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Saturday, September 18, 2010

What Are They Teaching Our Kids?

by Anthony Martin

Conservative Examiner

What on earth are they teaching our kids in the government-run public school system?

The answer is, 'Not much.'

Several generations of America's children have gone through 12 grades without knowing a thing about the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, Joseph Stalin's mass murder of nearly 30 million Russians, or Chairman Mao's mass murder of upwards of 80 million Chinese.

In fact, many if not most of the 'dumbed down' actually think that Communism is a good thing.

This week has brought us yet another example of the shenanigans occurring at taxpayer-funded schools.

6th graders in the Wellesley, Massachusetts public school system were treated to a field trip to a mosque. The children were placed along side of Muslims in the kneeling position as they bowed and prayed to Allah. Teachers did not intervene. Parents were not notified to give prior approval.

Further, the children were subjected to a lecture by a Muslim who proceeded to totally misrepresent the nature of Islam, directly contradicting known and proved facts concerning the oppressive nature of the religion.

Several pertinent questions come to mind concerning this outrageous attempt by a government-run school system to tarnish young minds concerning Islam.

What if this had been a Pentecostal Christian Church? Would school officials be as accommodating? Would there be an intervention when children were placed along side of Christians speaking in tongues?

What about a Jewish synagogue? What if a Jewish rabbi had presented a lecture on the horrors committed by Muslims toward the Jewish community? Would school officials have intervened?

The sad truth is that the school system would never remotely consider a field trip to a Pentecostal church or a Jewish synagogue. And were such a trip planned, it is safe to assume that parents would have been notified in advance, giving them opportunity to opt their children out of such a trip.

But when it comes to Islam in America today, Leftists will take every conceivable opportunity to promote it. Totalitarians share a strong bond, whether they be religious or secular.

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