James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Heroes By Habit

It's not a good idea to adopt the heroes of other people. Take Mother Teresa, for instance. Why do we hold her up as a heroine? Have we studied her life? Do we know what she believed? Or do we just idolize her because the Main Stream Media has worshipped her for years? Bingo.

I have done a cursory study of Mother Teresa, and frankly she is not a hero of mine.

Why is she worshipped by the MSM? Let's get one thing straight. Any time the MSM holds someone up as a hero it is reason for immediate suspicion (or should be). On the other hand, when the MSM demonizes an individual, that person may be the true hero.

I have read that Mother Teresa had hundreds of thousands of dollars in her bank account when she died. That in itself is not reason to vilify her - unless, of course, she has been portrayed as a poor nun who labored in the depths of poverty. Then, it is a reason to question.

But, moving on to more weighty matters, she has said that her purpose was to bring her patients closer to the god which they believe in, whether they be Hindu, Buddhist, etc. That is an evil purpose from God's point of view, particularly if one is claiming to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. She has said that she 'loves all religions.' That is an anti-Christ point of view.

According to her own words, she was casting poor lost souls into eternity with a future hell as their destination. This is not love, and this is not truth. She was not introducing them to the Savior of the world whose blood was shed on the cross as the only avenue to salvation. This is a cruel thing to do.

No amount of simpering sentimentality about working with the poor and dying is a substitute for truth. She had an opportunity to introduce thousands of poor souls to their only source of true hope, and she apparently failed to do that.

I once read that her greatest fear was that she would not make it to heaven. What a tragedy. She may have been another tragic victim of Roman Catholicism. I pray not, that perhaps she did find salvation. Only the Lord can make that call.

The few heroes I have are people whose names few would recognize. There is One who does recognize them, though, and counts them as family. That One is Jesus Christ.

We must think for ourselves and use our own wisdom and judgment. Blindly following the crowd and accepting what it touts is precisely why our country has come to such a sorry and sinful state. That's why we are referred to as sheeple.

Don't accept being a sheep when there is a God in heaven who is willing to prepare a mansion for you.

Royal Heir