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Monday, September 13, 2010

You CAN Understand The Bible

Psalm 119 in its opening stanza identifies the traits of a lifestyle subject to the Word of God, and then claims the blessings that comes as a result of those who "seek him with the whole heart" (Psalm 119:2).

Those who "walk in the law of the Lord" and "keep his testimonies" receive God's blessing. The instructions in God's Word enable us to be "undefiled in the way" and to "do no iniquity." Paul says that apart from the law he wouldn't know he was sinning (Romans 7:7).

The problem today is that many claim to be Christians and never actually read and study God's Word. They have their own ideas about God, and they aren't even aware that the god they are serving has no similarity to the God of the Bible.

At first it can seem very difficult to understand the Bible, but God reveals the Bible to us in direct proportion to our desire to know Him. And the way to know God is to read His Word...hello!

I have had hundreds of questions about the Bible in my lifetime, and I have discovered that God will answer every one of them if the most important thing in life is to find the answers. If so, He will open up His Word and reveal it to us little by little. At one point, I began to write down my questions. It was amazing. The answers came far more quickly than I had anticipated. The questions were not easy ones; they were the extremely difficult ones that everyone asks when they are students of the scriptures. Of course I will never run out of new questions. One leads to another. That's how we learn.

The most important thing is to actually start reading it - regularly. It's essential to set aside a specific time each day, even if you devote only 15 minutes at first. Trust me, God will open it up to you if you will make it a priority. I recommend reading the entire Bible every year. Just do a search on the Internet and you will find what to read each day. We can never succeed unless we start.

I promise that if you will do that one thing without fail your life will be transformed. God will speak to you through His own Word and you will find it becoming indispensable to your life. He will begin to reveal Himself to you.

If you persist in this and you begin to know God, He will become your best friend.

I guarantee it.

Royal Heir