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Friday, January 22, 2010

2012: Should You Worry?

I wouldn't.

There is fear afoot ... a growing sense of doom. The end of the world will not occur on 12/21/12, nor will the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. However, something may happen - perhaps the arrival of the Antichrist?

Remember the "Harmonic Conversion" in 1987? This was the billed as the onset of the New Age, a time of metaphysical transformation to heal the earth and its people. Sixteen years later brought eight years of the Harmonic Concordance, introducing a new spiritual path beginning in 2004 and ending when? Why, 2012, of course.

Remember Jose Arguelles, author of The Mayan Factor? He's back as one of the 2012 champions. He says those who aren't spiritually evolved will be taken away from the world, a fervent belief of New Age leaders for many years. Hmmm. Sound a little like the Rapture?

And then there is 2012, the movie, featuring the slogan, "Who will be left behind?" That certainly has a familiar ring to it. Could that have been copied from Hal Lindsay, author of the Left Behind series of Bible prophecy books?

There is also the TV series, Flash Forward, where the entire world simultaneously blacked out for two minutes, seventeen seconds, and everyone saw a flash of their own future six months from the present day. One of the FBI agents says, "Well, one thing we know. It wasn't the Rapture!" Where did he get this?

So...does all of this sound somewhat familiar? Let's see: spiritual transformation, people being healed, new dimensions, spiritual paths, end of the world, rapture, doomsday, more rapture, FEAR.


The 2012 'prophecies' are nothing more than the New Age versions of Bible prophecy, an effort from the dark side to instill fear into people and lead them down the road to pagan prophecies. These tactics are used by the enemy - Satan - who has been engaged in copycat versions of God's plan for centuries. It's the best he can do (not being God).

Satan is well familiar with God's Word, holy scripture. Remember how he quoted scripture out of context to Jesus himself when Christ was fasting for forty days in the desert? Well, all of this 2012 fever is more of his piggybacking on the truth with his counterfeit versions for his own purposes. He is well aware that he has little time left before he is chained and thrown into the pit, so he's making the most of it.

How can this be? What were the Mayans predicting, and how did they know all these things?

You do not need to worry. Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you why.

Royal Heir

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