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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Signs and Wonders, Dreams and Visions

Did you know that the KJV is the only Bible version that Satan and his deputies hate with a passion? They will tolerate - even promote - all other versions. Why do you suppose that is?

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The article links below are by Catholic writers. The first link is encouraging one step he believes is needed to bring in the NWO (New Evangelization) Church - mysticism. While the author seems to be against mysticism, he is not. He names the names of people he emulates, such as Thomas Merton and others, whose notorious mystic influence has created the New Age spirituality and all but destroyed the Christian church. Read with discernment. If you have no discernment, or are an easy target for a sales pitch, skip it.

The second link's author is calling for obedience to "Our Lady's" request to consecrate Russia. He begins with a quote from "Our Lady of Fatima" at Medjugorge. It's necessary to understand that the entire Fatima phenomenon, and all of the appearances of the "Queen of Heaven" are a part of the deceptive signs and wonders of Satan in this age. All of these things have been accomplished by the high technologies of Lucifer & Company. We are about to see many more such signs and wonders. People LOVE signs and wonders - and Satan plans to slake that thirst. Christ, however, said that signs and wonders are THE major sign of the deceptions of the end times, and the mark of an evil generation. FAITH is what He requires, and faith is in direct opposition to looking for signs and wonders. 

This is why the Vatican is making its play for the charismatic Protestants first. They are automatic allies. Rome has had all of its mystical 'saints' over the centuries. These individuals were saints of Satan; if you read their histories, it can easily be seen that they have all the signs of occult possession - depression, strange behavior, levitation and more - and their messages were not compatible with Holy Scripture. Mother Teresa, for instance, never tried to convert people to Jesus Christ, but encouraged them in their own pagan beliefs. Shortly before her death she admitted that her greatest fear was that she would not go to heaven. Yet she is regarded by the world, and much of the church, as a major saint.

This is also the reason that Catholic priests often labor for years over one exorcism. They just cannot get the spirit(s) to leave a person, and they perform the exorcisms over and over again, sometimes for years. The reason for this, I believe, is that they often have demons inhabiting themselves. I think that's why the rabbis accused Jesus of having an evil spirit - they were very familiar with clerics (themselves) with evil spirits attempting to exorcise others with evil spirits. Satan must find that quite amusing. Any true Christian can cast out an evil spirit in the name and power of Jesus Christ. The problem is that Christians don't recognize evil spirits - so how then can they cast them out? And even if they did recognize them, they have no faith. Even if they had a small amount of faith, the Lord might not allow the exorcism, knowing that they would be so beguiled by their involvement that they would be prideful or led astray by it. How does He put up with us, I wonder?

The Vatican has also openly said that it is expecting an 'alien savior,' the arrival of an ET God from space, and that in due time Christianity will be required to slightly change its doctrines. Of course, the Bible says just the opposite. The Bible is the very Word of God and cannot be changed in any way. The first step in this corruption of God's Word has been the increasingly false Bible translations, all instigated by the Jesuits, the movers and shakers in this entire plan of Lucifer. That is why the first Jesuit Pope has arrived on the scene at just this moment.

Fatima was an early use of children to bring us the messages of the 'angel of light' - Lucifer. The Fatima phenomena began with three small children who had a history of 'dreams and visions.' When they reported this appearance of "Mary" almost none of the local people believed them, including St. Lucia's own mother, who berated the girl for years to stop 'telling lies.' This is how it was seen. But an alert priest - no doubt a mystic - was encouraged to push this scenario as authentic. GAME ON. The rest is history. The world is cluttered with statues to "Our Lady" and millions of people of ALL faiths venerate and worship at these shrines - Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, and more - all compliments of Lucifer's Lackey - the apostate harlot church.

If you are alert, you may have noticed that there have been MANY children over the past few years who have been having dreams and visions or extraordinary gifts, for instance, all these young children with amazing adult singing voices and other gifts. In my opinion, these children are either hybrids or the victims of 'walk-ins,' demonic entry into a body while it is in a vulnerable state. It is well known by anyone who studies this subject that thousands of spirits hang around hospitals, nursing homes, accident scenes and anywhere a body might be temporarily out of commission. They use these bodies in whatever way is possible to get Lucifer's plan out there. 

In the movie, Heaven Is For Real? the hospitalized young boy who had his 'vision', after being shown many 'pictures of Jesus' in an attempt to have him ID the one he saw, instantly identifies the Jesus 'he saw' when shown the Prince of Peace painted by a greatly gifted child, 'Akiane,' who began painting at age 4, and whose early pictures are exactly like the pictures of many of the New Age 'ascended masters,' channels, and such. If you want to see this idol (picture) of the 'prince of peace' her website is HERE.  Do we really think that God is going to reveal the answers to the unknown mysteries of the ages to 3 and 4 year olds? There is a great gulf fixed between heaven and earth (and hell), and yet people's addiction to signs and wonders is so seductive that they revere the tales of the dreams of tots. If you get to investigating this stuff you find that these babies (as in the Akiane case) support each others' works and stories. How does that happen? Well, it's not an accident.  In this last day, it is very dangerous to seek signs and wonders and such, because there is a spiritual crew of millions ready to give you just that very thing. They can conjure up exactly what they know will be most effective for the seeking individual. Unfortunately, it's a menu without 'heaven' on it.

It's distressing and amazing that more people cannot discern these things. The Bible - Jesus Himself - gave these things as the major sign of the end times deceptions. Yet, here we are - and almost no one sees it. Very disturbing, and tremendously discouraging to those of us who have studied these things for years and can see exactly what is going on, and occasionally ask the Lord why we are working so hard to be ridiculed, at worst - or ignored, at best. It is because people have a great desire for miracles, signs and wonders. Things they can see are better than faith, which is hard - and requires patience. Particularly in America, we want instant gratification, we want it now, and we want it exciting. We're not about to hang around for boring old faith. I hate to break the news - but if it's heaven you're after, that's not going to work.

Make no mistake. The new evangelization bringing Catholics and Protestants together under one umbrella will be the Antichrist Church, and it will be accomplished quickly through mysticism, which will provide each individual with a real and fantastic experience with a real entity. That entity will be a false christ who will fill their minds with his teachings. 

We have been warned. Thus far, this late in the game, all the warnings appear to be unrecognized and unheeded. Americans, especially, are sitting ducks for mysticism. They want to 'go deeper.' That's not how you do it. The path to going deeper is spending much time in reading and meditating on God's Word (KJV) and prayer. An hour each day committed to this will take you deeper - and HIGHER - into the very Throne Room of God. Mysticism is a poor and eternally dangerous counterfeit for the real thing.

Always remember: your eternity is at stake. In the entire history of the cosmos, there is no more important moment to get it right.

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