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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Implications of Michael Jackson 'Appearing' Via Hologram

The article below is reasonably short and is accompanied by a 3-minute performance by the hologram of him. As I was reading the article, thinking about holograms, the Antichrist, the 'image of the beast,' etc., the implications of such a capability flooded my mind. The record company he hated so much, and his elite Illuminati controllers, now have the ability to do whatever they want with "Michael Jackson" into eternity - and make money at it. Now apply that capability to yourself and your own life if you dare. BOTTOM LINE: If you are not under the protective seal of the Living God - the Only God - you are or will be Satan's property into eternity. Let the implications of that thought sink in: OWNED BY SATAN. That's only one thought - this can be taken in many directions. A whole new world is beginning here. CMR
Michael Jackson Appears as Hologram at the Billboard Awards … And is Used for Illuminati Agenda

Michael Jackson, aka the King of Pop, tragically lost his life in strange and nebulous circumstances in June 2009. Five years later, his image is used to generate money for a record company he hated with a passion.

Almost ironically entitled Xscape, Michael Jackson’s new posthumous album was released by Epic Records, a division of Sony Music. As I noted in the article entitled When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry, MJ was becoming increasingly vocal out about the evils of the music industry and was especially disgusted by Sony Music. Here’s a video of a speech he gave in 2002. As you’ll see, MJ did not like Sony nor the ex-President of the company Tommy Mottola. He explains how Motolla, Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, acted more like a MK slave handler than a husband … while holding a sign saying “$ony Kills Music”.