is now in charge of every aspect of our entire financial system - is privately owned (not a part of the U.S. Government), is largely foreign owned, operates in total secrecy, and with zero accountability. Does it not make perfect sense for our elected leaders in Congress to hand over every inch of our financial system to the very organization which destroyed our economy, and with the intent to do so? These evil members of Congress are not morons; they know precisely what they have done, because they are puppets of the Illuminati and they are either 'on the take,' are being blackmailed because of other evil deeds - or both.

The proposed Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) will write all the new rules and regulations under the direction of the FED. These rules will control every action of all the other financial institutions in the U.S. We will also have the proposed Office of Financial Research, a Gestapo which will gather every scrap of information about the victim institutions, many of which will be shut down and destroyed. (Think car dealerships.)

The crony mega-banks the Fed keeps giving more money to, do not lend out that money to our economy. No. They hold the money so that the Fed can make interest on it. Other goals of the Illuminati are also met with this method of operation. While enriching themselves through the Fed, they also steal the retirement plans and savings of the people, keep the economy from complete failure, while funding the process of liquidating smaller financial institutions under the new rules which puts the FDIC in charge of the liquidations. Since they think the citizens are too stupid to know that the US Treasury cannot make loans to the FDIC without the Fed's explicit involvement, the clever wording will allow the Fed to front the money to the FDIC via the US Treasury so the FDIC can pay the amounts demanded by the various claimants. Illuminist banks and non-Illuminist banks will have different methods of arriving at asset values so that either way they make money by these "mark-to-fantasy" evaluations.

So, this is the crux of the financial "reform" bill. They get the gold mine. We get the shaft.

In addition, the lax accounting rules allowed by the regulators to hide the destruction were in no way changed. Therefore, the regulators will continue to allow banks to use these Wizard of Oz asset values. The bill has absolutely nothing to do with reform. Rather, it gives unfettered control to the Fed.


Lest anyone should be under the impression that the U.S. has its own independent financial system, it's critical to understand that all decisions for all countries are under 100% control of the international banking cabal. This has been the case for some time. We do have a one-world financial system run by privately owned and/or government controlled banks across the world, which functions and coordinates the world economies for the benefit of these people.

Do not be fooled by the different currencies of nations. As far as power goes, that is meaningless to the cabal. The G-20 is planning an international reserve currency through the vehicle of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs). This will be a basket of fiat currencies, backed by nothing. This will equalize the economies of the nations. The hammer will come down on the U.S.

How does the cabal profit by this? The fiat currency of the world will never be backed with anything. It may as well be toilet paper. FDR took the U.S. off the gold standard domestically in 1933; Nixon took us off the gold standard internationally in 1971. This is why the major objective at the Fed and at cabal banks around the world is gold suppression, which is going on right now. You think the price of gold is high now? Just wait. You ain't seen nothin' yet. They will never put us back on the gold standard. (NOTE: If it did happen, you could be absolutely certain it would be a deception of some sort.)

Okay. Every tile is in place now for them to have complete and total world financial domination. Are you listening? Pay attention. That one last puzzle piece is called the "CAP AND TRADE" bill (unless they deceptively change the name, as they so often do). You know doubt know that this bill is to be based on the fraudulent scam of global warming, which was just exposed a couple of months ago. That minor detail, however, won't phase them.

NOW WATCH THIS. Why is that bill of such great moment? Because it will establish (create out of thin air) 'carbon credits' ... and guess what? Those carbon credits - rather than gold, oil, etc. - will back the new world reserve currency, the SDR! This will serve to enrich the wealth of the Illuminati, while at the same time destroying everything owned by the 'small people' (that would be us). Through the SDR they will move our wealth (which we have worked all of our lives to get) into the SDRs, from which they will be dispersed into the hands of the financial rulers. A token amount may be distributed to destitute countries, but I wouldn't count on it.

MORE TRICKERY LIES AHEAD. The first bill may cover only certain things, perhaps utilities - whatever they think they can get away with. Then they will sneak the credits in to cover other areas of our economy, perhaps in bills with totally different names, such as education, etc. And you won't know about it because, after all, who reads the bills? Certainly not the 'small people.' Not even most of our Congress. NO to any type of carbon credit. Period. We would be paying for these with our real, hard-earned money (including retirement funds), which would be purchasing carbon credits and absorbed by the cabal, who would then create paper SDRs, by which the world economy would be funded, through the usual suspects: the BIS, WB, WTO, IMF, UN, NGO's, etc.. Through this method third world countries would receive loans (with the cabal receiving the interest), with fascist strings attached: strings of enslavement. They have been doing this to third world countries for ages; now the U.S. must be brought into the system.

The predominance of the U.S. will recede into history, and the carbon credits will be created out of thin air in just the same way our Federal Reserve Notes are (paper money), and the entire thing will be global, with the same thieves in charge and getting richer by the day. They will have all the real money - and the world will have fiat currency: paper. This is undoubtedly at least a part of the purpose of the BP false flag oil spill: to get the Cap and Trade bill passed. Notice how fervently Obama wants a moratorium on oil drilling?


Once this Cap and Trade bill (or whatever name they will use) is passed the world financial system will be fully in place. Please understand that we already have world governance. All governments, including ours, has been carrying out the goals of the Illuminati for quite some time.

Prepare to be distracted by many false flag events in the near future. Unless all incumbents (both parties) are booted out of office the above scenario will take place. If Cap and Trade is passed, and we get an October surprise that will suspend elections, the breaking of the gold suppression may be the only hope of avoiding a revolution. Buy gold and silver. Vote all incumbents out. Make sure NO carbon credit bill is passed.

Most of this material was gleaned from Bob Chapman's International Forecaster newsletter. I highly recommend it:

There is so much to reveal regarding the deceptions of these days that I almost gave up writing the series on "DECEPTIONS." But, since I believe this is something the Lord would have me do I will just continue to dive in to the various subjects even though it's almost impossible to ever know where to begin. I could write an entire book on every subject. But, what I will try to do is one blog per each deception. And there are many.