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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Something Is Coming ...Part I

A NASA contractor from Boeing made some mysterious statements in August 2009 about a potential coming event that is so potentially devastating that he said he planned to quit his job no later than June 2010, without leaving a trace, take his family and move to parts unknown, where for the past year he has been making preparations to survive as if he is living in the 1800s. He says there are at least 12 levels of security above him, so what he knows and hears is kindergarten level stuff.

Stay with me during the scientific stuff because we will reach the spiritual aspect of what this man says. I have been wanting to write this article for months, but was reluctant to tackle the science of it while at the same time reducing it to a much shorter length. The time is now. So stay with me.

This coming event is a natural occurrence and is affecting the sun as evidenced by the solar filaments. He said, "The sun is reacting to 'forces' we cannot see." Apparently NASA is just as puzzled as everyone else about this incoming celestial 'body,' which is not an asteroid (although some news sites are calling it that) or the like, but possibly the "Fluff" cloud that is held together by powerful magnetics, first discovered by NASA around October 15, 2009, and it has been believed that it cannot enter our heliosphere, which protects earth and the inner solar system.

This anomaly consists of a ribbon of magnetics that scientists did not know existed, or what has created it - but it did change their previous ideas about the heliosphere. They may have something to do with the spirals being witnessed around the planet and may be linked to the Birkelund currents. These currents are basically super massive "cables" of electro-magnetic energy that spiral through space. These cables appear to exist only in pairs and wrap around each other like DNA. (The Book of Enoch talks about the angels at the end of days, bringing long thin 'ropes' to locate those saints who have died. Some theologians speculate that these might be DNA strands.) Some believe that we are heading for an electro-magnetic event (EMP?) of biblical proportions. It seems that all information about it is being kept very hush-hush. The major concern is a matter not of what it is, but when it occurs - the timing. It is known as P/2010 A2.

This whistleblower believes that no one will know it is happening until a day or two before the event and that there will be no public announcement. He says that a ban has been put in place on information regarding asteroid or other objects entering earth's atmosphere and that many gov't agencies have moved to higher elevations. He doesn't believe the government is trying to keep the information from the public, but the discussion of it, because they are themselves at a loss to know what it is or what to expect. Meetings where this is discussed are tense and urgent.

The concern is not that something will hit the earth, but the potential of something hitting the sun and affecting the earth ... and the timing. It appears as if magnetics are being pulled out of the sun and making the filaments. It also seems that it will not be an event as much as a sustained process.


In just the time span of a few minutes, something happens which scientists didn't think possible until recently. A magnetic portal will open, linking the earth to the sun. Tons of high energy particles may flow through the opening before it closes again. It is called a 'flux transfer event,' an FTE. Approximately every 8 minutes the portal opens, taking the form of a magnetic cylinder about as wide as the earth. A number of European and US spaceships have flown through and around this cylinder. This is just about all they know right now.


The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud that should not exist, according to physicists. This is the 'fluff' cloud spoken of above. It survives due to its strong magnetic forces, thereby resisting destruction. The Voyagers are not inside the fluff yet, but they are approaching it. The original research is in the 12/24/09 issue of Nature.

It is the electromagnetic energy that is the key, and this is what they are keeping their eye on.


A dense plasma has already entered our solar system. Since there is plasma (molten rock and metal aka lava) within the Earth, it would suggest a connection to the plasma that has entered the solar system.

What is plasma? The first state of matter is a solid, and it is the coldest state. As a solid heats up it becomes liquid, the second state of matter. As we heat up liquid, it turns to gas, the third state. As we heat up gas, it turns into plasma, the fourth state of matter.

The sun's plasma is called the solar wind. It's charged particles are so hot that it flies out into space, along with the sun's magnetic field. The charged particles and the magnetic fields influence each other.

The higher the state of matter, the higher the transmission capability. What is being transmitted? INFORMATION. States of matter transmit information, which is the highest form of energy. This "fluff cloud" is allowing greater transmission of information. As our environment becomes more highly charged, our ability to 'think' increases. To make a long story short, science may be validating prophecy and indicating that things are very near to the end.

To attempt to separate the science from new age thought, and then separate both from scripture is a huge task which I am always plodding through with the limited understanding of a mere mortal, but it appears that a phenomena never before seen on earth is approaching and will cause profound experiential perception and dimensional knowledge, i.e., a radical change in the separation of our physical and spiritual perceptions. Many are thinking, the rapture?

Calculations approximate the year of earth's actual entry into the mainstream of the photon belt to be 2011, bringing a transition into super-consciousness "in the twinkling of an eye." The energy of the photon belt is of etheric and spiritual nature - not physical - but it interacts with the physical. The question before us is: Is this a scientific hypothesis, a new age hypothesis, and how does it conjunct with God's Word? It's a mystery. But it is believed by all to be virtually at the door, whatever it is. All three disciplines recognize the earth cycles, newly discovered by most of us, and that we are at the end of several cycles all at once.

Part I of this subject matter is an attempt to describe the basic facts (to use a term loosely) of the phenomena. In Part II it will really get interesting. I will try to compare what the New Agers are being fed about this to what God's Word tells us - and attempt to arrive at a tentative conclusion. It is one of the most fascinating things I've ever studied, and the information is coming in fast and furiously. I am virtually one moment ahead in my thinking before it gets translated into words and hits the blog. Dangerous thing to do, but I have no choice. Being me.

Royal Heir