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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Words I Have Learned To Hate

Inappropriate. This word is almost always used in an inappropriate way. In a world of ambiguity and the rejection of absolute standards, there is no wrong. No, a wrong act is now 'inappropriate.' Because your wrong may not be my wrong. The word 'inappropriate' was traditionally used for gaffes such as wearing boots with a sundress. Now it is applied to such things as rape or incest.

Disingenuous. This word is now used to cover up lies. When people lie, it is said of them that they are disingenuous. It's not as harsh. Not as true, either. The usage of the word itself is disingenuous. It's most frequent use is when referring to politicians.

Gentleman. This has always referred to a man of good breeding, well-mannered, of good standing. Not any more. Every murderer, robber, terrorist or low-life is referred to as a gentleman.

Lady. The female equivalent of "Gentleman."

Terrorist. Every CIA agent who has been subjected to mind control in order to be used by the government as a Manchurian Candidate to carry out false flag 'terror' attacks for the purpose of taking away our liberties, is referred to as a terrorist. The real terror is that we live under this type of deceptive and tyrannical government and most people don't realize it.

Fundamentalist. This has recently referred to a person who held to the set of basic tenets held by a particular religion (it was not in Webster's 1913 dictionary). Now it is used to identify that same person as crazed, unstable and dangerous in order to demonize the religion and the individual member of it, for political purposes.

Homeland security. This is a contradiction in terms, a non sequitur (An inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premises or evidence). There is nothing that is more of a threat to the citizens of the U.S. than 'homeland security,' which was set up specifically to take away liberties and put us under government tyranny.

Extremist. This has always referred to a person with unusual or unorthodox opinions. Now it refers to anyone who disagrees with you (if you can talk fast enough and loud enough to label them first). Most often used as a pejorative to disparage true Christians (born again, by definition) as a danger to society and your personal safety.

Radical. 1913 Webster's Unabridged: One who advocates radical changes in government or social institutions, especially such changes as are intended to level class inequalities. Now most often used as a pejorative to disparage true Christians (born again, by definition) as a danger to society and your personal safety.

Science. Traditional meaning: The study of a particular field with the object of setting down systematized knowledge. New meaning: A study designed to support a particular point of view; often engaged in by paid hacks with a political agenda.

Rights. Traditional definition: This word was not in the 1913 Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. New definition: Fair and humane treatment fundamentally due all individuals. Newer definition: "Fair and humane" replaced with "Everything you can get" fundamentally due all individuals even if you have to steal it from someone else. Definition has also been extended to all animals and plants (and possibly all inanimate matter).

Equality. The quality or state of being equal. New definition: All you can get, anyway you can get it, preferably without personal effort and backed up by law.

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