James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Big Things Are Happening - Part II

It's pretty obvious to anyone who pays any attention at all to what is happening in the world that the entire earth is descending into chaos. There are still many unbelievable things to be revealed to the citizens of the United States. I will try to give clues to a few of them to perhaps aid in tamping down the shock for those who may not have a clue :-)

* At last count the $700 billion bailout turned out to be a $20 TRILLION bailout. There will be more. We will bail out all of the European countries (the money will pass through the IMF). Watch for an envoy from the US Treasury Dept. to visit European countries soon.

* The Wikileaks activities will result in information itself becoming the enemy. There is an excellent chance that Wikileaks is a CIA operation. He is already being called 'a new kind of terrorist,' which is bringing condemnation and hatred from many U.S. officials and, of course, the media. This will require additional security measures.

* There are many "lightworkers" (spiritual entities) who are living on earth inhabiting human bodies, and their numbers are increasing incredibly fast. I have read that there are several million. No one really knows. They are part of the forces of Lucifer. Many are now in top government positions around the world. (One of the top 3-4 channelers in the world signs off as "SaLuSa." Can you guess what that might represent? How about Satan/Lucifer/Satan?) I have discovered that a large number of these Lightworkers lack discernment! It seems that many follow their leaders without question and have blind trust in them. (Not much different in that respect from most human beings.) They began infiltrating churches some years ago. Be careful who you sit next to ... it could be a demon. It would be a very rare church leader indeed that comprehended anything whatever about the spiritual battle going on right under their noses.

* Many - if not most - of the 'patriot' or 'fix government' type websites are run by double agents. Their main purposes are to locate and identify Christians, rebels, activists and such - so that they can tag those who sign up, request more information, newsletters, etc. No group on earth can change what has been prophesied. No one can stop what is coming. The fewer places you get cozy with online, the safer it is. (I have no doubt been ID'd by them years ago, certainly not because I would do anything illegal or violent. No ... I am worse than that. I am a real, live Christian, their worst enemy of all. I know it, and they know it.)

* Most of the world is actually bankrupt. Many countries went under with the 2008 Wall Street derivatives/housing scandal, but have tried to keep it a secret. That's why we must have a world money system, doncha know?

* Our children are being prepared to worship the ancient Greek and Egyptian and Roman gods and goddesses through our government educational system. No one seems to wonder why they are studying pagan practices and gods yet learning nothing about the U.S. Constitution or how our own government works. They have been stealing our children's' minds in the schools for over 30 years and most Christians have no idea.

* The U.S. will be divided into 10 segments. The Council of Governors for these areas has already been chosen. This can be brought to fruition virtually overnight.

* Ordinary Americans are being watched by dozens (or hundreds) of Fusion Centers across the U.S. Chillingly, these centers are not accountable to anyone. No one knows where these people came from, and yet they have police powers. These centers are actually command and control centers for the approximately 150 concentration camps ("civil unrest centers") across the country which are controlled by the Dept. of Defense and are for 'dissidents.' The cover story originally was that these were built for illegal immigrants; I don't know what the story is now. I think most Americans know about them by now. Jesse Ventura has certainly described them in detail on his TV show, along with hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins. It was known as "Rex 84" and was cooked up by Oliver North. These projects are where the billions of unaccounted-for money spent by the Defense Department went. All of these await simply the announcement of martial law due to some trumped-up emergency, quite possibly a 'pandemic,' even if they have to start it themselves. There is documented evidence of plans by the CDC for such an event. Don't believe it? Just click here. For a reason I can't explain - an intuition - I don't believe most of these will actually be used for the intended purpose.

* The NWO goals have been summarized on the Georgia Guidestones.

* The elites are upset because their plan for the world is 10 years behind their schedule. The wars in the Middle East were scheduled to begin in 2000. All of the wars have been planned and scheduled ahead of time, beginning with WWI, just as all of the 'terror attacks' have been planned in advance in order to put increasingly more police 'security' operations into place.

* The leaders of the New World Order have descended into complete chaos and are ferociously fighting with each other and with the demonic forces. Satan's forces are mightily trying to convince the Lightworkers (his human New Agers), and everyone else, that he is in the process of destroying the 'evil world leaders' who are out to harm us, that we need not fear because his ET's will 'land' very soon and rescue us all. Now part of this is true. The snakes and the Serpent are at war, alright. But the fact remains that they are all evil. Satan is the author of confusion. Also true is that his forces want to come en masse to earth, which they are doing as I write. They are not ET's who will come in spaceships. The spaceships belong to the military (read my UFO series), and the ETs are interdimensional, deceiving spirits who will ascend from the abyss in great force when the Lord allows it. All of this is spiritual warfare. The only ones who seem to be completely unaware of all of this are the Christianettes.

* Be prepared to hear that the U.S. is still under the rubric of the British Crown, i.e. the Queen of England ... subject to the Queen, to be precise. More on that later.

No wonder the Lord calls us sheep. Almost all of this and much, much more is in the public domain, written about and documented. Only 70 years - one generation - has passed since the last holocaust. The one coming will make that look like child's play. Not convinced? Read the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Part III tomorrow.

Royal Heir