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Monday, January 4, 2010

Climate Control: What Should We Do?

In a word - Nothing.

Only an arrogant society would even come up with the question, a godless conglomeration of pagan religions which claim that we are all god, part of 'the one' unified force. How can anyone be so deluded as to really believe that he or she is God?

Have these people looked in the mirror lately? Their god is definitely too small. They worship the creation rather than the Creator.

We have no control over the climate. God sits at those controls. He created the earth, the universe, the entire system -- including us. And even HAARP, the great invention of the world leaders, could be wiped out in an instant should God choose to do it. (And He will.)

If you read God's Word you very quickly learn that the weather is by far the primary tool that God uses in His miracles. It is strikingly obvious if you start with Genesis and begin reading through the entire Bible. He uses the tools and powers of His own creation to bring blessing or punishment to mankind: weather, mathematics, science and technology far surpassing anything we understand. When He wants us to have access to His secrets, we will. And not before.

Climate change is definitely occurring at an increasing pace just as Bible prophecy tells us it will. There is much more to come, and there's absolutely nothing that we can do about it because it is a part of God's plan and purpose.

Satan is still up to his old tricks that he used with Eve, convincing fallen man that he can become as god. In fact, pride and ambition is what will lead to the complete downfall of Satan and all who fall for his deception and lies.

I wouldn't want to serve a climate god who can't even tell which way the wind is blowing.

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