James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Something BIG Is Happening ... the church. And our friend, Glenn Beck, is the catalyst. He has done something that it has been impossible for any religious figure in the world to achieve. He has been the synthesizing agent for combining all of the various disparate world religions into a unified 'one.'

With his "Divine" event in Washington, D.C., he has triggered a worldwide spiritual earthquake, magnitude 10. He has managed to pull all of the threads of the conservative, evangelical church into the center of the web of the One World Religion. This accomplishment has significance beyond comprehension in furthering the satanic religious agenda. And he has done it with the help of heretofore innocent conservative pastors and leaders. They did not know what had hit them, as they stood arm in arm with imams, rabbis and leaders of various other faiths. They - along with their congregations - are now being lured into the new religious force.

No religious figure has been able to do this. But Beck, seen as a political figure, has pulled it off. Once again I am forced to admire the brilliant cleverness of our diabolical enemy, Satan.

There are many religious change agents working to form this united front. There is the Pope, of course. And there is Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Brian McLaren, Richard Foster, and many more, including almost all of the seminaries and colleges, Christian publishing houses and leaders of every denomination. The Interfaith Coalition is an example of the new religious coalitions being formed, as is Tony Blair's Faith Foundation.

The buzzword is 'dialogue.' It is the Hegelian Dialectic applied to the world of religion. It is inclusive of all faiths and views: Dominionism, universalism, apostate Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhist, Hindu, New Age. These people are not only having dialogue with each other, but frequently with spirits ... demonic spirits. Often a spirit will identify itself as "Jesus." There is only one spirit behind this movement; that is the Angel of Light - Lucifer.

In Protestantism this has come out of the 'seeker sensitive' movement and, largely, through the Purpose Driven Movement. It has insidiously spread into almost every single church across the world. And I do mean insidiously. It's in your church faster than the blink of an eye unless you have a watchman on the wall.

Christian churches are actually beginning to welcome false religions into their neighborhoods. One of which I heard actually put a welcome on their outdoor bulletin board welcoming a new Muslim center into the area. They may as well welcome the Church of Satan, the Masons, etc. It's all the same thing.

It's tolerance run amok. Tolerance of everything, including false and pagan prophets who teach there are many roads to salvation rather than the only way: the blood of Jesus Christ. These tolerant welcomers are not doing the false religions any favor. They are aiding and abetting to send these people into hell by recognizing their religions as valid, true paths to heaven.

They are selling Jesus as one in a pantheon of gods. You can keep your old religion and add Jesus to it! This is rampant on the mission fields, too. Become a "Christian Muslim," a "Christian Mormon" (like Beck), a "Christian Hindu," etc.

This is seeker sensitive syncretism. Pluralism. One world religion. This is why churches are looking more and more like the world inside. They are accommodating the world and its beliefs. They are allowing the pagans to change the church, rather than the gospel of Jesus Christ changing the world. Christianity has lost its salt and light.

To those who have little or no Bible knowledge, no spiritual discernment, this all sounds wonderful and humanitarian. There's only one little problem. It is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is 'another gospel' and 'another Christ.'

Beware of spiritual change agents who spiritually assault the true church of Jesus Christ. The only way to arm against all this is by reading and standing firm in the Word of God and its doctrinal authority. Defend the faith.

Royal Heir