James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Things Are Happening - Part I

Things are escalating too rapidly to be able to go into great detail, so I'm just going to write a sentence or two about what is happening on earth in my opinion - and what I believe will happen.

* While Satan has been the ruler of this planet for a very long time, God placed a barrier around the earth early in our history (perhaps after the flood) to place restrictions on the evil hierarchy of powers; it limits their access to earth. This barrier is being lifted.

* There are many levels of security above "top secret." These are called "cosmic security" levels. These levels access cosmic (satanic) powers. Until very recently many of our presidents came and went from office without ever knowing about these levels. They were primarily assigned to Naval Intelligence. However, it appears that these levels are making themselves increasingly known to rulers on earth, through "The Nine" and other identifiable entities. I believe the Air Force has been increasingly involved (perhaps primarily) since our space program got into gear.

* Julian Assange is, in my opinion, somehow connected to all this. There is much more information about world leaders (including our own presidents) which will be coming out. This is all a part of the plans for the last days. Remember, God has the final say in all of this. He allows it for His purposes.

* China is involved in many strange things that have recently happened, and is a major player with the Dark Side. This makes absolute sense since they have served pagan gods for centuries.

* There is a war going on right now between the Serpent and the snakes. The snakes are the world leaders which done many evil deeds, all of which will be exposed. The Serpent and the snakes are all on the same 'side,' but the Serpent wants things to go in a different direction now that he is more directly involved, and he is in the process of ruining all of them. They were deceived into believing their rewards would be great. They will not.

* The primary 'snakes' are the main governments of the world (our own government is a major player and has been for a number of years), The Queen of England and her government, and the Vatican. China, while a player, is fully cooperating with the Serpent. Hollywood is a subordinate player, of course.

* The spiritual scales in the world have apparently tipped on the side of Lucifer. His forces would not otherwise be allowed full and complete access, because free will is involved and when we choose Jesus Christ as our Savior across the earth this restricts Lucifer's abilities and forces. The Christian force has been disarmed to a great degree by the apostates, who I believe comprise 75 % or more of those who claim to be Christians. This tipping of the scales appears to me to be the influence of the Holy Spirit being 'taken out of the way' on earth.

* No one has figured out the BP 'oil spill' in the Gulf of Mexico, including me. However, I am absolutely convinced that whatever happened has deeply spiritual implications (as did the one in Chile). It is a part of the battle.

* This may be too obvious to mention, but the movies and films of the past 25-30 years have been designed for the purpose of preparing humanity to accept a new religion, etc. Such TV programs as "The Event" are also a part of that effort. These are all portrayed as fiction, but there is a tremendous amount in these venues that is entirely accurate. The 'powers' are far beyond anything we can imagine when it comes to many things, including technology. (Most, if not all, of the 'UFO's' you have seen or will see, are US Military ships.)

* It's impossible to say how much of the odd weather, earthquakes, etc. are instigated by HAARP and how much is directly from God. However, so far I believe most of it is man made. I think God will intervene and show them Who's Who at some point, and it will no longer be controlled by them. I believe the rocks they run to for fear of God's wrath (mentioned in the Bible) will be the vast underground facilities the rich and powerful of the earth have prepared for themselves.

I have been wanting to write this for some time, and I will divide it into two or three parts. Part II tomorrow.

Royal Heir