James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Burden of Knowing

It's true that ignorance is bliss, at least in the short term. 'Knowing' carries with it a burden too heavy to bear alone - and too heavy for most to want to share.

There are things going on in this world that are so evil, so invisible, so unprecedented in history, and so powerful that it is unbearable. The world is entering a period never known on earth before. And few know - or want to know - the truth.

The church should know, and warn the sheep, and teach the sheep what they should do, how to prepare. Well over 80% of the church leadership seems to be ignorant or complicit. 15% is too busy with the affairs of life and has no time to comprehend the weight of things. Perhaps 5% knows and is trying desperately to get the attention of the blissful, to no avail it seems.

The church and the world seem unaware that we stand on the spiritual precipice of all time. We are outnumbered even more so than David was with Goliath.

The West has been naive bait for the powers of this world and has fallen victim to the wiles of the pagan East and its ancient gods, who rule this earth.

The church leadership is busy with programs, power, ploys, money and ministries. They vie for the best attendance, music that mimics the world, excitement and marketing to appeal to the fleshly appetites.

While the world is desperate for something real - some solution to its pain and anguish - the church stands silent and irrelevant to meet the realities of the present age. The church is the only source of answers and truth, all of which are in The Book, but the church is afraid to touch it, to read it, to talk about it, to apply it's stark truths to the present reality. Most of the church is a hollow shell that offers nothing to the world.

As in the days of Noah, we occupy our time with that which will disappear in a moment, and we ignore the things of eternal importance, despite the fact that we are literally a moment away from eternity.

I go through the motions of this life, but my spirit is elsewhere, wandering ...wondering. Wondering why so few Christians are living the abundant life which is available, the triumphant life, the transcendent life, the separate life, the life of prayer and praise and joy - the life in Christ.

Today I have that extremely rare moment of discouragement. Where are those of like mind? Where are the spiritual fighters, the overcomers, the aware? I read 2 Corinthians and am comforted by Paul's defense. I'm certainly no Paul - not in the same league, but in the same game, and I know how he feels.

I know there are others who understand. Thousands. Perhaps millions. And yet it seems as though each of us fights the good fight alone. Where are they, my compatriots in the faith? Where are those who can truly say, "To live is Christ, to die is gain?" In my little church ... in little groups on the Internet.

And then there lurks the thought that if all we Christians have going for us in this battle is the likes of me ... then we're in even worse trouble than I already know we're in. Lord, have mercy.

And He does. An old song comes to mind, "Speak, my Lord. Speak, and I will answer: 'Lord, send me.'" He has to do His best with what He has available - the weak, the insignificant ... the willing. That's His modus operandi. He delights in it. And I'm so grateful.

My body is here, but my heart, mind and spirit are at the throne of grace. This world is not my home. I am just a-passin' through. It couldn't be more true.

I miss my parents today. I'm thankful they left before things came to this. I know our conversation on this subject well enough to replay it in my mind, and smile. It won't be all that long until we can review the battles together, and worship the victor - our creator - together ... face to face.

A Child of the King
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