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Friday, September 3, 2010

Most of The Church is so Pitifully Weak that a Mormon Can Now Lead God's People
by John McNernan

My heart is very heavy as I write this. I attended two events led by Glenn Beck. Friday night, I was at the Kennedy Center for a Glenn Beck special. He had a gospel choir singing with a mixed group of speakers. Beck was freely talking about the "LORD." There were speakers from other religions. He was talking about the need for a spiritual revival, who can argue about that!? The problem is that Beck is a Mormon, with a different Jesus.

There were several prayers offered at this event and NONE were made in the name of Jesus. I was deeply grieved after I left.

On Saturday, I attended the huge rally. If it was just political, I could accept Beck as a leader; however, it went way beyond that. I am not questioning anything about Beck's character or motives. What I am deeply grieved about is that this was not led by the real church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Is America in such desperate spiritual condition that masses of Christians will follow a Mormon for spiritual revival?

Many times on this blog I have written about the pastors and church leaders "hiding in the tall grass." I DO NOT LIKE TO SAY THIS!! It grieves me saying things like that, but it is the truth. The sheep in America are desperate and fearful of what is coming, so they look to a Mormon for leadership. A Mormon leading a meeting like this for America turning back to God, should have God-fearing pastors in America on their knees crying out to God for mercy.

I am grieved, not so much with Glenn Beck, but that the church is so pitifully weak that a Mormon can now lead God's people, and they do not see the spiritual danger. Once again, if this rally would have been political, then I would have no real problem with Glenn Beck. Many of you have contacted me about getting on his show and speaking about my book, As America Has Done to Israel. I would have no problem with this because I would not be under his spiritual authority or under Mormonism. Many of God's people are now desperate while the pastors are held up hiding in the tall grass.

I know Mormonism real well. There is a Mormon prophecy that America was going to be nearly destroyed with the Constitution hanging by a thread. A Mormon savior would arrive and lead the Mormon church to save America. I can see this coming into play real soon. Maybe the revival Beck is talking about is a massive conversion to Mormonism! Glenn Beck does not preach Mormonism from his show that I can tell; however, it is lurking in the background. How does the LORD feel about Mormonism, which teaches the Lord Jesus Christ, the ONLY begotten Son of God, is Satan's brother? Mormonism is full of doctrines like this.

The church is now so weak and without discernment that maybe the shallow Christians would turn to Mormonism while many pastors and church leaders are safe in the tall grass. I hope this never happens.

The danger is now all around us and closing fast. This includes: the Hard Left, Muslims, Mormon national leadership, militant homosexuals, totally collapsing economy, huge war in the Middle East, and the pastors hiding in the tall grass.

I hope that this writing comes across to you in the right way. The pastors have authority from God, and they WILL have to answer to Him. I respect that authority, but as I watch the country melt away and God's people desperate for leadership. It deeply grieves my heart to the point of tears.

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Royal Heir

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