James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Begley's Blasphemy

Two errors are being spread by some so-called prophecy teachers. You need to know the truth: 1) The Trump of God at the Rapture is NOT the 7th angel's trumpet 2) The great tribulation has NOT yet begun.
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So...who is he, Begley? What is he? Not a priest. Not a minister. I checked.
Looks like a sheep in wolves clothing to me. His online profile is a typical
'shell.' This is a pagan ritual he performs in the video. It always has been. 
Christians do not eat bodies or drink blood ... and certainly not
 of the one they claim is their Lord and Savior.
See more of my comments below the video.


It took me 10 minutes of research (which is what I do) to discover this Begley is a complete sham (and potentially much more). Oh, yes, he has quite a following. These guys always do. They are the Lone Rangers. They don't go to church, have no church family other than their fans online. They have just enough knowledge to deceive baby Christians - whom they often refer to as 'the children.' They are so wrong about Bible prophecy that even a person with minimal knowledge of scripture can often spot them. Oh, they're good at what they do. They have magnetic personalities - either funny, mysterious, experts ... whatever draws people in. They get away with outrageous stories. They twist scripture beyond imagination. Only Lucifer is that good. I suspect that's where it comes from.

Are you a fan of the Bible 'expert' who is too funny or too mysterious to resist? And will you defend him no matter what, even though you know absolutely nothing about him (and, believe me, you know nothing about them). And you wouldn't miss his show for anything, right? They just suck you right in. And you might notice that they are fans of each other. Complimenting each other. You follow one, then his friend, etc., until you have no real biblical knowledge in your life - except the twisted versions they feed you. 

They are experts at fooling people, but my spiritual radar spots them instantly. That's my job. I, too, have a Boss who has given me a job to do.

If there is a speck of discernment in your spirit, you will dump them immediately. Cold turkey. They are leading both true Catholic and Protestant Christians into one false camp through their wiles. They will lead you straight into the New World Antichrist Religion, for which they are recruiters. And that religion will lead you straight to hell. I suggest instead that you run like hell...away from it and from them. ASAP.

Find a real church, a real pastor who preaches straight Bible truth. Get into a real, legitimate community of Christian believers where you can study and grow together. Spend your precious time reading God's Word and in prayer, instead of listening to these end time infiltrators who know next to nothing about the truth of scripture. You know in your spirit that I speak the truth, and time is extremely short. You have now been warned.

Stay away from the Lone Rangers. They wear masks, you know. There's a reason for that.