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Friday, January 29, 2010

AVATAR, The Movie - Part 1 of 2

Avatar is an ancient Sanskrit word that refers to a soul incarnating into a body. The soul doing the incarnating was considered a deity by pagans. The biblical name for it is 'demon.' All pagan deities are demonic. And that is exactly what "Avatar," the movie is all about.

An avatar is actually what is referred to as a 'walk-in' by the demonic spirits who do the walking in (to a human body). The term is "New Age Speak" and you will find it used by the demonic entities who inhabit those people who are trying to 'ascend' to a higher dimension - or so the demons tell them when they communicate to individuals through channelers, meditation and the like. They like to refer to themselves as spirit guides, ascended beings, "The Nine," Ascended Masters. They go under various names. They are demons.

Lately, they have been referring to themselves as ascended volunteers (AV's) or "end of wheel" (EW's), meaning the wheel of incarnation. They go by whatever terminologies they think up for their devious purposes.

You have heard much made of 'the children' during the past 15-20 years. Society has been brainwashed to treat children as though they are little gods and has pretty much convinced parents that their children are smarter than the parents, that the children are wise and 'gifted.' In this sense, 'gifted' means that the children have had demonic entities 'walk in.' Parents are becoming more and more willing to 'learn from the children.' The schools are pushing this, too, of course, encouraging the young to meditate and find their spirit guides.

These children are sometimes identified as 'crystal children' or 'indigo children.' Our culture has been quietly and gently pushing the children (and parents) into embracing this. Many children are the recipients of this incarnation at birth. The 'avatars' particularly want the children under their control. It is a part of the demonic agenda to prepare the world for the Antichrist.

In countries around the world where Christianity is not the major belief system most of the children are born with spirit entities. These are called 'generational spirits,' and they are ingrained into the families who worship pagan gods, i.e., Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, etc. In America this is common in people of American Indian ancestry.

The movie, Avatar, is in itself a fulfillment of Bible prophecy, as are most of the movies and other cultural signs that have taken over American culture in the past half century. An astute person will be able to recognize the degradation of the arts, music, religion (of course) and many other areas of the culture which have now been completely co-opted by satanic forces.

This movie is (like 2012, which I addressed last week) a perfect deception, a complete twisting upside down of scriptural prophecy, an art which Satan has perfected down through the centuries in all of the cultures since Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. He has inhabited the gods of the pagans for thousands of years, gods such as Nimrod, Baal, Osiris, Horus ... all being indwelt by the same force which we know as that old dragon, the serpent, the devil. He is perfecting his game because we are about ready to enter the final inning. Everything is at stake for him. He will fight the battle of his life, knowing all the while what his end will be.

The movie has it all: incarnation, resurrection, a tree of the knowledge of good and evil, even a tree of life. It is reminiscent of Genesis 2:9: "Out of the ground the LORD God caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil."

Trees play an incredibly important role in "Avatar." The Home Tree was the location where humans incarnated into the bodies of aliens, after which they learned to live in the Home Tree culture (demonic). They also had a Tree of Souls (biblical tree of life). Everything in this movie is significant and a brilliant counterfeit of the Bible ... twisted, of course.

"Avatar" even has - yes - a great red dragon. The old serpent again, dressed up for the 21st Century Finale. The movie is designed to cause humans to feel sympathy for the demons.

Notice that all these aliens are very tall, 8' or more. GIANTS. Does that ring a bell? Is there anyone left who recalls giants in the Bible? Recall that the giants were the Nephilim in scripture, and they were the offspring of those fallen angels who came down to earth to couple with human women. These giants (remember Goliath) were inhabited by these demonic spirits which led them to be "men of great renown" according to God's Word, and these powerful men led to Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.

And this great sin by the fallen angels against humanity is precisely why God destroyed the earth in the flood. All the humans and animals had been corrupted (through their DNA springing from the Nephilim). Noah and his family were the only ones on earth who were perfect, uncorrupted by these corrupted bloodlines. Unfortunately, the process started once again after the flood. And guess what? They're back ... and DNA is being corrupted once again. Things are just as Jesus said in Matthew when talking to the disciples about the end times: "For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah."

Come back for Part 2 tomorrow.

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