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Monday, December 27, 2010

Something Is Coming ...Part II

Keeping in mind Part I, where a huge magnetic 'fluff cloud' is nearing, a cloud which has spiritual implications rather than physical ones, I want to talk/speculate about DNA, as I understand it.

We know that DNA is the carrier of the genetic code from which all genes are formed that are responsible for the development of the body. For a long time it was believed that this is only done on biochemical processes. The DNA forms a huge double strand of bases, which is encoded in the genetic information.

But Russian scientists have discovered that DNA is much more than biochemical. Almost 90% of it is not even required for protein synthesis, but serves as a communication and information storage.

The characteristic shape of the DNA double helix is an almost ideal electromagnetic antenna, which can send and receive very good electrical impulses and can absorb electromagnetic radiation (light) from the environment. This absorbed energy is stored in the DNA by the molecule to vibrate. So the DNA is not only the sender and receiver of electromagnetic energy, but also includes the information contained in the radiation, which the DNA interprets, similar to a highly complex interactive bio chip based on light.

According to the Russian research, the DNA understands everything, communicating on a syntactic and semantic level, which is common to all human languages. In fact, they posit that the DNA has the ability to understand suggestions.

Now, here I am wading into science that I barely comprehend, but the idea is that if magnetic fields determine the experience of time and even gravity, and can understand the operation of known forces in unknown ways, then a new magnetic environment could be a 'new realm.' Time and gravity are the two things we least understand about our universe.

An example is given of a Discovery show, where they powered up the most powerful electro-magnet in the world. The magnetism was all guided to one coffee-cup-sized elongated hole. They threw in a spider, and it levitated ... free from the bounds of gravity.

Gravity is tied to mass and space. Space is tied to time. So, what happens when a gigantic ribbon magnetic field (as in the 'fluff cloud') impacts the myriad of magnetic fields on earth, specifically on a person's DNA? Could this mean entering into a new realm? Is this similar - or the same as - the Rapture?

I have another thought. I have heard the New Ager's talk about 12-strand DNA. Our scientists talk about 11 dimensions. What if our DNA is altered every time we are given the access to a new dimension (which I believe is what happens in resurrection, rapture, etc.)?

I'm just asking the question! The rabbis believe in 11 dimensions, too. I don't know what the 12-strand idea is unless Satan's realm is the 12th. This is all sheer speculation, but it's interesting.

More magnetic field information here:
Galactic Magnetic fields may control boundaries of our solar system

Food for thought.

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