James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Things Are Happening - Part III

I constantly hear frustrated media people asking why the American people are doing nothing to protect their freedoms and hold the politicians accountable. The answer seems very simple to me. 35% of the population has no clue that anything is going on, 5% know what's going on and are ready to 'go to war' with the NWO, and the other 60% recognizes that it is not possible to physically win a war with the world elites, and on their terms. Today's technology makes fighting them a fool's mission. It has gone to far to change anything. They control everything on earth.

The secret lies off earth, in the dimensions of the spirit. There is certain victory if one focuses on the spiritual war. Therein lies the prize. That war was won on the cross of Jesus Christ, where the victory reverberated throughout the entire cosmos, which is now groaning in anticipation of the final battle, which is upon us. Soon all that was broken by Satan's rebellion will be renewed, and we will live in a perfect world with the King of Kings ruling on earth.

For now, let's continue with the big things that are happening.

* The war of the Koreas was planned a couple of centuries ago. This is a matter of record.

* I wouldn't be doing any online banking. The internet will be used to finish off the world financial systems. Anything is possible ... and probable. Credit and debit cards may not work. ATM's, too. Mass financial confusion may be ahead. JUST ahead. The entire financial systems of the world must be crushed in order to usher in a world system. Don't believe it when online financial institutions have been hacked but "this doesn't impact our customers in any way." (They wish.) This will be financial a financial bloodbath to the finish. Needless to say, none of this will be to the benefit of ordinary citizens. We will be lucky to have anything left when it's over. If you desperately need to order anything that will need to be shipped it might be a good idea to do it soon. I would have some cash on hand, small denominations. Keep it at home, not in the banks. All of this is a good idea in any time of financial upheaval.

* This will be a heyday for hackers. Get all of your personal information offline. Make sure you have good virus protection on your computer. That is no guarantee, but it's better than nothing. These hackers may be corporate people and government people in an attempt to steal anything and everything from everyone. We are now in a financial war, and it's death to the finish for them. Don't trust anything online. Not PayPal, not Amazon, not banks, not vendors. They may be innocent, but they are vulnerable.

* Most, if not all, of the lone assassins are mind-controlled dupes of our government. I have studied mind control extensively. You would not believe the horrific and sometimes very simple methods used. People who watch a lot of TV, video games, etc. are psychically controlled to some degree.

* Many of the top leaders in the U.S. and Great Britain are Luciferians and Masons. They go through rituals (and sacrifices) that are centuries old traditions. Again, you would not believe. It's a huge subject, too much to even begin to describe. It is the same as the ancient Egyptian rituals practiced by the Pharaohs and those practiced by the Roman Caesars. Their entire lives and the lives of their families are built around this worship of Lucifer. They consider themselves royalty, descended from 'the gods.' These gods, of course, are the offspring of the Nephilim, the rebel angels who came to earth and mated with human women (see Genesis 6, Jude, etc.). Their goal from the beginning has been to destroy the Jews and 'the seed of the woman, Eve,' and her offspring Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

* Roman Catholicism was, from its beginnings, a combination of pagan and Christian worship. When it saw the growth of Christianity, pagans decided they couldn't compete with it and took on it's trappings. An ex-witch, Don Marquis, of the Illuminati, says he felt perfectly comfortable in the Catholic Church before he became a real Christian because it's rituals so closely resembled those of the Luciferian religion. Most of the leaders are Luciferian, but have managed to keep it a secret for all these centuries. The Catholic Church has persecuted and killed more Christians throughout history than any other organization. Have you notice the past few years how many politicians and leaders have become Catholics? This is required if you are involved with the NWO crowd, since they are bringing in the final satanic religion. As is the case with Freemasonry, most of the people have no idea. If I have time, I will do a special series on Catholicism.

* If you are interested in the alien agenda, watch this fascinating video series about the fallen angels, their history and their plans. This is a series of eight short videos.

Watch for Part IV of This Series

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