James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Transfer of Power to Antichrist

I am convinced that the preliminary steps are being finalized for the rule of Antichrist.

Amazing things are happening. Power is being transferred to new individuals all over the world.

Most historic and dramatic is that the Queen of England's power has turned upside down. She is a virtual subject. It was not voluntary. Today's headlines from UK's newspaper, The Independent,
* Revealed: The secret deal that changed the monarchy
* Queen tried to use state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace
* Calls for a full review of Queen's accounts
* It doesn't sound much, but this is a constitutional watershed

Great Britain's Prime Minister was just replaced. Japan's top leadership was recently changed, as was Australia's. Yesterday I read that North Korea's 'dear leader' will be replaced. I also read that Putin will be retaking power in Russia. Turkey has a new leader, as does several of the states in the Caucasus. Pakistan's leader has been replaced. There are numerous others.

In the U.S., Obama's financial people are being replaced, along with Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Axelrod, and it is rumored that TARP Administrator Herb Allison will be stepping down, among others. I fully expect to see far more dramatic events and changes within the Office of the President over the coming weeks.

These are not routine changes. They have been ordered - and by levels of power far above these world leaders. Did you know that there are levels of security far above Top Secret? Over 20 levels above is one called Cosmic Top Secret.

It is not difficult to confirm, for those who have the time and interest to do the research. Many people in the military and ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) have written about it. It is a matter of public record in numerous documents, by numerous people. At this highest level of world security the orders come from cosmic individuals, otherwise known as entities. In the Bible they are known as rulers of the air, ruled by the Prince of the Power of the Air himself, Lucifer. The United States and other countries have been consorting directly with them for over 60 years. Now they are in charge. They are calling the shots in all of these changes. Do you think the Queen of England has voluntarily give up her power? I think not.

These new 'leaders' of the nations will be making the financial changes in the coming weeks or months. This will consist of a new world currency and other changes.

Other kinds of changes are happening. Earth changes. Sea changes. Cosmic changes. The BP oil spill is mysterious. None of the experts know exactly what happened or why it happened, but one thing is known. The area has been heavily policed from Day One, and the secrecy surrounding the entire thing is unprecedented. Very little news has gotten out, and the news that has been announced is known by everyone to be contrived. Something very strange is going on under the sea bed, in some ways reminiscent of the intense pirate activity in the Gulf of Aden, which is believed to be a 'star gate.' A star gate is a transit point for cosmic activity. They are arranged geometrically in a number of locations on earth.

World political leaders are drinking a bitter cup, as are - or will be - required of many religious leaders. They are all being divested of their power by the very one who gave them their powers in the first place; Satan is now ready to put the "A Team" in place. The Vatican's crimes are known by all, the most recent being the financial scandal revealed this week, ahead of the new world currency.

Many more things will be revealed about many more religious leaders, sexual scandals, money scandals. You will discover that Satan rules many of the religions from the top. That will all be laid out. The purpose here will be to destroy the religions of the peoples - especially Christianity. Only those who have a personal relationship with the King of Kings will be able to spiritually survive with their faith intact. This, of course, would be the born again Christians (there is no other kind).

The goals are to 1) destroy Christianity 2) destroy Islam 3) destroy the atheists. This is why this 'terror' is constantly being trotted out to the gullible. It allows the Antichrist Police State to be put into place (security is need for our protection, right?!). The plan is to pit Christians against Muslims so they will destroy each other, and then get rid of the atheists. No one will be tolerated to be left standing except those who will join the new world religion in worship of Antichrist. He will allow no rival gods -- especially not the God who created him, the One whose likeness on earth was Jesus Christ, who has already destroyed Satan (outside of earth's time constraints).

Revelations will be coming out on all fronts to expose rulers, religions, deeds, actions. Part of that was today's speech by Ahmadinejab at the UN, where he said (accurately) that a majority of people in the United States and around the world believe the American government staged the Sept. 11 terror attacks. (Why would they do this? To set up the police state under the guise of national security, of course.) The complicit nations' representatives walked out.

Other deceptions are on tap. There will be archaeological discoveries and explanations which the peoples of earth will immediately believe (being so well trained). The people in the U.S. will be - and are now - being desensitized to police brutality.

I believe the evidence (which I have had no time to write about) clearly shows that the Antichrist headquarters will be set up in Washington, D.C., and will later rule Jerusalem. Satan is the author of confusion and chaos, two characteristics for which the U.S. is becoming quite well known.

Do you begin to see what I mean by spiritual warfare?

There is much, much more which I could tell you, but the cares of this world take up so much time in the lives of most people that I am forced to be as brief as possible. Do you begin to see why Jesus asked if there would be faith on earth when He returns? The Antichrist government is in the process of being set up.

Stay tuned.

Royal Heir